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4 steps you should follow to renovate your marketing area and the 8 professionals you are or should be integrating in it

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Times have changed: clients no longer buy like they used to, the marketing techniques that were successful 5 or 10 years ago are no longer effective and companies must understand that advertising is no longer the only means for growth.

The old model of traditional marketing based on advertising that fed bank accounts for so many years no longer works: now it’s considered as a type of marketing which constantly pursues, disrupts and bombards users to try and sell to them.

In place of this a type of marketing that is a lot less invasive has arrived —and everything points to it staying— 

it entices, attracts, engages and indulges users in order to wake up their buying desire: digital marketing and more specifically, Inbound Marketing.

The majority of companies still use the first type of marketing, but absolutely all of them should use the second. And to do this it’s completely necessary to renovate the marketing area of your company and adapt to current needs in order to be able to have a competitive team capable of selling ice to Eskimos without having to ask them directly.

For example,

have you ever thought about what would happen if instead of marketing to sell to your clients you were doing it to make them fall in love? It makes sense: we all would all choose someone who cares for and appreciates us before someone who pursues and pressures us.

So if you’ve arrived at this point it’s clear you want your clients to fall in love instead of pursuing them, just continue reading because we’re going to teach you step by step how to renovate the marketing area of your company in order to build a groundbreaking team that is almost as effective as the one McDonald’s has —make no mistake, we love McDonald’s but we don’t buy here for the incredible taste of their products nor for the dazzling appearance of their hamburgers. ¡Behold the power of marketing!—.

If you want to learn how to achieve this, all we can say is: ¡step right up! 😉


Where to start organizing your company’s marketing area?

Inbound Marketing is marketing for the large companies, but also for small businesses that start without many resources.

In fact, since Inbound Marketing started making it, prestigious and trustworthy brands have had their monopoly threatened following the rapid invasion of excellent competitors into the market. And this is all thanks to the implementation of excellent marketing techniques. You can also achieve this.

But, where to begin structuring the marketing area? And better yet, how to start doing it when you already have a business in place? Take notes on these 4 steps!


1.  Define the objectives of the new marketing area

The first step is to define what you want to accomplish with the change, and know that the objective should revolve around building a relation with your clients before, during and after the purchase.

Really think about what changes you want in the company, what objectives you want to achieve and how your business will help to create a better life for your clients before going any further.


2.  Familiarize yourself with the 4 phases of the sales process

Once the objectives of the new marketing area are defined, immerse yourself in the four phases of Inbound Marketing since your marketing team is going to have to work around them. These four phases are: attract, convert, close and retain your clients.

Each one of these phases needs a series of professional profiles that carry out the necessary actions in order to fulfill the different objectives.


3.  Place your team members in each phase

You may already have a marketing team and want to adapt it to the current needs or on the other hand you’re starting from zero and need to find the specific profiles to occupy each position.

If you’re starting from zero we’ll tell you later which professionals you should incorporate. But if you already have a team formed focus on putting each member in the different steps of the sales process before continuing.


This info graphic will give you an idea on how to do it:


What does each step consist of so you can adjust your current team to them?


  • Phase 1: attract.  The mission of this phase is to get traffic and then educate them on the purchase and to do this you need a blog with content, positioning in search engines (SEO) and to promote the content on social networks.
  • Phase 2: convert.  You should apply all the necessary techniques in order to convert the traffic from the previous phase into a database (sales prospects or leads) so they actions are effective. For this you should perform content and e-mail marketing campaigns, call to action and create special landing pages.
  • Phase 3: close.  In this phase the mission is to convert your leads into clients and for this records must be managed and integrated with automation and lead maturing tools. All of which guides potential clients towards a purchase through various techniques and strategies (e-mail marketing, content marketing and other types of similar actions).
  • Phase 4: retain:  After the sale you have to retain the client and continue giving the value to keep them and that can convert them into a quality client, as well as analyzing and measuring the results and enhancing successful actions.


4.  Incorporate the appropriate professionals

Once it’s clear what you want to get from your new marketing area and you have a wider view of standings you must ponder, it’s time to finish closing the team incorporating the adequate profiles in each position.

EXTRA TIP! Don’t make the mistake of investing in too many marketing specialists dedicated to the last phases; in fact,  if you don’t invest in the first phases you won’t have sales opportunities that you can convert into clients later.


The 8 professional profiles you should integrate in your new marketing area


Now that you know what you need to keep in mind to renovate the marketing area of your company, we’re going to see what the professionals you should have in your team are.

And we know that unless you’re Warren Buffett Jack Ma, it’s likely that you don’t have the sufficient resources right now to hire all the necessary profiles at the same time, we’ve ordered them from highest to lesser importance so you know who to hire first and this way you can move at a steady pace without stopping.


1.  Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing manager is one of the fundamental pillars of the marketing area since they are who will design and supervise the department’s strategies.

They are the professional in charge of the creation, definition and implementation and execution of the company’s digital marketing plan as well as defining the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the marketing department.

To do all of this the ideal profile is a professional specialized in marketing and communication in the latest trends, with a strong technological profile and familiarized with online mediums.


2.  Content Manager

Without content current marketing is pointless, and this is the reason why you need a content manager who is in charge of detecting the informational needs of the audience and while at the same time managing content that can be blogs, e-books or videos among others.

An excellent content manager additionally will make sure that the content is of excellent quality and ensure that it be the most fitting for the type of audience we want to attract.


3.  Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager  is the voice of the brand on the Internet and the leader who designs and implements the digital marketing strategy on different social medias.

That’s why finding a professional who is a master on social networks and has the necessary knowledge to give content visibility and make them viral on different platforms.  Kind of like a social network genius.



A lot of the time the Social Media Manager performs the tasks of the Community Manager or vice versa, but in reality they carry out different functions  and you should consider incorporating the two profiles into your company.


4.  Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is the professional who is in charge of the graphic part of marketing: website design, blog appearance or content graphics like images, info graphics, e-book layout and even call to action buttons.

Graphic design is the visual communication of your company and that makes the designer a key piece in the team; since by not paying attention to the design we can trigger the image of our brand, product or service not conforming to reality.


5.  Content Creator

Based on the size of your company you will need one or multiple people who are in charge of creating content for different backings.

Without good content your strategy will be of no use, so pick professionals who know how to add value to users through useful, quality, content that creates confidence and helps the audience solve their problems and needs.



6.  Data Scientist

What isn’t monitored can’t be improved and in your business it’s essential to monitor every effort invested in marketing in order to fully optimize the investment.

To do this you need a data scientist, or in other words, a specialist in usability and analytical web who interprets and analyzes the data and metrics obtained daily so as to enhance successful actions and improve results.


7.  Programmer

The programmer is in charge of converting ideas into computer language.

Not only is this the person who edits the web but also is responsible for taking the business a step further and developing interactive content, platforms, applications and widgets. Something indispensable in Inbound Marketing.


8.  SEO Expert

The professional SEO expert is responsible for the positioning of brands and content in Internet searches.

By being listed last that doesn’t make it any less important since the SEO is an essential aspect in any business. However there are more and more writers who are SEO experts so you can merge both needs if you’re not able to hire a search engine optimization specialist.


Once you have these profiles in the marketing area, it’s time to start thinking about what strategies to implement.


And while this is a process that takes time and dedication it’s true that with this information we just shared, you have more than enough to start the transition and see the beginning results.


Undoubtedly, your company will thank you… But your client will even more.




What did you think of these tips for renovating your company’s marketing area? Are you going to put them into practice? Leave us your opinion!


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