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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator


Do you need images for your posts? Of course you do! We all need them, even more so we who work daily with social networks. As you know, it’s no easy task to find free and legal images to include in the daily publications of the sites that you update. So here I will tell you everything about photos that you should use in your posts in order to avoid legal problems. Furthermore, I will share with you what are the best places to get them. Okay let’s go!

Images and licenses: what you need to know

All the images that you can find in your Internet searches have some class of licensing. These licenses are the legal mark that enables the type of permitted use for each one of these photos. Thus, images usually have reserved rights, meaning it’s not possible to use them without the consent of the author. This obviously complicates the picture when trying to get photos for your post without engaging in illegalities. But don’t despair! Various ways of resolving this situation exist.

Solution 1: Create your own photographs

This is the logical response but not at all practical, unless you’re one of the fortunate few who have the time and resources to create their own images. However, very interesting tools exist that can help you with this task. One of them is Pixlr, a free and super convenient online photo editor. There you will find two working arrangements: the first option is Pixlr Express which enables you to quickly compose images with personalized framework and special effects.


The other possibility is Pixlr Editor which offers you a full editing panel where you can retouch your images in detail. It has a work space similar to programs such as Photoshop with layers, cropping and retouching tools and filters to add to screenshots. Pixlr directly functions from your browser and will probably become your work ally.


Solution 2: Use images with given rights

Images with given rights usually have Creative Commons licenses. This legal framework is granted by the organization under the same name (you will see it as CC also) in order to provide legal tools to the creators of each photo. This way authors have the possibility to share and protect their works. Images with CC licensing can be used with some limitations. The most common among them is the Required Attribute which makes the display of an image’s credits mandatory (meaning them name of the author).


To find images protected with CC licenses I suggest using two tools. One of these tools is the Creative Commons search which offers you various sources from which you can carry out your images search. Using the search engine doesn’t guarantee you 100% to find images with CC licensing (in all cases you should personally check the type of license), but aids you in this enormous task given that is offers you filtered results based on the criteria “Used for commercial purposes” and “Modify, adapt or intervene”. The site is being replaced by the GitHub project but is still operational.

The other possibility for finding CC images is to utilize the Google search engine filters as shown below. The first thing that you should do is enter the key word of what you want to find (for example photos of a cat) in the Google search engine and select the option “Images”. Next you should expand the Search Tools as you can see in the photo:






Solution 3: Use image banks

As you may have notice, finding images with CC licensing is not that simple. For that reason, this is the simplest solution of the list: using Image Banks. Image banks are sites where you can find royalty free images or images with adapted licenses of their utilization by other people. It is the most dependable and easiest way to get high resolution photos and avoid all kinds of legal problems.

Image banks usually have thematic categories under which the stored photos are sorted. Once you have logged into one of them you should go to the search box available on each site and write the key words there of what you are precisely trying to find. Then you will see the available images appear and you can choose which ones you prefer.


16 Free and legal image banks

Below I’m sharing with you 16 free Internet image banks so you can use stunning photos in your publications. Make sure you keep this post in your Favorites!

  1. IM Creator


IM Creator provides you a full collection of available images for commercial use that are in high resolution and on various themes. Some of the categories are Technology, Health, People, Food and Beverage, Business and many others.

  1. Pic Jumbo


Pic Jumbo brings you a great variety of photos for commercial use. One of the most practical characteristics of this site is its large quantity of categories. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to visualize how you can use an image to give it an original touch.

  1. Gratisography


Gratisography is a site created by Bells Design in which you can download high resolution photographs free of restrictions. New images are added weekly so don’t forget to take a peak every now and again.

  1. Unsplash


On Unsplash every ten days you can find high resolution images enabled for any type of use. On the home page you find the subscription button if you’d like to receive updates by email.

  1. Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps is a Tumblr blog where you can find beautiful high resolution images that are available for commercial use. The collection is updated every 7 days so if you have an account on the site we recommend that you subscribe to it.

  1. Superfamous


In Superfamous you will find striking high resolution images vested with Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licenses. This means that you can use them freely as long as you make sure to display the author of each photo in the credits. To see the images you must click on the Images tab available on the site.

  1. Splitshare


Splitshare is a site created by an Italian photographer that decided to share a royalty free collection in order to help designers, bloggers and Community Managers. On this site you can find attractive photographs in high resolution enabled for commercial use and available to download.

  1. Life Of Pix


Life Of Pix is a Canadian site that provides high quality photos without copyright restrictions. This way you can use them in your personal and commercial projects without a problem. New images are added every week, so you should subscribe and not miss the new products.

  1. Little Visuals


Little Visuals offers you free images in high resolution that you can download____ in ZIP file format. In this regard you have the option to subscribe via email to get the photos or you can do it manually if that’s what you prefer.

  1. Death to The Stock Photo


Death to The Stock Photo invites you to subscribe to get a pack of photos via email monthly. The images are high definition and free of restrictions so that you can use them freely.

  1. Jay Mantri


On Jay Mantri you can find high resolution images and use them for personal and commercial use. Jay Mantri uploads seven new images every Thursday and because it is a Tumblr blog you can follow him for more convenience.

  1. New Old Stock


New Old Stock is a reservoir of free antique images and is completely copyright free. If you want to give a vintage touch to your publications every once in a while then we recommend that you follow this Tumblr.

  1. Magdeleine


On Magdeleine you can find a new high resolution photo every day that is completely free for commercial or personal use. To navigate through the categories you have to press the Browse button and then you will see them appear. In addition to choosing Tags such as Nature or Technology you can select what color you would like to predominate the image.

  1. Lock & Stock Photos


Lock & Stock offers you images to use them however you’d like. The photos that you will find here are vested by the ShareAlike 4.0 license of Creative Commons which requires including a link to the site of the photos’ origin as an attribute, in this case

  1. Moveast


Moveast is the photographic results of a Portuguese man’s trip heading east as the site is presented in the image above. You can use all the photos displayed here in a commercial or personal way with total liberty.

  1. Picography


Picography is the last of the sites that I want to recommend you (at least for now). In this site you can get free images of high resolution and copyright free to use them freely in your posts on social networks.

I hope that this post has helped you learn a little more about photos and licenses on the Internet. And of course you can definitely benefit from the 16 free image banks that I shared with you.

What did you think about this list? Do you have a site to add to the compilation? Share your opinion!