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5 Foolproof tips for Improving your Web Positioning

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

Web positioning improve it with valuable content

Many people invest large amounts of money into SEO in order to position their company or site in search engines. But the truth is, in order to achieve a Web Positioning that can sustain itself its necessary to supplement the SEO strategy by generating Valuable Content.

Why is this recommended? And how to achieve it? That’s exactly what this post is about. Today I’ll share with you 5 methods to improve your web positioning consistently and in the long run. Implement them and then tell me!

How to Improve your Web Positioning: 5 Foolproof Tips with Long Term Results

Web Positioning 5 tips


1- Redefine your site’s “Quality Traffic” parameter

Normally the people who review the statistics of blogs and websites often consider having a lot of traffic on their site as completely positive. Therefore they are investing huge budgets in online advertising campaigns to attract a large quantity of users to their websites.

There is a problem with this methodology: the majority of people that arrive at your web page or blog through this type of technique do nothing more than enter your site just to leave it a few moments later. They arrive here as fleeting tourists, not to stay, but rather because your advice has diverted them from their normal browsing.

In other words, when you pay for this type of campaign you’ll see numerous visitors on your site in the short term, but many of them cannot be considered quality public, meaning that these are people who are truly interested in your proposals but are a temporary effect of your paid campaign.

The truth is that in order to know how well you have succeeded  in “roping” in your audience, you need to define a clear measuring parameter, which has nothing to do with paid advertisements but instead it measures the audience’s genuine interest in your content. And what is this parameter? The “Shares” of your posts!

In fact, specialists point out that SEO and Content Marketing go hand in hand: where SEO demands Content Marketing responds creatively. So, it comes down to your being able to generate valuable content based on the most asked for keywords from users in your sector.

Additionally, as experts explain, 70% of consumers have a higher probability of buying something when they see content on a product or service that has been shared by a friend. So, besides “Likes” it is also Shares that reflect the audience’s real engagement with your content.

SEO and Content Marketing Web Positioning correlation

In conclusion, in order to better your web positioning you should generate valuable content that really “reels” in your audience. And to measure this interest or “hook”, you have to review the Shares or number of times that your content has been shared by users onto their Social Networks.

2- Increase the “Shares” of your content with Added Value in order to better your Web Positioning

Now that you know what the genuine parameter for finding out if people are really interested in your content and can identify with it, it’s time to work on improving it to its max. How? By giving your publications added value so people want to share them with their friends.

Why does this help your web positioning? The experts explain it very well: over the past years Content Marketing has gradually overcome the classic SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) used to improve web positioning through specific actions.

 “A sample of this is the viral content that is positioned the highest in search engines without applying practically any positioning techniques. The Social Networks based on “RT”, “Like” and Shares are used to amplify content, and it’s their own users who are unconsciously positioning it”, explains Toni Grinon from

So, to achieve better web positioning of your content the key is to genuinely stir the users’ interest so that they share your publications with their contacts on Social Networks.

Now, how to ensure that your content really interests users by providing an added value? In regards to this, the following tips can help you:

  • Make sure to get to know your target audience in order to be able to generate relevant content, meaning that it corresponds with the interests of your public’s profile.
  • Once you really know your audience you have to check that your publications have added value, meaning that they are capable of informing, education, entertaining or teaching something to your public.
  • It’s recommended to organize your publication schedule through the creation of a Social Media Plan. This will help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts and will organize your daily activities on Social Networks.

3- Optimize the SEO of your Publications yourself

While we said that SEO techniques yield increasingly to their own benefits instead of Marketing Content, the truth is that they collaborate significantly in order to help you reach a better Web Positioning in search results.

For this the main idea is that you can combine SEO technique with Content Marketing. To do this I recommend:

  • Check what the most searched for keywords are by users each month in order to include them in your publications. For this you can use Google Keyword Planner for free.
  • Check for the correct use of said Keywords in the articles on your blog. To do this I recommend using Yoast, one the best plugins for WordPress of that will help you optimize the SEO of your publications through the utilization of your keywords in the key parts of your content, such as Titles H2, Alternative Texts of your images (“Alt Text”) and in your articles Meta Description.

YOAST SEO Web Positioning

  • When you publish on Social Networks make sure to utilize relevant hashtags and mention influential users whenever possible (without turning into a spammer, of course!).
  • Additionally, although it is not a proper SEO adjustment, I recommend that you include social buttons in your publication, so people can immediately share with their followers on Social media. This will help you improve viralization of your content and this, as we’ve seen, you improve your web positioning.

4- Take advantage of Guest Posting on well positioned sites

Guest Posting is a Content Marketing strategy which involves the participation of top blogs in your sector with article publications on their websites. The idea is to take advantage of the established audiences of blogs linked to your sector in order to increase you level of exposure and reach more people.

Now, there is an additional benefit of this technique which is related to Web Positioning. To utilize this benefit, you have to involve yourself with Guest Posting on the well positioned sites in your sector.

Thus, your content will be linked with well positioned sites through the links that will connect their page to yours. This is what is known as Link Building and it serves so Google relates your content with legitimate sources and it gives a greater value to your publications in terms of web positioning.

So, how can you check the legitimacy or positioning of a certain website? I advise using MOZ for this task, one of the most utilized Chrome Extensions for marketers. After installing it, this tool informs you on the web positioning of sites using two criteria.

The first is DA or Domain Authority which indicates how well positioned the entire website is that you’re visiting. The second parameter is PA or Page Authority and it informs you on how relevant a specific page of the site is in terms of web positioning. Both parameters work with numbers from 1 to 100.


5- Create profiles on Social Networks

Finally, suppose your brand already has profiles on the main Social Networks, it’s true that it’s very important to have various profiles to achieve a good web positioning. Why? Because brand social profiles always appear among the first search results.

So, I suggest creating social accounts for your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest and completing the profiles with information, images of your business and links to your site. This will multiply the chance of users finding you among the first Google results.

It’s true that it’s very hard to keep all these profiles up to date, but you can help yourself by programming posts so they’ll automatically be shared on the times you establish. Alternatively, you can concentrate on updating your most important profiles daily (Facebook and Twitter for example).

social network web positioning in search results

You can define what your most important profiles are based on the quantity of users you have on each. In all cases I advise maintaining your Facebook account up to date since said Social Network is the most important in terms of size, and that’s why it’s very possible for you to get your target public there.


That’s all for today! Apply these 5 Foolproof Tips and watch how your Web Positioning improves in the long run. Tell me later!

Did you like this blog post? Which of the tips offered were most successful for you? Tell us your opinion! And please, remember to share this publication with your contacts. Until next time!😉