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How to Design a Facebook Page in 6 Simple Steps

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

How to Design a Facebook Page in 6 Simple Steps


If you want to reach your audience, you must make sure your brand has its own Fan Page. This is because Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and millions of people connect to it daily to share their interests with their friends and colleagues. But even more importantly, having your own Fan Page has significant advantages: it is a highly effective way to connect with your audience and is much cheaper than other forms of traditional advertising. So, how do you design a Facebook Page to get the best results? Let’s take a look!


How to Design a Facebook Page in 6 steps



1- Optimize your profile and cover photos with the best pictures


The first thing to do to make sure your Facebook Page is successful is to use your stunning, attractive pictures for your cover and profile photos, that portray your brand’s identity. When you upload them, you need to respect the sizes recommended by Facebook, so that your pictures are displayed with the best possible resolution.


How to Design a Facebook Page dimensions


Keep in mind that your cover photo is the most important visual point displayed on your profile, so you should choose it well. The idea is to represent your business and attract the eyes of users simultaneously. In turn, it must be consistent with the policies set forth by Facebook, in particular:


  • Your cover photo should not include special characters (#,%, etc.) or generic terms (for example, “furniture”).
  • The text of your image should not exceed 20% (you can check if you respect the limit with this tool).
  • The content of your photo should be related to your proposal and never include misleading or confusing images.


As for the aesthetic aspects, we recommend looking for images for your cover photo whose center of attraction is located to the right. I suggest putting your Call-To-Action or included text towards the right). Also, for the best results I recommend using a profile picture that is related to your cover photo and that’s representative of your proposal (for example, you can use the logo of your brand).


2- Organize your tabs and apps


Recently, Facebook has made some changes to the visible menus on Fan Pages. You should have this in mind when you ask yourself how to design a Facebook Page. These updates include displaying tabs to explore your likes, pictures and applications, located just below your cover image. You can customize their order, as shown in the image below. I advise seizing this opportunity to organize them according to the importance of your content.


Facebook pages manager tabs


Similarly, you can add your Facebook apps to your menu to help diffuse your brand image (for example, add sweepstakes and discount coupons for your fans and other apps). The idea is to take advantage of the ability to manage your tabs. That way, you can prioritize the content you want to display or promote. Moreover, in the “Videos” section you can include a featured video to present your proposal in a dynamic way (to learn more about this feature, check out this article 4 ways to take advantage of videos on Facebook).


3- Choose an effective method to cure and publish your content


This step is not necessarily about design, but it is an important fundamental step. In addition to thinking about how to design a Facebook Page, it is essential to devise a strategy for publishing content to promote the growth of your Fan Page. At this point, you need to use two highly practical tools for best results. One is BuzzSumo, an online search engine that lets you know which topics are most interesting and most shared by people on various social networks.


I also suggest scheduling your posts to make sure you are always present on Facebook. Keeping your account current  will help increase the chances of reaching your users who connect to the internet at different times throughout the day. We recommend publishing twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In turn, we recommend studying the profile of your audience to find out when the best times to post are. This will depend on the characteristics of your audience.



4- Pin Your Best Posts to the Top of Your Page


Once you already have posted some content on Facebook (for example, a video presentation of your brand or  promotions), you can take advantage of the “Pin to Top” feature which makes that post always visible on the top of your Fan Page. To enable this feature, click the arrow on the top right of your post, as shown in the image below.


-1 Social Tools post top


5- Analyze the Impact of Your Posts


When you have already started to post on your Fan Page, it’s time to analyze your performance in order to guide your publishing strategy to be as successful as possible. You can do this through Facebook Insights, the Social Network’s own the statistical service that lets you know which of your publications have gained better responses from the public. This service also lets you know which times of the day are more effective for publishing, how many interactions you got (which times fans have shared your content, number of Likes, comments made, clicks on your links, etc.).


6- Interact with Your Audience


Finally, once your Fan Page is up and running, it’s time to start interacting with your audience. This part is strategic, since not many businesses take the time to answer all the comments and create dialogue with their followers. Consequently, engaging this way makes a difference that will distinguish your brand and humanize it in the eyes of your fans. You can interact with your followers in these ways:


  • Respond to comments whenever you can.
  • Save the answers you’ve given in order to respond more quickly to frequent questions.
  • “Like” the comments your fans leave you on your posts.


So, through the 6 steps I’ve shared with you on how to design a Facebook Page, you will be able to create and optimize your Fan Page successfully. Put them into practice and you will soon see hordes of fans arriving … Then you can tell us about it!


Did you like this blog post? What steps did you follow for creating your Fan Page? Tell us about your experience! And please remember to share this article with your contacts. Until next time! 😉