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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

10 social media tracking tools

Not sure if your Social Media strategy is the correct one? Don´t get frustrated. The only thing you have to do is listen to the users’ opinions about your brand.

People are talking about it and whatever is being spoken about impacts directly on your online reputation. The tools to track Social Media allow you to access everything “having to do” with your brand, prevent possible crisis risks and take advantage of sales opportunities. Here are 10 of these applications and the aspects you should start supervising right now!

What should you supervise?: An explanation based on the “Social Media lighthouse monitor”

In this publication by Razor Social the idea about the tool function to track Social Media like a lighthouse that provides light for the sailor and warns him of possible dangers.

The idea is where to focus the light. Many tools exist. Each one has different features. Then, you must be clear on what you need to know. That is what is important.

These aspects can be tracked with the Lighthouse:

  1. Online conversations. Following these conversations allow you to give answers to various messages that people share about your brand.
  2. Key Word (Topic). Tracking tools allow you to control the appearance of specific key words. You can group key words regarding a particular subject or search for keywords on their own, among other options.
  3. Campaign analysis. A campaign is monitored based on factors such as hashtags, links, tags, etcetera.
  4. Real life statistics. These supervise what happens at present. This could be during a follow-up event to answer questions and other issues.
  5. Competitors. Know that what people think of your competition gives you business opportunities and improvements.
  6. Influencers. Following up on influencers can be beneficial to know the level of impact they are having over your campaigns, the mentions they create about your brand, verifies influential factors so you are involved in the conversations of influencers, etcetera.
  7. Feeling analysis. This is about finding out the level of confidence in your followers and fans through their positive or negative comments.
  8. Social Analytics. Wikipedia definition:  “Analytics allows retailers to identify feelings and trends in order to know the client´s needs better”.
  9. Reputation Management.  Manage what they say about your business or brand.
  10. Historical Analysis. Aims at knowing the conversations made about your brand in the last months or years.
  11. Media Monitoring. What is the media saying about your brand?
  12. Emerging Trends. Tools exist that allow you to predict trends. Imagine if you can predict what is said about your brand before it turns viral?
  13. Potential clients and sales. The objective is to isolate generated data (leads) about potential clients, the clicks toward the webpage and the sales.
  14. Share Of Voice (SOV). This is the level of a brand´s participation on a certain channel during an established period. How relevant is your brand, what percentage surrounds it and how much attention does your content get?
  15. Reports. In order to have an overall view of the situation, you need to create visual reports with the collected information.
The Social Media Lighthouse

The Social Media Lighthouse

The moment has arrived: The 10 tools to monitor Social Media

Without a doubt, it´s all about “listening” about what your audience has to say. In one of the latest reports from Salesforce about the status of digital marketing, it was discovered that

“89% of marketing specialists think that listening is effective, but only 37% of them actually listen”

Don´t make this same mistake! Start to use some of these tools to monitor Social Media now:

1.- Brand24

Brand24 offers you the feature to follow what people say about your brand in real time. Includes identification and follow up of influential people and feeling analysis through positive, negative or neutral commentary segmentation.

This is a paid application. It works by monitoring keywords and the quantity of mentions per minute.


2.- Rival IQ

Is an intelligent platform to monitor your competition. The objective is to compare the competition and defeat your rivals. How do they manage SEO issues?, and your social media strategy? , what are the changes regarding content issues?

For example, Rival IQ has a notification system that notifies you each time your competition changes a certain social media aspect. If they modify a description on their Twitter account, this app shows you what they had before and the current status of their profile. This is also a paid service.

Rival IQ

3.- TrendSpottr

This is another tool to monitor Social Media that we like most. The purpose is so you can learn the trends of the market where you are engaged. The features are:

  • Content marketing: TrenSpottr allows you to discover the correct content for different types of an audience and when you should share this type of content.
  • Crisis Management: this helps you prevent a crisis and manage it. How? By informing you about the possible threats before they are viral.
  • Influencers: Identifies influential people in real time.
  • Media: The delivery of predicting information about the media that better suits you so you have allies in your Social Media strategy.
  • Market research: Tracking trends, memes and consumer feelings.


