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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

How To Generate More Likes on Your Fanpage without spending


Ever wonder how you can generate more Likes on your Fanpage? I bet you have! Luckily advertising on Facebook is not the only way to get new followers. To help you obtain more Likes on Facebook without spending a dime, here are 3 effective and economical methods. Here we go!

How To Generate More Likes on Your Fanpage without spending


1- Share relevant content with your audience

This is a necessary first step since content is the best way to reach your audience and offer them added value, meaning, giving them a reason to follow you. Different paths exist to reach this objective. First of all, it´s essential to know your audience: you must keep in mind that people who follow you on Facebook do so because they are interested in your proposal and consider that you can add either specialized information and/or entertainment. So, I suggest that you define the profile of your target audience so you know who you are targeting with your publications. You can also revise your Facebook Insights to find out what types of publications are perceived best by your audience. That way you can choose easily which content to share.

After defining the main traits of your fans, you need to select which publications you are going to share. I recommend that you use BuzzSumo, a free tool that helps you find the most popular related topics of your niche on Social Networks and specialized websites. You can apply filters for types of content, location, influencers, domains and others. Lastly, I recommend that you take a look at our article The 8 components of a perfect Social Media Post so you can achieve the best results for your publications.


BuzzSumo helps you find the best content to share on your Social Networks.


2- Generate and take advantage of promotional exchanges on Facebook

Once you have optimized the quality of your publications, you are ready to move on to the next step. Try to find here brands related to your niche (make sure they DON´T compete with your business) in order to generate promotional exchanges on Facebook. This way you can find at least 10 pages with products and services that complement your proposal and you can propose to their administrators that they recommend their Fan Pages on your publications, in exchange that they do the same for you.

For example, if you sell computer supplies, you can contact a technical computer service, computer institutes, etc. The advantage of this complementary service method is that the audience is quite similar and it´s highly probable that they are interested in following you as well. So, you can send a cordial message to the administrators mentioning that your audiences are similar, that you have favorable statistics in terms of engagement and that you propose mentioning each other on the Fan Pages so you can both benefit.


3- Publish as an invited guest on pages similar to your niche

Finally, to respond successfully to the question: how to obtain more Likes on your Fan Page without spending a cent, I suggest that you publish as an invited guest on pages that offer complementary services to your niche. As with the previous step, try to expose your brand before an audience from other Fan Pages. But in this case, the idea is for you to find complementary service providers that are well positioned (meaning, they have many followers) and propose writing content for them once or twice a week, in exchange for being mentioned on their Fan Page (including links to your page).

That way you can identify at least 6 or 7 relevant pages and propose publishing as a guest on their Fan Page once or twice a week. In this respect, you must indicate what content is specifically linked to your niche (following the example above about “computer supplies”). That way they can save some effort in publication material and can benefit from your specific knowledge linked to your industry. And you can enjoy more exposure, gain new followers and consolidate new alliances with other industry leaders.

Apply these three methods I have just shared with you and you can add new followers to your Fan Page. Remember that the more relevant your publications are, the more exposure you obtain and the greater your profits in terms of obtaining new fans.

Did you like this article? Would you add another method to answer the question on how to obtain more Likes? And please remember to share this blog post with your contacts. See you soon!