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Timeline Contest
Timeline Contest
Through this app you can create a contest in your Facebook´s Timeline directly. Generate a new publication or choose one you have posted before, choose whether it will be by sweepstakes or competition and posted in your Fan Page Timeline. To participate, users should click in "Like" or make a "Comment".

★ Increase traffic to your Fan Page and go viral with your promotion
★ Increase your number of Fans
Engage your fans

You can generate the publication and ad image, video or links.
You choose how to figure the winners up.
Users could participate with “Likes” and “Comments”.

A cellphone’s company could upload a photo of a customer using his cell in a original place. Make the question: ¿In what others weird places do you use the cellphone?. And the users will comments to participate.
If you are unsure how to create This application, Unbreak subtitles That Explains the tutorial step by step how to do
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