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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

Juan is 38, he’s a business employee and works 8 hours a day. When he gets home to his family he has no desire to go out. Juan always wanted to be a lawyer, but knows studying takes up a lot of time. He feels a huge frustration.

Once day, while browsing on Facebook, Juan sees and advertisement from the 21st Century Business University that says:

“The world, your world. The world has changed, as well as the way in which we behave and learn. There’s a university that understands your world and prepares you for it.”.

Juan immediately wants to know more about this opportunity to study. Shortly after, he enrolls in a distant lawyer degree program and starts going after his dreams. The same happens with Laura, Horacio, Camila, Gerardo, Julieta, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All of them have become customers of the proprietary university that now has the challenge of providing a positive experience to their customers as to not lose them.

customer satisfaction 21 century ad


The digital era has completely changed every part of our lives. And the business world is not exempt from this reality. It’s more and more evident that brands must lay down new paths in their search to connect with their public, and experiential marketing is the key to this.

But, what is experiential marketing and what does it have to do with customer satisfaction? They numbers are going to help us answer this question. In 2014, the trading leader “Omni channel customer experience” (the multi-channel customer experience) and the contact center Genesys, conducted a survey of 2000 consumers from the United States and Great Britain.



  • 93% of respondents say they recommend a product r service after a positive customer service experience.
  • At the same time, a surprising 99%! said that bad customer service which is repetitive and lengthy caused them to change companies or brands.
  • Likewise, 84% of consumers are willing to share these bad experiences with other people.
  • And when asked which communication channels they would share these experiences, good or bad, a 37.2% chose Social Media.    


Is it now clear what experiential marketing is and the importance of the experience when it pertains to customer satisfaction? And social networks serve as a very important function of this process. In this article we’ll show you 3 key strategies to improve customer satisfaction by focusing on Social Media channels.

1.- Empathy’s Role in Customer Satisfaction

Consumers/clients/users are co-creating brands through their participation in the digital environment, mainly Social Media. They are connected customers which are very different from traditional customers. How do you reach them?

First, put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. Exercise empathy. Ask what is the customer’s experience with your brand, how they feel about it, what defines your contacts, what is the existing experience that you’re offering them with your digital strategies and how different is this from what your traditional customers are searching for. This is about completely re imagining the experience and selecting changes to apply in order to improve customer satisfaction.

A recurring problem that companies have is making decisions based on their own experience without taking into account that customers from the current generation think and feel differently; the digital consumers!

Thus we investigated, making use of the numerous digital tools we had at hand, what the behaviors, expectations and aspirations of these customers are. We deepened our knowledge on them and personalized the experience in order to improve customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction customer understanding

CRUCIAL INFO: Many researches on CX (Customer Experience) have determined that on CDX (Customer Digital Experience), users look for experiences that treat them as they are, human beings. This brings us to our second point.

2.- Rock & Love Content

Social Science have a lot to contribute to this revolution in the way of creating an effective customer service experience.  One investigation performed by three communications specialist (José Martínez Saez, Marta Martín Núñez, and María Rosario García Cubells) helps guide us on the content that is closest to the new experiences being demanded by digital clients:  Rock & Love content or the “humanization of content” (we came up with what’s in the parenthesis).


These authors take the ROCK concept from Rafa Soto’s creativity (founding member of the Herraiz Soto & Co Agency). Rock is an attitude; the breaking boundaries and models attitude, a risk taking attitude in order to stand out. Brands need to have a rock-ish attitude to surprise and encourage their customers, to make their lives seem more stimulating and exciting.

We love rock & roll and its attitude, and this is exactly how brands should connect with their consumers. We love turning consumers in to fans.  

Herraiz Soto & Co

IKEA is a good example of Rock & Love content. Here are a few of their publications from Facebook and the decorating tips on their website that have a touch of humor so customers can learn how to decorate their spaces.

customer satisfaction ikea facebook ad

customer satisfaction ikea decorating ideas

How to get this type of content to improve customer satisfaction?

  • First off, use the element of surprise. Remember that there’s a lot of information and noise on the Web.  Surprising your public is winning their attention.
  • Then comes stimulation. You have to make your customers feel that it’s worthwhile to be connect with your brand because it has something interesting to give them.
  • Another good idea is humor. Making your customers smile is an excellent resource for satisfying them and getting them to share the content.
  • Obtaining interaction from the user through messages, through the messages participation and engagement, or the co creation of content.
  • Displaying brand generosity.



Now let’s move on to LOVE. This term is borrowed from Kevin Roberts and his Lovemarks. Maybe you’re already familiar with it and know that it has to do with positioning the brand in the heart of consumers. In these two social scientists’ investigation, the concept goes beyond this claiming into to get the consumers love, brands must give love.  Therefore, approaching the customer must be done in a friendly and respectful way, never intrusive.