4.- Brandwatch

This is a social network tracking platform with millions of online sources in real time. Brandwatch offers the option to follow campaigns, share with the competition, find influential people, collect mentions and analyze them in one place, etcetera.

Its control panel is customizable and easy to use. It offers you automatic reports right to your inbox. A feature to highlight: the “author” tab (people who mention your brand). Available in 27 languages, including images and videos.



5.- Digimind

A platform that includes tracking and analysis. Digimind has two main applications: and

The first allows you to know your audience, measure ROI and analyze your reputation. The second tracks your competition, anticipates the moves of the market and identifies future business models.

When you supervise content, the results can be filtered by:

  • the mentions on each platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Web).
  • the analysis of the feelings of each mention
  • the influential people who are sharing content
  • by channel
  • by time (through a table showing the trend for a period of time)
  • by the topics that are related the most to your conversation.


6.- Buzzsumo

This is one of the most popular tracking tools for Social Media in the marketing world. From the home page you can:

Analyze the content that best works in relation to any topic or competitor. Find influential factors so you can promote your content.

Observe the following example:


We enter the keyword “Copywriters” and the tool gives us the most shared content regarding this topic in the main social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+).

 You can apply filters by type of content for certain periods of time, by domain, by country and by language. To access other features such as alerts or Excel data, you must purchase the Pro version.

7.- HowSociable

This tool offers a simple way to measure your brand´s impact on social media. How does it work? By a punctuation system that indicates the level of activity of a brand during a given week. This is ranked from 0 to 10. If your brand gets a cero, this means you have no activity (or have very little). If it gets a 10, this means it has saturated the social web.

 The activity is calculated based on 36 popular sites. Some of them are: Amazon, Blogger, Foursquare, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, etcetera. You can test it from the home page of HowSociable or access the Pro version.

Clarification: This free app only counts with 12 websites for it´s calculation points. From the Pro version you can get information from 36 sites.


8.- Social Mention

Among the tools to track Social Media, Social Mention is found: a search in real time. Without a doubt, this is an easy and practical online app. It allows you to track or measure what people are saying about your brand, a new product or any other topic.

The analysis is based on percentages regarding:

  • Strength: the probability your brand has of being discussed on social media
  • Feelings: the proportion of mentions are generally positive before those that are generally negative
  • Passion: The probability that people talk about your brand repeatedly. If you have a small passionate group that talks about your products or brand, this rating is going to be high.
  • Reach: this is the influence ranking.


9.- TweetReach

As we come to an end, we wanted to give you some more specific Social Media tracking tools. In this case, we refer to TweetReach: a tool to track and measure all the Twitter activity that interests you.

From the official homesite you can search for a keyword, hashtag or account. From the paid version, you can track tweets in real time regarding a campaign you have launched on social networks. Other possible features include:

  • Focus on what does and doesn´t work: know not just what was published, but why.
  • Understand a complete conversation surrounding your brand and events with a complete text search.
  • Identify key moments through peak activities and impressions.
  • Track other Twitter accounts. For example: your competitors.


10.- Fan Grader

Fan Grader is an online app from Mavrck. The objective:

“Want to know who are your micro-influencers? Discover the best micro-influencers among your brand´s Facebook fans” 

How does it do this? Analyzing publications made on your fanpage during the last 30 days identifying users who have shown commitment with posts. The results are translated to a total commitment report created by the best micro-influencers.

It´s free. To access, all you have to do is fill out a form.

fan grader

The journey has ended. We hope this has been useful. After reading this, what Social Media tracking tools are you going to choose? Which ones have we forgotten about on this post and must be included one way or another? We wait for your comments and we say goodbye leaving you with a list of some articles you may find interesting: