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Do I really need to have all social media profiles for my business?

Por Almendra Covarrubias | Redactora en

You have most certainly heard that Social Media is the best way to promote your product or service nowadays. You cannot be left behind on it! You are right to think this way. Social Media will be your best ally to make your existing customers faithfull and to get new ones. However, don’t panic and please don’t go opening a profile for your business on every Social Media channel you run into. It is not necessary to have all Social Media.


Social Media Profiles


Once we have made this point clear, we will go on to explain why. Take note and start evaluating what will be the best one for your business. An analysis about the different platforms available will confirm which ones are the best for you.




Every platform we find online has a niche of people, a specific function and communication type for each. Therefore, it is not necessary to have all Social Media Channels for your business. Of course, supposing you are not a worldwide known company such as Coca-Cola.

Let’s assume you have a small business and you have already identified your target. Now you need to know the most popular Social Media platforms. Go online to each one of them, and even though each has millions of users registered, really take notice in which one there is a higher interaction rate with your desired target.

In this process and with the many things you must notice, you will go leaving a couple of platforms behind. Besides, keep in mind it is always preferable quality over quantity. In other words, if you already know you will be able to feed quality content on a single channel, don’t even try to sign up on other platforms if that means putting aside the quality.

Managing your own Social Media will take up some of your time. You will need to invest hours to guarantee the frequency you are posting is the correct one. It will take you more than a couple of minutes to choose pictures that are in harmony with your product and the message you are choosing to deliver to your followers. Don’t pretend to have presence everywhere, focus your effort on one specific Social Media Channel and watch how this will lead to success.

There are new Social Media platforms popping up every day, this doesn’t mean you should go ahead and open a profile in every one of them. Let’s take a look at Vero, a platform that can easily be compared to Instagram launched in 2015. This platform was ranked so poorly that it didn’t show up on the top 1,500 apps on the App Store. However, due to the changes Instagram has been applying lately, a lot of people have decided to try Vero. In a matter of days, it went from being a forgotten app to one of the most popular ones. Why? Because it offers the users that they are looking for: it allows people to share text, URLs, recommendations and pictures, all in chronological order. You should check it out to see if your target market has immigrated to this new platform to decide whether you should open a profile for your business or not.

At the end, the decision is yours to make. However, we strongly advise you to take notice of what you just read to limit your presence on Social Media only to those that will really lead to more sales.
Have you decided which one will be the best to promote your business?