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8 components of a perfect social media post

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator


Although publishing on Social Networks is something daily for those of us who work on Social Media, it’s true that not every post we share ends up being successful in terms of “engagement”. In fact, for an update to obtain a good number of interactions, it’s necessary that some fundamental requirements are fulfilled. We’ll talk about them in this post! Today I’ll share with you 8 essential components for publishing the perfect Social Media Post. Put those hands to work!

8 components that every Social Media Post must have to achieve good engagement with your audience


1- Offer an added value to your fans

First off, a good Social Media Post is characterized by providing an added value to users, generally in the form of useful information or even entertainment. It’s essential while viewing your publication that people can get some value out of it for themselves. So, your content should bring a smile to your followers’ faces after a grueling day or teach them something new which simplifies their lives. What’s important is that it will enrich them in some way.

To help yourself in this task you can consult our article about  psychology tips on Facebook, in which we explain to you how to optimize your publications in order to catch the attention of users. I also recommend learning how to get more Likes on Facebook to obtain more interactions on the social network.


2- It’s optimized to stand out on Facebook

In addition to what has been said, it’s very important that your social media post be optimized from a more technical point of view. This is, you should ensure that you are using effective titles and that your publications include an appropriate image and a brief description that invites the reader. All of this will help you trigger the sought after Stopping Power, meaning, achieving that you fans stop to look at your news while going through the Newsfeed.

An excellent way to accomplish your updates being much more visually attractive is to use Facebook Open Graph. This tool developed by the Social Network team allows you to standardize your website’s elements so they are interpreted by Facebook so your social media posts are visually fortified. In the image below you can see what the benefits of implementing an Open Graph in your posts are.


3- Use an adequate extension

As you know, more and more people log on to Social Networks from their phones and Facebook is no exception. For this reason, it’s essential that your social media posts have the adequate extension to be visualized in the correct way through mobile devices. So, you can set that your updates do not exceed the 160 characters (approximately), so that they don’t appear cut off on user’s phone screens.

To ensure that your updates have the correct extension, I advise using Windows Resizer. This is a Chrome extension which allows you to very easily review how your posts will be seen through different mobile devices. This way you’ll be able to ensure that your messages reach more people.

Cell-and-text-Social-Media-Post4- The URLs work correctly

This point is vital for increasing your CTR on Facebook, meaning, the quantity of times that users click on the links you include in your social media posts (which usually lead to your blog or website). To get a better performance, I advise checking that all your links function correctly before publishing your update.


Double check that your links function correctly before publishing on Facebook.

5- Include keywords and tags from relevant users

Both elements (keywords and tags) will help so your publication stands out better, but in a different way. In term of keywords, including them is essential for your content being found easily by your audience. So this to happen, your social media post must have the keyword with the largest volume of searches possible. You can find the most solicited keywords with help from Google Keyword Planner.

Concerning tags, this is considering if relevant users linked to the theme of your post exist, in order to maximize your exposure. So for example, if you share an update on “The best mobile applications”, it’s recommended that the tag be an influencer or influential user in the niche, in order to include them in the conversation and all their followers can see your publication.


6- Display visually attractive content

As we said earlier, the goal of your social media post is for it to generate that sought after Stopping Power, this is why visually attractive elements are indispensable. So I recommend including photos and videos in all of your publications. To help yourself with this task, you can consult our article about the best free image banks for your posts. I also recommend including GIFS in your social media posts to attract your audience.


7- It’s correct orthographically

Although it may only seem like a detail, it’s true that spelling says a lot about a person and much more about a brand. It’s why I strongly advise you to check the spelling of your social media post before publishing it. Although you may not believe it, some users are very sensitive on spelling corrections and could lose respect for your Fan Page if it displays this type of errors in the updates.

8- The publishing time is the most convenient

Finally, so your social media post is perfect, it’s of vital importance that it is able to be found by your audience. To do this, you should investigate what the best time to publish on your Fan Page is based on your audience’s profile. To find this time out, I recommend reviewing your Facebook Insights, available on your Fan Page, and searching for what the moments of the day were in which you obtained the most interaction from your public. So, if your audience displayed the most dynamic with your posts around 11 AM and midnight, I’d suggest always publishing on both times.

Make sure that these 8 aspects are present in your social media posts and you’ll obtain the best results.

Was this article useful to you? Which of the points seemed most profitable? Tell us your opinion! And please, remember to share this blog post with your contacts. Until next time! :)