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7 super effective actions and the best tips to increase your online sales by using your Facebook Fanpage

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Increasing sales is a goal of any company, and nowadays, with the Internet and its social networks, Facebook being the leader, they are becoming channels capable of growing to new heights. That’s why in this article we’ll be showing you 7 super effective actions to increase your Online sales by using your Facebook Fanpage.

“Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build a more open and connected world”. This is the definition of the world’s most important social network which increased their number of active users (those who log on at least once a month) 14% in 2015.

According to data on the Facebook  investor site, 934 million people log on to Facebook each day. Still have doubts on why this social network has become one of the main communication channels for brands to reach their public?

1.- Create offers specifically designed to increase your Online Sales and publish them on Facebook

Although it may go unnoticed at times, Facebook provides you with the possibility to create offers at any time. They are actions that can very easily be implemented and you can add images and calls to action (CTA) as well. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of these offers:

  • They can be used through a URL that you provide (this would be an Internet offer), or redeemed at the store’s physical location.
  • They can’t be edited or eliminated once created.
  • There are four types of offers: percentage of discount (30% for example), amount of discount (value of discount, like $20), buy one get one free -BOGO- (2 for the price of one) and free items.
  • There are two ways to create an offer: absolutely free from your page and through the advertisement creator tool (the cost for this depends on the number of people you’re trying to reach).

online sales with Facebook offers

Creating offers from a Facebook page

online sales facebook offer claims


  • Use an attractive image: generally speaking, using a photo of someone using the product gets better results than an image of just the product.
  • Offer interesting discounts: at least 20% or BOGO discounts.
  • Don’t set a timeframe that’s too short: give your fans time to see it, share it with their friends and be able to get it.
  • Promote your offer: if you have a decent budget create an advertisement on Facebook. If not, you can publish the offer on your Fanpage during its effective dates and make sure to put it in the top part of your page.

2.- Utilize CTAs (Calls to Action) – Calls to Action, geared towards Online Sales

Speaking of actions, this is an excellent chance to push your clients towards your brand and increase your online sales.

The goal of CTAs is not only to get clients to purchase, but you can also use them to increase a website’s subscribers and participation in contests or events among other things that indirectly drive people to purchase something. Where can you add call to action buttons on Facebook?

They usually appear on pages like this:

online sales facebook cta

There are endless possibilities, so if what you’re looking to do is sell more on the Internet, then concentrate on the CTAs that directly relate to this goal:

online sales add buttons

  1. Book Now
  2. Call Now
  3. Contact Us
  4. Send Message
  5. Use App
  6. Play Game
  7. Shop Now
  8. Sign Up
  9. Watch Video
  10. Send Email
  11. Learn more

You can interchange calls to action to better fit your goals. A little info: Brian Kim, uptake director at Dollar Shave Club, mentioned his experience with the “Sign Up” button on the brand’s Facebook Page. After a trial period of three weeks, this button generated a conversion rate 2.5 times larger than other comparable places on social media focused on increasing new user uptake. To find out more on Calls to Action, you can go to Facebook Business.

3.- Open up your store to Facebook and utilize it as an additional Online Sales channel

We often shy from the possibility of creating an online store on a Facebook Fanpage because we think it only works for large companies. This is not true. A store gives you the opportunity to create an awesome gallery of products and to generate trust in your local brand/company/business thus causing users to feel more confident about buying on the Internet.

One way to generate trust is to ask Facebook to verify your page. The blue insignia azul Facebook insignia on a page or profile signifies that it’s already been verified and is the real page or profile of the public figure, media company or brand in question. The grey  insignia gris Facebook insignia it means that Facebook has confirmed this is an authentic page for this business or organization.

The verification process is very easy: it can be done through the Configuration option in the “General” tab, then “Page Verification”, then just follow the steps Facebook gives.

However, in addition to being verified, creating trust with clients or potential clients depends on other factors like quickly responding to questions your fans ask you, encouraging them to rate you and leave their opinions, adding your store’s physical address if you have one, promoting your products, among other concrete and practical action.

online sales facebook shop section

Store on Facebook

Attention: don’t limit yourself to just adding products to your store. Every time you add a product, share it in your Fanpage biography so that it’ll appear in your follower’s newsfeed.

Likewise, maximize your creativity in each publication so it’ll stand out from the rest. Use good images and good content.

One more tip: don’t overlook the options this social network gives you in terms of F Commerce (Facebook Commerce): you can initiate Online sales on Facebook then continue on the company’s e-commerce site, or initiate or conclude Online sales on Facebook by encompassing the entire purchasing process, even including payment. You’ll be able to figure out which of these options works best with your business/company/brand’s goals.

4.- Consider the possibility of remarketing on Facebook

While it has its critics (who consider this somewhat invasive), Remarketing on Facebook can give us good results aimed at increasing our Online Sales.

How many times have you been viewing a product on the Internet (on a specific site) and next thing you know the same product shows up in an advertisement on Facebook? This is remarketing on Facebook.

Certain statistical data on this marketing tool indicate that it can increase CTR (click through rate) by 3 or 4 times more. This technique functions as follows:

  • a user visits your website
  • a Facebook cookie registers this visit
  • when the user logs on to Facebook, Facebook reads the information stored in the cookie
  • Facebook adds this user to your audience created on Facebook
  • if you already have active advertisements created for this audience, Facebook displays it to them

This guarantees you an active presence in your potential client’s mind and improves the chances of them choosing you when purchasing items, thus allowing you to nail down your Online Sales.

online sales remarketing on facebook

5.- Take advantage of the opportunity to create events

online sales oreo facebook event

Provided that they don’t become spam, events on fanpages are a great action for making your brand visible. We often ask ourselves how can we benefit from an event if we don’t have a physical location. There is a justification for these cases: events give you the opportunity to send notifications and be present in your fans’ minds. In fact, you can offer some discount, limited time promotion or gift so they sign up for the event.

Facebook events can be accompanied by a real event, like the example from Oreo that’ll you’ll see below, or can be solely virtual where you offer training, access to your brand’s exclusive content, etc.

For this example, we’ve used one of the most successful brands on Facebook, Oreo. The brand organized Facebook events in various cities around the world. Although it may seem over the top, Oreo created gigantic rainbow slides for people to enjoy while sampling the oh so famous cookies. They’ll link the event to a contest every once in a while, so people who were present can participate, they’ll take photos of the event and share them on Instagram with a hashtag. Although there is a huge amount of money going into this, this case is indicative of how creative you can be when creating events on your Fanpage.

online sales oreo rainbow slide

6.- Optimize your Facebook Fanpage to maximize upon the new push notification system

Let’s go back to the basics: What is a notification? Very easy. They are updates on Facebook activity. Now, push notifications are what pop up when you’re not actively using Facebook, which is great for being able to go back and interact with your fans in a moment’s notice. This type of notification functions in conjunction with Chrome and mobile phones as well.

However, this isn’t the most interesting thing about Facebook’s notification system. They’ve also implemented new notifications based on localization/proximity. Meaning that they show users the most popular updates happening near their location. This is excellent for the companies or businesses with a physical location. You just have to make sure your page’s information is configured very well: location and type of business among other aspects.

online sales facebook push messaging

7.- Utilize videos assuming they’ll be viewed with the audio off

Facebook is looking to gain ground in every possible aspect. It’s evident that they also want to become YouTube’s competition. And that’s why Facebook is an excellent platform where users can consume videos. Zuckerberg announced that in the fourth quarter of 2015 Facebook users viewed more than 100 million hours of video per day. There’s no doubt that this number will continue to increase over time, therefore generating videos to commercialize your brand on your Facebook Fanpage must be one of your main actions.

Of course, like on any social network, you should never forget the context of use. In this case, the majority of videos are viewed on mobile phones. According to the latest figures, out of the 4 billion videos published daily, 75% are viewed from mobile phones. Generally, when a video is viewed on a smartphone the audio is most likely off. This means that when you generate your brands videos for this social network it’s very important to remember this little detail.

online sales video subtitles

Using subtitles is one way to push for your video to be seen with the audio off.

Well, we made it through the 7 actions to increase your Online Sales by using your company’s Facebook Fanpage better. Want to know more about this topic? Here are some excellent articles to keep informed:

Now it’s your turn to tell us: How do you utilize Facebook to increase your Online Sales? What actions gave you the best results? Did you apply any of the techniques listed here?

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