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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

INDUSTRIAL marketing

Let’s relate; writing about the film industry is not the same as writing about insurance. Worse yet if you think about industrial marketing strategies for creating content for a business dedicated to selling construction or pharmaceutical products. And the examples can go on and on; your head could explode just thinking about: “How do I create enticing content for “boring” industrial companies?”. Here, we’re giving you the most complete and original answer possible.


We should add the following phrase to this formula: “the order of the factors won’t alter the product”. This just means that it will produce the same result even if its USABILITY + CREATIVITY + QUALITY. There’s no order of importance. If these three items are present in a text, you’ll have a much high possibility of generating “engagement” among your audience.

And with industrial marketing of content for “boring” industrial companies, this formula can’t be overlooked. Clients of this type of industry need technical information, data and arguments on the product which will back their decision to buy. And we totally agree. But if the buying process is long (something which usually happens from time to time in industrial companies), there are many other points of contact which you can use to deliver this information.

Let’s take a look at this example of an insurance company (marketing all types of insurance: auto, home, life, travel, cell phone, bicycles). On each of their social networks they create posts that inform their audience about the risks of driving distracted and encourage them to take a stand against #DistractedDriving:

industrial marketing - geico

The rest of the publications are responsible for developing interesting and useful content for clients and potential clients. “7 tips for saving on gas”, “Travel insurance: what to check on rental cars”, “The safest cars on the market”, among others.

industrial marketing - geico content

This just clarifies that addressing difficult themes in industrial marketing can be turned into an interesting and entertaining text without having to delve into the technical aspects. It all depends on you. At Social Tools we’d like to help you perfect your industrial marketing for companies considered to be boring. We’ve used very credible sources and have even laid hold on some journalistic writing resources for digital sources.


Germán Merlo, COO & Founder of Social Tools utilized the following definition of industrial marketing of content in an article on this blog” “Industrial marketing of content is a strategic approach focused on the creation of valuable, pertinent and coherent content in order to attract and retain a clearly defined public and, ultimately, to drive the client to make a profitable action”. It’s based on sharing valuable content. Value is defined by, above all, the usability of this content. We can translate “usability” to ease of use.  

“If a website is difficult to use, people won’t bother. If the information of the website is hard to read or doesn’t answer users’ key question, they won’t bother with this either”. Jakob Nielsen

In the words of German, the key to industrial marketing of content is “generating content which goes beyond a brand’s boundaries”. While this holds true for every type of industry, boring companies should never lose sight of this.

Le Creuset is a well-known cooking utensil brand; their cookware has a lifetime warranty. On their social networks they share recipes to provide information on their products.

industrial marketing le creuset

If you’re in charge of writing posts for different companies’ blogs (which is actually the primary target of this article), what do you do in order to know what interests each of the audiences you work with? We recommend launching a small investigation on:

  • The theme of your article. It’s important that you search for credible sources. You can use the Mozbar extension for Chrome to find out the Domain Authority (DA) of a website. With this tool, you’ll find out a website’s quality or credibility (from 0 to 100, the higher the number, the more prestigious the site).
  • Target public: how they are, what they feel, what are their interests, preferences, expectations. To do this you can get a report on the audience for the brand, business or company you work for or explore the different social networks, read the client comment, among other actions.
  • Benefits of products or services which you have to write about. For example, if the article is about Micro cement floors, you’ll have to know what the main characteristics of this type of flooring are: resistance, durability, esthetics, innovation, etc. While writing, it’s best to put most of your focus on the latest decorating trends which include micro cement flooring, you’ll be able to expand upon these qualities in order to attract and entice your reader.

industrial marketing strategies info graphic



In industrial marketing, especially with boring industrial companies, creativity can’t be missing (however there are some exceptions where it’s impossible to introduce creativity; for example, some “how to” articles that are really just about utility). Perfect. Try to be creative. Where? How? The text shouldn’t only be capable of providing the answers users are searching for, but rather being as scan able as possible. A reader who scans is a reader who doesn’t read word for word; a block of text is quite the opposite of being scan able.

What you have to do to make scan able texts is to include all types of graphic elements: images, videos, GIFS, quotes, info graphics, bold text (usually keywords or the most important phrases), subtitles, among other resources.  

In what other aspects is it necessary for you to use your creativity? In the title and first few paragraphs. It happens that, according to some studies about people’s reading behavior on the Internet, the user’s eyes go straight to the upper left side of the screen. It’s here where titles usually start. We’d also like to add that titles get less than second of visitors’ attention, leaving no room for doubt that you should use your creativity her.

As for paragraphs, readers only concentrate on the left third of each paragraph. The first words, which have the enormous pressure of snagging the user to they continue reading the rest of the text.  Let’s take a look at an example of an article written for the blog of a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. It’s not really an easy industry for content marketing. However, this ghostwriter accomplished the task gracefully.

industrial marketing content example


“HOW” titles always catch the attention of an audience searching for useful answers in this market. The first sentence of the paragraph takes hold of the text in order to hook the readers (maybe by using lots of adjectives). In the second paragraph, the ghostwriter continues with the same style and playfully introduces the theme: “Today we long for those golden years and grieve the inopportune emergence of sagging skin and muscles that arise from the back of the arms which prevents us from wearing short sleeves, enjoying the beach and feeling happy with our body”.

The third paragraph provides the reader with the main information: there are various resources for fighting and finding a solution to annoying sagging. The rest of the article talks about the cause of this sagging and how to fight it. A very interesting content, not boring at all.


This is the conclusion that numerous investigations made in the digital newspaper field have come to. And this goes for any type of industrial marketing. Looking past esthetic aspects, what’s important is that it functions. This includes: scan able design, objective language and concise text.  We’re going to give you a super interesting example from the book “How to write for the Web” by Guillermo Franco.

SCAN ABLE DESIGN: we’ve already talked about this previously, but now we’re going to show you how to ease users’ scanning abilities with simple resources such as a list.

Example: Nebraska is full of internationally recognized attractions to which multitudes of people come to see. In 1996, some of the most popular places were:

  • Fort Robinson State Park (355.000 people).
  • Arbor Lodge State Historical Park & Museum (100.000).
  • Carhenge (86.598), Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer (60.002).
  • Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park (28.446).

This is a fragment of a touristic text. Scan ability is determined by the script, meaning the technique used to enumerate the popular places in Nebraska in 1996. Nevertheless, this text is neither objective or concise. Observe the promotional writing (“internationally known attractions to which multitudes of people come to every year”). This is exaggerated, subjective and just plain boasting. We put a parenthesis on the example that we demonstrated earlier in the article on sagging arms. There is an enormous difference between using literary resources to snag readers and filling the text with words that are completely useless. It’s definitely not the same.

With digital marketing, forget about promotional language! It’s known for being boring for the user!

TARGET LANGUAGE: In order to not fall into promotional writing, use objectivity. This is using neutral language with elements of precise information. Caution: this has nothing to do with being an expert and using complex or technical concepts related to the industry. Not at all, this is writing clearly and writing with authority.

Example: Nebraska has various attractions. In 1996, some of the most visited places were Fort Robinson State Park (355.000 people), Arbor Lodge State Historical Park & Museum (100.000) …  

CONCISE TEXT: This is about nickel and dimming words. Reasons? Short paragraphs are viewed more than long ones when it comes to digital content. It’s much easier to read.

Example: In 1996, six of the most visited attractions in Nebraska were Fort Robinson State Park (355.000 people) …


Example: In 1996, six of the most visited attractions in Nebraska were:

  • Fort Robinson State Park (355.000 people).
  • Arbor Lodge State Historical Park & Museum (100.000).
  • Carhenge (86.598), Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer (60.002).
  • Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park (28.446).  

BONUS TIP: In addition to keeping all this material in mind, don’t forget about the famous INVERTED PYRAMID for structuring information (from most important to least) and creating posts that’ll be devoured by your readers even though it’s coming from a boring industrial company.

industrial marketing inverted pyramid


Now you’re ready to write about any type of theme and make your audience love your content. So you’re more ready than ever, we’re leaving you with the German Merlo (COO & founder of Social Tools) article on digital marketing trends, just click here.


Do you want to add any other tip, tool or resource to this content? We accept suggestions and hope that you weren’t too bored! If you like it though, then share it with your colleagues and friends who need it. See you soon!