All about Sweepstakes
Create sweepstakes so your Fans can participate with just one click to win the prizes you want or under the slogan you choose.

★ Go viral with your app or campaign
★ Increase the loyalty of your Fans and gain new Fans
★ Get useful information (e-mail, age, gender, and more)

Setting up a "Fan Box" you can suggest to participants to become fans of your Fan Page and thus, achieving greater effectiveness.

Your Fans have the opportunity to gain chances by sharing with their friends…

You can make a themed sweepstakes for Mother's Day, Christmas, or any other theme you choose, awarding the users who like your Fan Page.
If you are unsure how to create This application, Unbreak subtitles That Explains the tutorial step by step how to do
Everything you need to know to create your App. Specifications, image sizes, etc…
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