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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

how to write a blog

If you have or manage digital marketing for a brand, company or business, you know that you can´t sustain a social presence without a blog. Why is it so important? Because it’s still considered to be the best source of promotion, contact and sales out there. In this article we take a look at how to write a blog that gets the attention of potential clients

The objective is to get your readers to fall in love with your words and sell more. Even if it seems less important than visual content, words and images must go hand in hand to get the attention of your audience.

There is nothing worse than dedicating time to writing content for a blog and notice it doesn´t work. That is why we have decided to do something about it: we give you essential clues so you don´t commit terrible mistakes or give up trying.

How to write an irresistible blog for your clients and apply these essential key points

1.- When you are ready to write, ask yourself the following question: What is my viewpoint in the post I am going to write about? How can I help my audience with what I write?

We have taken this first point from a publication on Forbes. The author, Jayson Demers, invites us to think about something that is not taken into consideration frequently: What can we write that hasn´t been written about before?

It´s all about writing a blog and providing a different point of view. Our experience is sure to help us. Don´t ever forget that.

The second question has to do with the needs of your audience. A text can have a unique point of view but doesn´t respond to the interests or preferences of the readers. In this case, it´s totally useless. Ask yourself how to write a blog that helps your audience meet those needs or solve their problems.

Without a doubt, all of this has to do with getting to know your audience and getting to know your ideal client better. To do this you must use the tools to track their behaviors and opinions. Know what they want and what they are looking for since this brings you closer to your objective: so they accept your offer.

2.- The rhythm (or what to do so your readers don´t think of pillows when they read your blog)


Maybe this has also happened to you; when you read a text you think of pillows. The first thought is pure boredom and then sleep. The only effective way to fight this is to add rhythm and liveliness to your writing.

The site enchanting marketing dedicates a post to this topic and says the following:

Words can be repetitive and stumble. They can flow so softly that they can put you to sleep. Words must jump and dance by adding a smile to your face. Rhythm is one of the most underestimated aspects of words”.

Do you want happy clients? Want to generate sales? Then don´t bore them. To the contrary, get them absorbed as they read your content. How do you do this? Take a look at these tips:

  • Combine short phrases with medium length phrases. This prevents them from reading monotone phrases. You must play with the extension of sentences. Think about how you speak and try to transmit your own voice in your texts.
  • Don´t use long phrases except for those that are justified or must be used to effectively transmit your message. Try this exercise: read long sentences and listen to them: are they understood clearly? Do you need air after you are finished reading the sentences? If so, try dividing them in two or three sentences.

  •  Be very careful with punctuation. The wrong use of comas and periods can stop your readers dead in their tracks. They can even change the meaning of your message.

  • Read your texts out loud and try to walk in the shoes of your reader. Are there pauses? At what point does the intensity of the rhythm increase or decrease? You must try to identify if certain phrases create an emotion, if you have worked on alternating short phrases with long ones and if the texts convey monotony or dispersion.

3.- How to write a blog with attractive titles

So your potential clients decide to click on your article and not on another, the title is essential. It´s the hook that grabs them toward your website (if they access this from a post on Facebook, Twitter, among others) and gets them to read the complete text.

An interesting fact published by Copyblogger:

80% of individuals read the titles, while only 20% read the rest”. 

It´s true, the tittle attracts. It´s the opportunity you have so the readers can continue on to the next paragraph. If the first one doesn´t attract them, they will stop reading. What can you do to captivate them with the first four or five words in the tittle? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Be clear and precise. This does not mean that you can´t use your creativity. What´s wrong is to highlight the tittle with the first paragraph so the reader doesn´t understand your message.

  • Speak to your potential clients. To pose a challenge is always effective. Instead of the tittle: “How to loose five kilos with the protein method”, you can write: “Loose five kilos easily with the protein method”.

  • Use lists combined with powerful words.  style=»font-family: Helvetica,serif;»>It’s not just a question of listing everything, but using words that gain attention. For example: “Five successful methods to get a job through You Tube”. In addition to “methods”, you can use other words such as actions, reasons, ideas, techniques, tips, secrets, data, etcetera.

4.- How to write a blog with super attractive first paragraphs

In this case, in addition to transmitting rhythm (we already saw this in point 2), this is the right time to create desire. You will have to place yourself in the place of potential clients and offer them a solution. The desire is the moment previous to the action.

Take a look at this example from a post by Entrepreneur: 6 ways to earn “extra” money without leaving your job.

entrepeneur- example

From the title to the first paragraph, the author appeals to the reader´s desire. Who doesn´t want to earn money without leaving their job?

Concentrate then on the benefits, not on the details of your product or service! Tell your audience what you can do for them or how your offer can help them. It´s time to transmit emotions. Think about what you really sell.

Maybe you fill a need or have something exclusive to offer, among millions of options. The truth is that your potential clients must feel that they can´t miss out.

After these three essential points: more tips so you can write a near perfect blog

Take a look at this screen save from Ikea´s website (decoration store):


The selection of images in the post can´t be any better. This text is dedicated to visual marketing, and we had to reference it. To choose a good image you must think about the emotion you want to convey to your readers. The images of people have excellent results on the Web.

Last but not least: Your point of view must be as clear as possible. Who reads the content in your post must know what you say differently than the rest.

Finally, rely on external data. Expert quotes, a good industry investigation where your bog is inserted, client recommendations, influencer´s opinions, etcetera, increase credibility and confidence in your text.

How to write a blog without making fatal errors

Some mistakes can kill…and we have seen a lot of content that fall in the type of errors that we describe so you must abandon them as soon as possible (if you have already made some of them).

  1. The use words or empty phrases. They don´t have a concrete meaning. In general, these are words or phrases that are in fashion. For example: “Your wellbeing is our compromise”. What are we saying exactly in this phrase? Nothing. The same thing happens with the use of some words such as: innovative, solution, revolutionary, strategic, passionate, dynamic, etcetera. 

  2. The use of more than one exclamation point. Are they really necessary? In general, exclamation points ruin the credibility of the text. If they are really necessary, use them but limit them to one or two at most.

  3. The use of vague text, uncertain, undefined. Has this happened to you sometimes where you are reading something and you have no idea what the writer is saying? That is vagueness and it´s useless. Let´s go back to what we said before: “be clear and concise”.

In conclusion…

Try to find a unique point of view about the topic. Maybe you have to investigate more about it to find a different focus.

Give your text rhythm. The most effective formula is to play with the length of the phrases without using long sentences.

Present a title and first paragraph that get the attention of your potential clients.

BONUS TIPS: Use more nouns and fewer adjectives. The texts full of things such as: incredible, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, etcetera, have the same effect than exclamation points do. Another thing: try to communicate an idea in each paragraph. This has to do with being clear and concise.

Without a doubt, there is a lot of information here to start putting into practice the next content for your blog. We would love to know your opinion about this: did you know about these key points and mistakes? Do you know about another key point or mistake that we should add to the list to write blogs and sell more?

Before we go, here are some texts on Social Tools to keep investigating: