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Microinfluencers to boost your brand’s reach

Por Almendra Covarrubias | Redactora en

There are several ways to boost your brand online: Facebook Ads, Adwords, etc. However, there is a new trend that will be benefitial for all and will allow small business to appear on the radar. Which? Microinfluencers. If you haven’t heard of this, don’t worry. You will find ahead what they are and why they’re your best option to get to your potential buyers.



Micro influencers definition




Micro influencers vs macro influencers are known for having a closer and more direct contact with their followers. Compared with celebrities, micro influencers on Instagram have a more personal connection with their audience. Besides, an influencer on Instagram can be someone with only 1,000 followers. This will guarantee more personalized and rich content. Remember microinfluencers are more trustworthy to their followers.

Think about it, who would you trust the most, the celebrity on trend or a person you know personally? Having a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt will mean a huge investment. Even though they have a huge reach, they don’t have a specific group of people following them, this will dilute your brand getting to real possible buyers.

Advantages of a Microinfluencer

You might think that if you invest your money where thousands of people see your product you will bring your sales up, but if the group of people is not your ideal target this effort will be worthless. Take a look at world known brands betting on microinfluencers.

Know some of the advantages you will get by doing this too:

· Fewer followers, more specific group of people.
· More organic and friendly content. It looks more natural, less paid publicity.
· Making your brand more human from someone they trust and know.
· Better influencer engagement with the desired target.
· Accessible prices.

To have a real impact on your market it isn’t necessary to pay a post to a celebrity. In fact, the term microinfluencer is beginning to sound more each day. Remember, that if you are lucky enough the person you want to promote your brand will be a fan of it and he/she might even accept doing a post for free product. Great isn’t it?


Fun ways to success

Choosing to do a mention by a microinfluencer you are not obliged to do the classic. Forget about the typical photo showing your product to promote it. Create a strategy with help from the microinfluencer where both sides can get the best out of each other.
By not doing the ordinary, you will see that your client’s fidelity will grow and your campaign will have more success. Create different and unique experiences with a fun story contest. If you have selected the most related microinfluencer with your brand and public, we can guarantee this will be a total success. Ask the influencer to share in her/his Social Media a story with your product and ask it’s followers to do the same to get a chance to win a special price.

Another fun option, depending on your brand, would be an image contest. As a hypothetical case, let’s pretend your market are mostly housewives and you have decided to go with a pastry for your contest. An interesting idea would be that all the contestants bake the same cake and make it pretty with their special touch. Once they’re done, invite them to take a picture of the result and upload it for voting between the public. Fun, right?


Microinfluencer vs Macroinfluencers

Even though there are still brand paying thousands of dollars to bloggers for a mention, the trend is going another direction. Keep in mind all you’ve read about the advantages of microinfluencers. Still doubting?

There are accounts like @mexicanfakeblogger (in Instagram) that are revolutionizing the online influencer market “doing what the brands and agencies haven’t done”. They are outing million followers bloggers and making the world see that there is always the possibility yo buy likes and followers. This account is making an effort to convince people to forget about the huge numbers and to go back to the value of the quality of the followers. What’s the worth of posting your luxury brand on a 15 million public page that doesn’t have the money to buy it?

Let’s not forget that even though the reach may seem less, the quality of the public will be more accurate with your business. Your brand will also get the chance to appear more human to your possible buyers.

Keep your brand trendy and take advantage of this to save money on paid publicity.

The time to boost your product to success without investing millions of dollars is now!
Do you have a microinfluencer to begin with?