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If it seems even more difficult to explain to your grandparents what the Internet is and how Facebook works, “to make them understand that what Paris Hilton does is not singing” then wait and see what happens when we try to explain to them exactly what a Social Media Manager is and what they do (and no, it’s not going to be enough to tell them that it is one of the most demanded jobs at the moment.) 10 point to whoever knows how to do it without dying in the process! 😉

All jokes aside, the reality is that the position of a Social Media Manager, or manager of social media, is practically so new that even the companies who need one as their own experts on social media they don’t all agree when defining what their functions are and what skills they should get together.

If the same thing is happening to you, don’t worry: it is precisely for them that we are creating this blog post, so when you finishing reading this not only will you know what tasks are carried out by the SMM but also that you know what are the 7 most important skills of a Social Media Manager that should be included in their CV.

This will help you to:

  1. If you are a manager of social media, it will help you professionally create, to do your job even better and distinguish yourself from the rest by highlighting the most important skills in your CV.
  2. If you are thinking of taking a job as a Social Media Manager, it will be useful for you to know what skills to take into account in order to choose the best job.
  3. If you are the friend of a Social Media Manager, you can see that they actually spend all day online… but also much more.

So, shall we continue?

Social Media Manager: this Superman of social media who only lacks flying


Before getting into the 7 major skills of a Social Media Manager that should be included in your CV it is very important to know what exactly a Social Media Manager does in order to avoid confusing concepts.

We could define them as the leader who designs and implements the online marketing strategy of a brand or business on certain social media in order to improve their image. However behind this definition there is much more.

The manager of social media defines designs, investigates, writes, develops strategies, publishes content, interacts, and manages budgets… And is full of skills that are not included in their CV most of the time but that should be present. Since the Social Media Manager is like Superman but without a cape (and also is real).

The Social Media Manager has a near 24/7 job in which…

  • Together with the Community Manager is a brands voice towards the community.
  • Defines and leads an online strategy for the brand or business on various social platforms.
  • Knows everything about the Internet, social networks, online marketing and persuasion.
  • Investigates the market and its trends to know what is best for the strategy.
  • Knows who the audience of the brand is, where it is and how it behaves.
  • Knows in detail about the company, the brand, the products and services.
  • Is used to managing projects.
  • Works under pressure and is capable of making decisions.
  • Maintains their knowledge up to date.
  • Knows how to engage the client in solving conflicts on social networks.
  • Creates personalized content with the purpose of making it go viral and is also a SEO specialist.
  • Analyses the results of the analytical reports.
  • Has an open mind and is the one who leads when there is a crisis of reputation.


Even though these are their main functions the list still continues.


So now that you have realized that being a superhero is serious, we are going to see what these 7 special skills are that a good Social Media Manager must include in their CV so that companies fight among themselves to hire them knowing that they are betting on the best one.


The 7 skills of a Social Media Manager that can’t be missing in their CV

The profile of the manager of social media is multifaceted and requires a lot of different skills.

This is what the ideal Social Media Manager has to be…

7 skills of a Social Media Manager

1- A better strategist than Leo DiCaprio in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

The ideal Social Media Manager should define the objectives of the company on social media, delimitate the audience and know what platforms are best suited to carry out the strategy.

But also should be a strategist of social medial, going a step further and continuously be detecting new opportunities and trying new ways to get interactions and increasing the engagement with the audience.

If you play your part well you’re not going to win an Oscar but certainly will be much closer to making the strategy be a success.


2- A hunter of trends

The Social Media Manager must be up to date on social media trends and digital marketing as well as the trends that affect the behavior of the consumers in order to anticipate their needs and keep competing in the market.

In other words, they should put themselves in the shoes of a Coolhunter or trend hunter in order to investigate and detect which trends live and which ones die, and be able to create a strategy that attracts new clients, retain the ones that already exist and create a positive image of the company.

Including being able to use tools like BuzzSumo to detect what the “trending topics” of the Internet are and what content about a similar subject are the most relevant that have been shared on social networks.


3- A writer capable of awakening emotions

It’s not necessary to be at the skill level of Shakespeare, but the Social Media Manager must be a content expert and have writing skills that bring value to the company and include them in your CV.

And although this is a skill more suitable of the Community Manager than the Social Media Manager, they have to know how to transmit ideas in a clear and precise manner adapting it to each social network.

Furthermore, it is very important how stories are created since they connect with people and promote engagement.


4- A great analyst and scientist of data

The Social Media Manager also must be capable of measuring the feelings of people with data; and best of all: must be capable of doing it in real time and knowing which of their actions function and which don’t.

The manager of social media has to work with data, expand upon them, analyze them and draw conclusions that let them make intelligent decisions.

For this you should know which metrics to analyze and what data to measure – such as interactions, sharing, entries, likes or the number of clicks- and what tool to use such as Google AnalyticsSocialBro or Twittercounter.

Also has to be willing to carry out experiments, innovating and testing through A/B tests in order to obtain data on what functions best.

Otherwise, how do you know that the tweets next to the links that also include images generate 55% more interactions?


5- A peacemaker with a dose of humor

A sense of humor is also an indispensible skill in the CV of a Social Media Manager.

And every day you have to deal with comments from all types of users, for this reason the manager of social media should soothe the environment on more than one occasion and for this there is nothing better than doing it with a certain dose of humor.

When in charge of interacting with users incorporating various doses of humor makes us lucky to read responses such as these:Messi-Community-Manager

(And this is why Messi doesn’t have his fifth ball).

These ingenious responses that resolve a conflict by the users can increase the virality of campaigns, and also there is nothing like a response with a touch of humor in order to retain the audience.


6- An artist and creative

The ideal Social Media Manager also is create, an artist of design, copywriting, video, and positioning.

They have the opportunity to reach the “heart” of their clients through content creativity and know that for them there is nothing like innovating and being creative.

This includes, of course, knowing what images to use to accompany each one of their publications including when the network is not as visual as Instagram or Pinterest, and be capable of editing and improving them so that the post stands out.

In fact, did you know that people only remember 10% of information after three days whereas if the same information contained a relevant image people would retain up to 65%?

And not only that but content with original images gets 94% more views than the same content without an image. The key is in the visual!

 giphy (1)


7- Empathetic and capable of putting themselves in others shoes

Finally, the Social Media Manager together with the Community Manager are the brand’s voice on social platforms since their job is very close with the client and has to know how to put themselves in the shoes of others in order to get the best solution for the needs and problems of the audience.

They must have the ability to connect with people, know how to listen to them, profoundly understand them and know how to communicate with them in order to persuade them at different stages of the buying cycle.

In conclusion, a Social Media Manager is an indispensible figure for every company that wants to join the power of social networks to get better results. And now that you know what skills you should gather or need to find in a social media professional’s CV and then you can get to work!


Was this article useful to you? What do you think about the 7 indispensible skills for a good Social Media Manager’s CV. Would you add another? Tell us your opinion; we would love to read it. Remember to share this article with people who you think this article would interest.