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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

Why And How to use Quora

Quora is not only entering into the business world. Its influence has increased in the lives of people. If you have to manage a brand or business on social networks, you must evaluate the possibility of opening an account on this platform with revolutionary aspects.

Quora: the best answer for any question

This is the statement for this social network. This phrase defines its essence. Because, before you open an account on Quora, it´s necessary to know what Quora is.

It’s a market of knowledge. A distribution mechanism of learning resources. (Wikipedia)

Adam D’Angelo, ex director of technology for Facebook, is the president and co-founder of this platform (launched in June 2010). In an interview granted to the agency EFE, Adam spoke about some solutions about his project:

  • Our mission is to share and allow existing knowledge to grow in the world”.

  • People have the answers to a majority of subjects that people need to know, they generally know more than what is available on the Internet”.

  • The main reward when someone writes a good answer is that many people will read it”.

Adam D Angelo during the Quora launch in Spanish. Source: EFE

Adam D Angelo during the Quora launch in Spanish. Source: EFE Agency

Let´s analyze what D’Angelo said? In the first phrase, he speaks about the objective of Quora: to be a great knowledgeable community or “the knowledgeable social network”. In the second he makes reference to the experts. When someone asks a question, the system sends an automatic question to people who think might give the best answer, those who are defined as “experts” in a certain subject.

Lastly, Adam speaks exactly about the reason for this article: “many people will read the answers given on this network”. And if people are there, your brand or business must be there. Let´s take a look at more reasons why you should open an account on Quora.

Why use Quora?: Some numbers to consider

Because it´s not only a question and answer platform. It is a discussion brand tool. According to the numbers published in a note from the Huffington Post,

In 2013, 84% of the best brands had at least one discussion dedicated to them. During this same year, these same brands spread this important milestone to millions of followers.

This is the ranking of the 10 most discussed brands on Quora:

  1. Google

  2. Starbucks

  3. Amazon

  4. Coca-Cola

  5. Intel

  6. Apple

  7. Red Bull

  8. Microsoft

  9. Wal-Mart

  10. McDonald’s

If this platform can sustain its objective to prioritize the quality of information and not the quantity, it will become a reliable source for those users who want to know more about brands or the business they follow.

We are talking about driving brand awareness, increase the visibility of your business , be able to answer questions related to products and services, obtain information about brand awareness and to identify opinion leaders and experts on the subject. These are many benefits that can´t be passed up if you have a brand or business.

How to use Quora?: Tips and examples

Before anything else, it´s important to make clear that you must create a personal profile and a business account. Let´s take a look at how this platform works. Within this social network you have millions of questions. If you search for a question “is it possible to create a company account on Quora?”, you will find several answers.


The first answer is observed (in the image) of the platform. Do you realize then the potential a brand has to answer questions made by interested users?

Requirements to create a company account:

  • Be legally constituted

  • Have at least three employees

  • Have an identifiable webpage

Of course, you can also create a personal profile and promote your brand or business from there. The following tips are valid for any of the options you choose.

1.- The profile

Probably the most important part of the profile is the biography. This serves as a way to give visibility to your brand or business. It must be professional and dynamic (not boring). It must be a short bio keeping in mind that each time you respond to something, the platform shows your name and your bio with no more than 50 characters.

Name and bio on top of the users answer

Name and bio on top of the users answer

Mention your brand or business as close as possible to your biography. Include the link to your web page. Keep in mind that you can create different bios depending on the topics you follow. And keep in mind these different tips:

  • Other users can also see your biography even if it´s you who follows them. Use the appropriate language to build quality contacts on the platform.

  • Complete the section “About me” with your areas of knowledge, your interests, your education, the cities you know, companies where you worked, etcetera.

  • You can connect with other social networks on Quora >in the configuration. This allows you to share your answers with other social media, helping you to share your experience outside the platform by obtaining visibility in the entire digital universe.

2.- Topics and conversations

This network is organized with topics. The discussions detach from a key word related to a specific topic. In the majority of cases, this keyword is the name of a brand. If you look for Google, Amazon or Starbucks, you will seeconversations related to these brand names> (that are among the 10 most discussed brands).

Google is one of the most discussed brands on Quora

Google is one of the most discussed brands on Quora

Tips to gain visibility through topics and conversations

  • If your business or brand is still not a topic of this social network, start by creating a business page. How do you do this? By writing the names of the brand or business in the section “About”. If you don´t have a result, you can create a topic with the name of your company.

  • Remember that what a platform does is create a new page that can be edited by other users (similar to the way Wikipedia works). You must always be aware of the editions made about your page or company.

  • Add a logo and description to your brand´s page.

  • Invite experts on the topic to follow your page. It’s important that you count on ambassadors of the brand so they can share positive experiences about it.

  • Regarding the topics to follow, it´s important that you prioritize the popular topics related to your brand or industry.

  • Analyze the topic content that you are following: does it have to do with users who search for a certain product or service that your brand can offer? Are these topics related to your industry experience? You can make a list of sub-topics in the discussion. Prioritize conversations that you perceive to be the most indicated.

Profile where you can take a look at the most followed topics by a professional. You can follow people, topics or blogs.

Profile where you can take a look at the most followed topics by a professional. You can follow people, topics or blogs.

3.- Follower construction and the importance of “Upvotes”

Each time someone writes an answer to a question, other users can vote the answer positively with the “upvote” button or vote negatively by pressing the “downnvote”. It´s important that you use this function to demonstrate you are active on the network since upvotes appear on your public profile.

Dive into the content and read answers to questions, follow all the people who show interest in the industry where your brand or business is in. Each time you begin to follow someone or create an “upvote”, users will see these actions in your notifications.


As in all social networks, you try to follow so they follow. In this case, who follow you can become representatives of your brand or business. That is why it is important to follow these experts, so you can see their level of commitment. Take a look at these points:

  1. The quantity of answers made by each expert.

  2. The number of followers that each one has.

  3. The number of questions made by each one of them.

  4. Quantity of upvotes and downvotes made.

4.- Quora as an investigation tool (even for the competition)

Imagine that on this platform something similar happens when you receive an important answer by email. Suppose you are studying about a particular subject and you have questions so you ask a professor. What do you expect the answer will be?

In this social network, knowledge multiplies and it´s possible to find many quality answers. That is why, this is the ideal place to investigate and understand any topic in depth, including that which refers to your company or brand.

This is also a true source of inspiration in order to obtain new content for your website. There are many questions that can serve as tittles to generate interesting articles.

5.- The Competition

In the same way, you can be in tune with the discussions made by your competitors and complementary companies. The only thing you have to do is look for the name of these companies on the platform and explore the discussions.

Tip: When you join a conversation about a competitor, do not include anything about your auto-promotion (the link to your webpage). And this does not mean that you shouldn´t participate. In reality, this has to do with expressing your opinion and make your brand known.

We have come to the end of this post. The intention is to bring you closer to this social network and give you relevant information about how to use it to increase your social presence for your business or brand. The conclusion is that Quora has to be part of your Social Media strategy .  

Have you experimented with this platform yet? What did you think? What were the results? We invite you to share your experience with us. Lastly, we share, as usual, some articles of interest: