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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

Psychology on Social Networks

Behind the metrics, marketing strategies and other factors that we analyze daily, the true reason of success is hidden for some of the contents shown on Social Media. What’s the reason? The Psychology on Social Networks.

So you can take advantage of this, in this blog post I am going to share with you 5 specific tips to increase the impact that your publications have on your audience, based on studies of Psychology on Social Networks. Don’t forget to keep this post in your favorites!

5 tips for Psychology on Social Networks that will help you reach your audience more efficiently

Psychology on Social Networks

1- Generate content that encourages people to share it on Social Networks

In order for you to apply this tip, first you must answer the question: what gets people to share content on Social Networks? This point is essential because it will be what will guide you from now on when deciding what you will publish on Social Media. Also several investigations have shown that people share content on Social Networks because:

  • They want to bring content that is valuable and entertaining to other people.
  • To be defined before others.
  • To maintain amiability in relations.
  • To feel accomplished.

Therefore, I advise you to keep these four points in mind when planning your posts and ask yourself if your content meets at least one of them. So before pressing the “Publish” button you can evaluate if it’s worth sharing particular information by answering the following questionnaire: Is my content valuable and entertaining? Will it help people define themselves? Can it serve my followers to demonstrate friendliness to their contacts? Can it promote the identification of users so they feel accomplished?

2- Give priority to content with positive ideas

Although the news often seems to prove otherwise, it’s true that people prefer to share positive content with their contacts. This makes perfect sense if we take the previous point into consideration, like generating cordiality and demonstrating appreciation for others, content with positive ideas work much better.

Keeping this in mind will help you reach your goal of achieving that your publications be shared by the largest quantity of people possible.


Therefore to generate positive and highly “shareable” content one essential point is to employ a good title for Social Media. Actually, the title is the first thing that users see and it is from here you should impress them, communicating your positive idea with creativity and in an attractive way.

3- Awaken intense emotions in your audience to gain “shares”

To a large extent, we as people act based on emotions on Social Networks. In other words, emotions are our driving force on Social Media and make us give a Like, comment or share a discovery with our friends.

So the more intense the emotion is, the bigger the response will be generated in us. For this reason I advise you to keep this information in mind when deciding what you are going to share with your followers and choose the most compelling content on an emotional level.


Below I am sharing with you a list of the most effective emotions when encouraging your audience to share your content. In other words, aim to share articles or images that generate the following emotions in people:

  • Tenderness
  • Laughter
  • Wonder
  • Sorrow
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

And remember that positive emotions are more favorable than negative ones when trying to gain “shares”, so don’t overdo it with sad or “outrageous” publications (like for example those which demonstrate social injustice or animal abuse).


4- Offer practical and useful content to your public

Another great truth in psychology on social networks is that people value considerably practical and useful content that can immediately be applied to their lives in order to better them some way. For this reason, so that your publications reach your audience and are shared by hundreds of users, you must ensure that they effectively dish up something useful to people.

Also, a good way of generating useful and practical content is to teach your audience How to do something, for example through a tutorial.

Another very effective possibility is to provide your public practical advice on various themes, from general topics such as how to preserve fresh fruit longer to specific situations in your industry.

The idea in all instances is to make a contribution to improve the users’ lives to some extent.

5- Share the “trending topic” with your audience

Lastly, another important thing about psychology on social networks that can help you improve your spread has to do with the fact that people like to feel like they “make up part” of the present day.

In fact, thousands of people consult Twitter’s Trending Topic daily to see what people are talking about and to be able to participate in the hottest conversations of the moment. Because of this, I advise that you include popular content in your publications that are addressed on the major Social Networks.

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Well now, how do you know what the most popular themes on Social Media are? For this task, I suggest using BuzzSumo, a practical online search engine capable of showing you in just a few seconds what the most talked about and shared topics of the Internet are.


If you apply these 5 guidelines for psychology on Social Networks while planning your content, you will soon be able to increase your Likes and multiply the reach of your publications. If you want to know more on the behavior of users I suggest reading out post about Psychology on Facebook. Then tell us!


Did you like this article? Which of the tips seemed most useful to you? Leave us your comments! And please, remember to share this blog post with your friends! 😉