Tip: Publish content relevant to the user (“advertainment” or brand content) or content focused on functionality such as useful tips, useful mobile apps, widgets, etc.

If we applied Rock & Love to every digital experience the customer has then we’re getting closer to the EXPERIENCE concept that we began the text with.

3.- Optimize the customer’s entire journey

“Customer Journey” is the sum of all the customers’ contact/interaction with the brand, physical or digital, during its entire life cycle. As a matter of fact, this is EXPERIENCE. This action is continuous and never stops.

Let’s go back to Juan, our main imaginary character. Suppose that after having enrolled in his degree the studied platform doesn’t function correctly, no communication channels respond to his inquiries, and the content isn’t good enough. Juan ends up considering his experience with the institution was a bad one and shares what happened to him with all his contacts on social networks, leaving a negative message on the University’s Facebook page. He even tells his experience to his Friends on WhatsApp.

Everything that happened to Juan forms part of his experience with the brand. Now let’s be a little more generous and say that a lot of the points of contact had functioned well, but they fall short in online customer service. It’s possible that they’ll also lose Juan for just this reason. Experience is integral and this also applies to managing Social Media with Rock & Love.

What specific actions can you implement on Social Networks to improve customer satisfaction?

  • IMPLEMENT SEO FRIENDLY STRATEGIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. To make users interested in your brand, in addition to SEO and SEM strategies, you have to share content from your blog updates and be very focused on your company’s theme. This will help you get a better positioning on Google, bring value to your brand and give you a larger level of interaction with your potential clients. u
  • PROVIDE AN ONLINE EXPERIENCE THAT MEET YOUR CUSTOMER’S EXPECTATIONS. How many companies have succeeded in making their customers see a direct relation between their brand and a product being advertised? Not a lot (Apple, Nike for example). So, for para todo el resto de las empresas conviene no construir un branding tan potente que luego no coincida con lo que el cliente espera. The online experience must follow the same path: with every digital interaction the audience must find what they were looking for. If this goal is executed successfully, you can attain high levels of customer satisfaction.

It’s very important that the customer has the possibility to communicate with your brand or buy products throughout their entire digital experience.

  • NEVER FORGET ABOUT USERFRIENDLINESS. From the first digital contact to the last, you have to offer users the max amount of possibilities of which the interactions will be clear, simple and very focused on accomplishing our goals, and above all, that the users need it. This is what’s “user experience design” and it also includes elements that are focused on conversions.
  • FOCUS ON PRE-SEGMENTING YOUR CLIENTS. To who are you offering the experience?, or to be more exact, where do you have to look for potential clients that are interested in your brand or products? If you’re able to find this “target” client, then their interaction and experience with your brand will be highly satisfactory.

Earlier we talked about Rock & Love content and the importance of love brands receiving love in return from their customers. This is more of the same. The content we share on sites must be fine-tuned to each of the profiles detected as interested public. The clearest example of this is Facebook Ads’ segmentation system.


BONUS TIP: Before you even think about new audiences, think about the one you already have and what you can offer every segment you’ve sorted them into. Nike is an excellence example of this.

customer satisfaction nikewomen facebook ad 

  • OFFER THE SAME EXPERIENCE ON EVERY COMMUNICATION CHANNEL. Customers have numerous ways to communicate and interact with brands. For all of them, the relationship established must be uniform and transparent. In order to obtain better customer satisfaction, they must feel like the company knows them, knows what they need, whether its communication through feedback forms, telephone, personally, or on social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Giving love also includes this item. Good treatment, respect, nice gestures, all of this flows together so that the customer feels like they’re part of the company.

customer satisfaction infographic


“I have very good experiences with each interaction I’ve had with American Express. One of them was when someone stole my wallet with all my cards into while on a trip. When I called Amex and told them what had happened, the operator interrupted me: Above all, Mr. Jose, are you okay? Do you need anything? I told him I was fine and only wanted to cancel the card. He did it and offered to send me a photo copy of the DNI, a procedure that assists in making a Police report… Lastly, they offered to send cash to the hotel where I was staying and promised to send the new card to the hotel in just a few hours in order to be able to pay for the trip home. I was impressed: It was nice to lose my cards”.  

Testimonial from David – Seville. Source:

This was clearly a good experience and this is what the customer expects from any of the other America Express communication channels, including digital customer service.


Great. We’ve made it to the end of the text. The theme encompasses a lot of material that pertains to retaining customers, getting their loyalty (something that is more economical and profitable than finding new clients). We’re leaving you with an article from Social Tools that’ll provide you with some more knowledge on customer satisfaction: 5 methods for attracting clients with digital marketing.

Lastly, we’d like to ask a favor: if you find this article useful, then share it with other colleagues who could use it. Until next time!