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We know. You are tired of looking for Social Media content. Often it´s not just about any content. You need to make your followers or fans fall in love with it, so you can generate engagement through the publication you plan during the day.

It doesn´t matter if you are a community manager or manage your own business or company profiles. What´s true is that you have in front of you a task that can be very discouraging if you don´t find “what” can be so attractive to get likes, shares, comments, etcetera.

If your calendar is empty and you are worried about the next content, this post with 5 foolproof strategies can help you win the battle.

Content is the soul and the essence of our Social Media strategy

Maybe it doesn´t need to be said. But in this case it´s a good idea to recall it. Social Media content is essential for any integral strategy. And yes, we are talking about content marketing. Who better than Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing and member of the Content Marketing Institute, to offer some recommendations.

joe pullizi

If we translate this to mediocre social network content, it’s worse than doing nothing at all. So the task is to find valuable content. This same author offers his vision about the focus of this search:

“Your clients don´t care about you, your products, your services…they worry about themselves, their needs and their interests. Content marketing is about creating interesting information so your clients can feel passionate and pay attention”.

What does a good Social Media content achieve?

Good content is capable of:

  • Moving an audience
  • Segmenting the market
  • Educating
  • Call to action
  • Generating leads
  • Getting sales

What are the most common mistakes when content is published on social networks? This is a good question. In general, three types of situations occur:

  1. Being too self-centered (always sharing content about the brand, your products and services without going further. We know that Joe Pulizzi says that people only worry about themselves, their needs and their interests)
  2. Leave everything to improvisation (without an order, everything can be chaotic and fail)
  3. Generate no real value

This last point is the most important one. Adding value is the key to success. We assure you that these 5 strategies are the goal for good content and are a piece of cake.

1.- Use Facebook as an unfailing resource of content

1.1 – Look for similar industry pages on Facebook. 

Imagine that your page is about promoting kinesiology and physical therapy services (health field). You have a website and an active blog. You search Facebook and write something like “kinesiology and health”. You choose one of the results (the one similar to what you are looking for) and click on “Like”.

Facebook automatically shows you other options with similar pages in miniature. You can click on the option that says “See more suggestions” and get an expanded view of similar available pages. If you right click on each miniature, you can open a page in a new tab. The idea is to have up to 50 or 60 open pages so you analyze your publications. Which ones have attractive content and a good level of engagement?

example_pages facebook


1.2 – Search for lists on Facebook

If the previous strategy is an excellent way to find valuable content, Facebook doesn´t show you all the existing similar pages.

To make sure you see them all (or more than you have already seen) use the Facebook list option. How do you do this?

  • Go to the left column and find these options: Favorites, Pages, Groups, Friends, Applications, Interests, Events and Payment.
  • Select “Interests” and click on “Add interests”
  • In the search area, place keywords such as “health”, “kinesiology” or “massages”.
  • Explore the existing lists and search again for interesting ones to extract content from. Follow them!

 1.3 Facebook search on Google

This sounds confusing but it´s actually quite simple: ask Google what “the best pages on Facebook are about health and kinesiology”. If this doesn´t give you results, try with variations such as: main pages on Facebook or the most popular pages on Facebook, etcetera. It´s important to be clear about which keywords are important for your search.

the best pages of facebook

2.- Techniques to find social media content on Instagram

Instagram and Facebook have very different features. Instagram is one of the most visual networks around (next to Pinterest).

That is why, it´s not the same to search on Facebook or Instagram. Especially if you are searching for services as in the example. It´s quite probable that you find nothing interesting about the subject.

On the other hand, if you are searching about a clothing store, the perspective changes. From the Instagram search engine, you can add keywords (such as “women´s clothing) and find several pages with attractive content to share on your own Instagram account or other social networks. By right clicking on each search result, you can open new tabs and analyze each page you wish to follow.

In the same way and with more effective results, try to search Instagram on Google using phrases such as:

  1. The best Instagram accounts for women´s clothing
  2. Main accounts/pages on Instagram for women´s clothing
  3. The best pages on Instagram for women´s fashion
  4. Popular hashtags on Instagram for women´s clothing store

Observe how we have changed the keywords. This variation can offer different results.

the best food Instagram accounts

3.- Twitter: a huge tool to find topics about industry trends and many ideas to add valuable content

Twitter is different from other social networks because it marks the rhythm of trends. It provides minute-by-minute information on the Web. That is why it´s so important to consider this characteristic and use topics from Twitter that resonate with your audience and create posts around them.

The first step in Twitter is to follow other industry accounts. In the same way that you place keywords on Facebook´s search engines or Instagram, go to the “accounts” option. You can also search topics related to your field. You can also create searches by using hashtags.

Following the example of the women´s clothing store, we could search for something like “latest women´s fashion trends” or “fashion bloggers”. A good idea is to follow specialized bloggers to find quality social media content.

fashion bloggers


In this case, you should also include searches in Twitter and Google accounts. Go to the search engine and write:

  • The best Twitter accounts for X (topic or industry)
  • Main Twitter accounts/X pages
  • The best Twitter pages for X
  • Most popular Twitter accounts for X

4.- Social Media analysis and recycled content techniques

In an article titled “10 tools to track Social Media, know your audience´s opinion and warn against the dangers“, we recommend the 10 best applications that can help you analyze the results of your Social Media strategy. Some of them allow you to see what publications have the most impact on your audience.

What social media content has been successful? Go over the same content and use the recycling technique. Pay attention to these tips regarding the re-post:

  • What must change is the way information is presented, not the content. The only exception regarding the modification of content is the way it is updated. Meaning, information changes when news or trends have changed.
  • Change the images or illustrations that accompany a text.
  • You can create a computer graphic in the post content.
  • Modify the title without leaving something important out.
  • Let your audience know you are re-posting previous content. Something like “revising past memories”.

5.- Reddit & Quora

We all have reference websites that offer us ideas about the social media content creation. Have you tried Reddit or Quora?

Reddit is an excellent site to find a lot of information to share on your social networks. In addition, you can find all kinds of content: gifs, videos, books, music, television, jokes, etcetera. To focus on your industry, add the name in the search engine and press “enter”. A version in Spanish is also available.


What about Quora? This is about a community that is slowly penetrating the business world. It´s basically a market of knowledge that works with questions and answers.

Anyone can use it and ask a question and obtain different answers. Those who respond are those who are part of the community. The rest is in Quora. It´s not a content addition such as Reddit is, Quora serves as a source of inspiration.


We have chosen these five strategies so you can find the best social media content. Don´t forget that by trial and error, you can find many new things. Get to work! If you know of other techniques please let us know. We await your comments. We bid our farewell as usual with a series of articles that we are certain you will enjoy: