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The 5 best Methods to attract Clients with Digital Marketing

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

The 5 best Methods to attract Clients with Digital Marketing


As you know, obtaining new clients is what keeps your business alive. To achieve this numerous techniques exist whose effectiveness heavily depends on implementing them strategically.

For this reason today I’m going to share with you the 5 best methods on how to attract clients and get the most out of it.

The five strategies you will see below are supported statistically and have been implemented by numerous brands around the world with huge results. Furthermore with these strategies you will find tips on how to use them so you can exploit their full potential. Here we go!

How to attract clients? 5 effective techniques + tips on getting the most out of them

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1- Respond to the concerns of your public

Like explained in an infograph from the specialized website, Customer Service is one of the principal reasons why people decide to follow brands on Social Media.

For this reason, it is important to satisfy your audiences’ expectations by answering their questions whenever you can via your Fan Page.



Addressing the concerns of your audience favors the recommendation of your brand by word of mouth and helps you retain current clients. This has led to 99% of brands in the United States already having a presence on Facebook, and this trend is expected to spread to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, in accordance with a study Facebook is chosen by the audience as the favorite place to consult brands. When people desire to obtain data on a certain business they go to Facebook, and this is where you should be providing all the information they need!


Besides direct Customer Service (via chat or video call), you can take basic measures to ensure that your Fan Page is as informative as possible. For example, you should make sure to complete the information on your page, adding links to your site and indicating what your proposals are.

At the same time it is not always possible to hire a person to respond to public inquiries, I recommend creating standard responses to frequently asked questions with only a click. This will save you a lot of time.

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2 – Use brand ambassadors

As you know,

users pay most attention to the people with whom they can identify themselves.


For this reason using brand ambassadors is one of the most effective techniques of visual marketing; it’s an excellent form of spreading your product and getting potential clients at the same time.

It’s not necessary to pay a superstar from Hollywood to represent your brand. Contrarily. I recommend that you pay attention to your Social Media Networks in order to identify which users interact most with your publications with enthusiastic or favorable comments on your products or services.


You can do this “manually” or with help from the Facebook insight. Once you’ve found these people, advise you to shed some light on their favorable comments on your Fan Page through thanks and comments. In addition you can send them private messages to give them direct offers or special promotions.

A good way to promote your products and take advantage of visual marketing is organizing a photo contest on Facebook where your followers must submit images of themselves using your products or services. Also the winner can receive a kit or special benefit, and throughout the contest you are promoting your brand and entertain your audience.

3-Use Contests and Discounts to gain clients

In the infograph cited above you can see promotions, sweepstakes and discounts are the first reason why people follow brands on Social Media. In other words,

They follow you to get benefits! And this circumstance can be the ideal terrain for getting new clients to your company.

To take advantage of this opportunity I advise two equally effective techniques. The first one of them is inviting your audience to participate in a contest on your Fan Page. People love sweepstakes and these are an excellent form to attract clients to the opening of your online store or to try a new line of products.

Contests Social Tools

Doing this shows you numerous benefits. These are the principal ways that you provide your use:

  • It allows you to ask users that they give you Fan Page a Like to be able to participate.
  • It helps you to generate a database of emails of your fans that you can use later in your email marketing campaigns and your personalized announcements.
  • It helps you keep your public interested and entertain with your brand.
  • It helps you to gain clients and retain your followers.
  • It helps you spread your business virally, and you can establish that your participation share your contest with their friends in order to get more chances of winning.

On the other hand you can offer your audience discount coupons on your Fan Page, which for example offer rollbacks of a certain percent or the possibility to get a service for free. This marketing technique is perfect to attract clients to your business. Also so if you have a gym you can offer coupons to bring a friend to a class without charge.


Like in the past case people can people leave their data in order to enjoy the benefits and they can only take advantage of the coupon if they buy your products or come to your business; this result is ideal to increase your sales, get new clients and grow your database.

4- Take advantage of personalized audiences on Facebook

Like we said before, having a database of emails or telephone numbers of your fans lets you take advantage of one of the most potential advertising weapons on Social Media: Custom Facebook Ads which are characterized in blank terms as a target.

These announcement function the following way: your upload onto Facebook a list of emails or telephone numbers so that Social Media can show your exclusive announcements to these people. Such a degree of segmentation allows you to accurately target your advertising investments and directly get your offers to potential clients.


I advise that you read this article to learn how to create Custom Audiences on Facebook step-by-step. Additionally Facebook provides you the opportunity to find potential clients with whom you could’ve never contacted, by using the Lookalike Audience tool.

Lookalike Audiences function by your initial Custom Audience, taking the characteristics of this user list as a reference for finding people with same qualities on Social Media, which will surely be interested in your ads. You can learn more about how to create them by reading this article.

5- Implementing Email Marketing campaigns

As the statistics have demonstrated in a recent specialized article, email marketing is not dead… It’s the complete opposite! It may even be the answer you are looking for the question of how to attract new clients to your business. Here’s a list of interesting data that illustrates the undeniable effectiveness of this digital marketing technique:

Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing is a perfect way to promote your products or services to a list of select subscribers. So that your campaign can be the most effective as possible I advise that you add new emails to your list on a monthly basis.

Besides the previous mentioned matter you can get the emails of people interested in your propositions, by adding a subscription to your blog or website. This way you get data about your audience and your public is sure to receive an email every time that you publish a new article.

To get the best results from this technique, it is important that you optimize the frequency of your mailings. Also you must take care of the design of your correspondences in a visually catching way that is attractive as possible. This helps you increase your CTR and the traffic on your website.


If you implement these 5 profoundly effective techniques of marketing about how to attract clients, you will see immediate results. I recommend that you try them and evaluate which of them works best with your business model so you can incorporate them in your routines and start adding new clients to your list.

Did you find this article useful? Have you already experimented with some of these techniques to get clients? Tell us your experience! And please remember to share this blog post with all of your contacts. Until next time!