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Smart Tags for Personalized Posts

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

What are Smart Tags?

Smart Tags are intelligent tags that let you personalize and give post messages momentum in your apps.
You can define the text of the post (titles, post content, post image, etc.) and use smart tags to show certain data of the app you created.

How do they work?

Social Tools offers pre-defined smart tags that replace a tag for particular data.
An example of a Smart tag:
[*app_type*] = Contest (type of app)

imagen 1

imagen 2

* Let’s take a look at an example:

Let’s assume that we create an app for the ContestFriendship Day in the Social Tools, Fan Page and personalize the post “share an App” (when a user participates in the contest and shares the app on their wall.)

We edit the post as we like using Smart Tags: (remember that you can modify the text as you wish)

“I am participating in the [*app_type*] “[*app_name*]” on [*fanpage_name*]“.

And the post can be seen in the following way:
“I am participating in the Contest “Friendship Day” on Social Tools.


When you personalize a post, you can find different types of smart tags, some are more generic:

Or other specific smart tags for each particular app:
[*product_name*] (in the product gallery)
[*coupon_name*] (for discount coupons)
[*profile_name*] (on a test)