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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

Social Media Strategy; why isn't mine working?

When something doesn’t work, what do you normally do? The first thing you probably do is identify what seems to be failing in order to make a decision later. This decision doesn’t have much more margin than making some changes or simply laying it to rest and moving on to something else.

It happens exactly the same way in Social Media. If your Social Media strategy isn’t working, then the first thing you have to do is identify the cause. Then, apply the necessary changes or terminate the matter.

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Well, the latter is not so easy, because Social Media works you just have to know how to use it.

And that’s why we’d like to let you in on the 5 probable causes of why your Social Media strategy isn’t working. Also so we’re not only focusing on the problem, we’ve included solutions to each of these mistakes!

1.- Your Social Media strategy is not working because it simply doesn’t exist or because you don’t entirely know what goal you’re trying to achieve with this strategy.

In this point, it’s not referring to at what time in the day your publications have the most “likes”, neither does it suggest having three or four functioning social networks because this seems like it would reach a larger amount of people, nor knowing what frequency is ideal for posting; and we could go on to list countless other situations.

If you are really that confused, the best thing is to start over from zero and ask yourself the same question as Jay Baer: What’s the point of your Social Media Marketing? Sales? Loyalty? Brand Recognition/Positioning? These are the three points established by this famous marketing consult. You should choose one of them to start your strategy. Surely if your business has just started, the first goal would be to build “recognition”. Then you’ll be able to think about gaining loyalty or sales.

A Lot of experts agree that objectives of a Social Media strategy grow in step with the growth of the business. Keep that in mind!

Social Media Strategy 8 Steps for Carrying out Objectives

Source: Jay Baer –8 steps for creating a better strategy


Once you have defined the objective(s), the next step is to define your strategy in relation to it. Define on which networks you’ll generate a presence (it’s not necessary to be on every social network, rather just on the ones that are relevant to your audience), what type of presence you want to generate, what content you’ll share, every how often, what will the tone of interaction be between your brand and the audience, etc. 

2.- Your Social Media strategy is not working because you are not using the appropriate measurements or you’re missing indicators

The key is in knowing which measurements are truly important in order to evaluate the efficiency of your Social Media strategy. It may be that you think it’s not working because you’re choosing the wrong variables or because you really taking into account any significant indicators.

Let’s go over the three points of a strategy defined by Jay Baer: sales, loyalty and brand recognition. Agreeing with this, Amy Porterfield, states:

  • If the objective of your strategy is to SELL, you’ll need to acquire statistics like: click rate, sales quantity through e commerce and conversion rates.
  • If you intend to build LOYALTY, tracking will have to cover “engagement”, trust and influence.
  • If your strategy looks for BRAND RECOGNITION (POSITIONING), the focus of your measurements should be on the growth, and also “engagement”: likes, subscribers, shared publications.

What other measuring errors do you need to consider? Jay Baer also flags those which ignore metrics that may also present relative data.

Social Media Strategy Jay Baer's underrated Social Media Metrics

Let’s suppose you utilize Social Mention for measuring. What’s ideal is to track during a determined period of time. For example, 30 days. What are you going to measure? The number of times your Company or product was mentioned. You’re going to need to do the same thing with the competition during this same period of time.

Social Media Strategy Social Mention

Then you can use the Convince and Convert template to automatically calculate measurement tracking. It’s on a 5-point scale: 1 is a negative mention, 3 neutrals and 5 positive. It simply focuses on quickly seeing who is dominating the Social Media universe within your category. (Click on the image below to download the template and use it for your own results)

Social Media Strategy Convince and Convert

Now it’s time for Search Volume. This tracks the number of people who search for your brand or products on Google (you can use Google Trends to obtain this data). Without a doubt, aids in viewing how the demand evolves. You can also apply the same search to your competitors.

Social Media Strategy Using Google Trends

Lastly, we’re going to touch base on the Links to your site strategy. Basically what you have to do is track the quantity and quality of links that lead to your website or blog. Also, this examines the possibility of increasing these through new sources.
You can use MOZ to perform the search. You only need to place your website or blog’s URL and click on the search button. Then, it’s just a matter of analyzing the results and exploring the tool.

Social Media Stategy MOZ

So we’ve seen some metrics that can be important for measuring the effectiveness of your strategy. There are also other measurement errors such as not evaluating what the correct platform is for finding your audience, ignoring the goals of the business, not preparing reports well, not comparing channels, not calculating actual cost, etc.


3.- How long do you expect to wait for a coffee If your answer is less than two minutes then your Social Media strategy probably isn’t working because you’re an impatient person.

Any Social Media strategy entails a considerable amount of time in two senses: its implementation and waiting for results.

Have you ever asked yourself how much time you dedicate to planning, implementing and measuring your strategy? Well the amount of dedicated times depends on the scope of your business (maybe 40 hours weekly for a large company as opposed to just a few hours for local businesses). The truth is that months can go by without seeing concrete results.

Any Social Media strategy requires daily work, a long-term commitment. For example…

  • Monday:
    1- review strategy – 1 hour
    2- implementation strategy – 1 hour
  • Tuesday: implementation strategy – 2 hours
  • Wednesday: implementation strategy – 2 hours
  • Thursday: implementation strategy – 2 hours
  • Friday:
    1 – measurement strategy – 1 hour
    2 – implementation strategy – 1 hour
  • total: 10 hours weekly


Insomuch as waiting for results, opinions are divided. There are some who indicate that a strategy requires years (at least 2) to work well and generate returns. Other cut this time down to 6 months. But there is one thing on which everyone agrees: you can’t expect immediate reactions.

4.- Your Social Media strategy isn’t working because you haven’t adapted to the changes that constantly happen in regards to Social Media

Sometimes, when something goes well it’s normal to not want to change it. The problem is that on Social Media, it may be that this strategy you’re implementing works well, then suddenly ceases to exist.

Let’s go over a few examples:

  • Facebook constantly changes their algorithm. Having to do with for example, types of posts: Give a “like” if you agree or “Share” if not, went from being a viral star to being penalized.  Did you adapt your strategy in relation to this change?
  • Currently, videos native to Facebook are receiving more than 80% of video interactions. Have you uploaded a video to your page yet? (ATTENTION, we’re not talking about sharing a YouTube video but rather uploading one to Facebook). Using videos on Facebook is not only related to improving reach but with optimizing sales: product explanatory videos and videos which focus on tips encourage consumers to carry out a sale online.

Social Media Strategy Videos on Facebook

Finally, it’s ALWAYS necessary to review measurements. Do you really know what type of content resonates the most with your audience? What’s most important is knowing what your audience likes most and a good place to find this data is on Facebook Insights.


5.- Your Social Media strategy is not working because you are only following the advice of Social Media specialists

This just causes you to copy strategies, lose personality and authenticity. And unfortunately, even if you follow all the advice of specialists in Social Media, it doesn’t imply success. Of course, all that knowledge will help you to make decisions with more precision, but there’s nothing better than your own experience. Every audience is different. You should always think about building your measurements and acting accordingly.

Copying strategies is very dangerous. It can cause you to lose your personality and authenticity. One of the keys to success on Social Media is having personality. Follow your audience’s real interests and always think about the WHY of a content.


That’s all friends…😉 We hope you were able to unravel why your Social Media strategy is not working and you can use some of these solutions. If you have any doubts or want to tell us what your experience has been like, then write us a comment. And if you know someone who’s in the same situation, share the article with them.  We want to see them happy when they watch their projects grow! :)

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