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Por Rosángela Mansutti | Content Manager

traditional marketing tactics on social media


There are many Social networks out there that offer tools so companies can build a relationship with their audience. Brands need to become part of this phenomenon if they want to reach an important audience. However, they need to do more than just build relationships.

If these platforms offer free participation in general, with the possibility to reach clients immediately and interact with them, the benefit obtained goes far beyond simply creating an account.

Many strategies come from traditional marketing that you need to consider in order to develop a successful social media strategy. Can traditional marketing resources be used in this phenomenal, dynamic and transformation of growth? Of course it can, social media arrived to strengthen traditional strategies!

Social Media and its relationship with Traditional Marketing Tactics

The most famously used social networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

However, there are a growing number of platforms that are starting to make way among the main ones as they propose new ways to communicate with clients. Platforms stand out such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat, that function on broadcasting visual content.

Depending on the public you want to target, all the networks have their benefits, particular tools and a specific audience.

Despite their versatility, according to a survey on Forbes, many companies make the mistake when they consider social media as a separated activity from others in their business. In a scale of integration on social networks, the result of 3.9 over 7 is a low number considering the relevance social media has in the daily lives of consumers.

The strategy of creating profiles on all social networks or services is not the most adequate. To have a large quantity of users ready doesn´t reach those that want to buy what you offer them.

That is why integrating some traditional marketing techniques can strengthen social media and achieve greater effectiveness and profit.

#1 Define a target audience

objective public

The possibility of having access to a great number of users doesn´t mean that you need to engage all of them.

To reach a large mass that use social media sounds somewhat complex, primarily because your content is not focused on anyone in particular and can be inadequate for all.

It’s important to identify with a target audience, meaning, recognize a group of characteristics your potential clients have.

That way, it´s easier to develop content with the necessary particularities to reach your audience.

If content marketing proposes a way that varies from traditional advertising, many exist that can be productive if they are used correctly. By integrating these elements you increase the possibilities of creating relationships and know what your clients are looking for so you can propose valuable content.

And knowing your objective offers you the advantage of knowing what social networks they use, when you need to publish and what type of audiovisuals they look for in your brand.

The activity of analyzing the target audience must be to adapt to social media and its variables. Your content must be shared and this doesn´t always correspond with your audience´s behavior on digital platforms or traditional media. The time has come to strengthen your brand´s awareness, meaning, you need to previously define how you want your brand to be seen in the digital arena.

#2 Listen before you speak


Once you know who you are targeting, you can´t just offer, sell and promote.

Listening to your clients is something many have forgotten.

This has always been true and social networks offer unthinkable resources to find out what you need to know, identify preferences and intentions.

You can analyze the behavior of your target audience to get to know them better and find out what they are saying about your brand and what they expect from it.

Once you know what they want, that is what you must offer them. You don´t have the option to sell what you want without considering what the client needs. By doing this you can find out how to motivate them.

#3 Word of Mouth


The word of mouth promotion is probably the most traditional way to do marketing. And in the social network era, this is quite similar. Satisfied clients comment about your brand to friends, families and acquaintances.

This mechanism works even better on social media since these platforms allow you to access a large variety of users all over the world. Another aspect that favors this phenomenon is the possibility to connect with influencers, influential people who reach a large audience.

#4 Take advantage of complaints


Frequent practices on social networks are the complaints on behalf of users. It´s normal to see clients complaining about a product or service on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This can benefit your brand if you are ready to offer these individuals solutions to their problems. 

It´s necessary to invest in customer service and social networks are the perfect place thanks to the possibility of having a conversation with your audience.

It´s possible to convert a client with complaints into a happy customer. All you need to do here is offer fast solutions. This is a detail you must consider: results are varied in social media but so are the requirements, everyone wants solutions now.

You must build on a negative comment and face it proactively and generate a positive image with a personalized service.

#5 Be active on Social Networks

work in social networks

It´s necessary to maintain constant activity on social networks during the process of integrating some traditional marketing techniques on social media. The audience must see that you are present in order to consider you. It´s essential to participate actively and establish a loyalty link with the client.

You can also create innovative actions such as contests, surveys, special promotions, debates, offers… These tend to maintain an active presence on the networks and generate constant interaction with your audience.

Your promotions must be fresh, be renewed and be in constant movement. It´s important to place dates on offers in order to motivate activity.

#6 Call to action

The process of elaborating content means to not interrupt or invade users. However, without doing this, it´s a good idea to use a call to action for consumers. Meaning, be clear about what you want your clients to do, for example, include “click here” if you want them to do just that.


The majority of free social media platforms allow you to create a profile in simple steps, as a separation between your brand and a variety of potential clients.

However, paid advertising is a relative option on these platforms.

Before the amount of competition, it´s essential that you count on sponsored tweets or Facebook advertising.

To pay for advertising is common in traditional marketing and this is transferred to digital media so the brand stands out before the eyes of users.

#7 Do follow-ups and calculations


Social networks, each one with their own characteristics, use calculation variables that you need to take into consideration.

It´s necessary to measure the return of investment, to find out if your strategy is working and what elements work better amongst your clients.

Each platform has its own indicators: Twitter measures the amount of likes (previously favorites) and retweets, Facebook measures the amount of followers, likes and shared content among the users as well as the comments.

Other social networks also offer indicators that help you track your social participation.

Social media strategies integrate these ideas stemming from traditional marketing and generate brand awareness, promoting the client´s actions, but primarily getting to know and relating with them.

Brands need to reach users not just through a transaction but in order to connect with their emotions as by establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty.

To elaborate a social media strategy to gain success is essential, since the process requires you to identify your target audience, recognize their needs and create original and adequate content for your clients. In addition, social network resources accelerate time since consumers are accustomed to instant solutions. This can be an advantage for your brand, offer personalized service, identifying the problems and offer satisfactory solutions in order to obtain positive links.

Do you think the integration of traditional elements to digital marketing and social media is useful? Do you use these techniques in the development of your brand? Please share your experience with us.