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How to Select the Winners of a Judging Contest?

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

When participants have to upload an image, video or story, the winners may not be defined by votes but rather by the same administrators who decide, with judges or instances that exceed the contest. How to go about it? Here we explain how to do it.

The criteria must be chosen for the selection (“the most creative story”, “the best image”, “the funniest video” or others). This way, the votes from your Fans don’t interfere with the winner selection.


Promotions that choose the winners with judges:

Discover step by step how to choose the winners of a contest with Judges.

1 – Go to the Control Panel

Here you find the Panel with all the Apps created for your FanPages.

imagen 1

Remember that you must be logged in as a Facebook user!

2 – Click on the Control Panel Button

Once you are logged in as the Administrator of the App you wish to edit, access the list of participating users.

imagen 2

This list provides the list of users you requested when you created the App (name, gender, age and others) and the content of their participation: the story they wrote, the videos or images they uploaded.

3 – Identify the Winner

You have two options to access the list of participants:

  1. The list appears by default in the lower section of the Administrator. Here you can click on each participant to see all the data, the participating content so you can choose it from here (Recommended)
  2. Click on the Excel icon and you can download the list to save to your files.

imagen 3

4 – Choose the Winner

Once you obtain the list, the judges can choose the winner and contact him/her.

IMPORTANT:  To choose the winners with Judges, remember that when you create your application, in the “Advanced Options”, “Choose the Winners”, you must choose the “Judges” option and deactivate the “Votes from Fans”. Remember that once you publish the application, you cannot modify this option.

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