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How to Define the Bases and Conditions of your Apps

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

We help you define the bases and conditions of your apps and suggest that you answer some basic questions that can help you write them, avoiding doubts and defining what the app consists of.

Take advantage of this space to elaborate and explain possible uncertainties about the contest:

What does the contest consist of?

Explain what the app is about (what’s the slogan, what are the rules, restrictions if any, how many days it lasts, how the winners are chosen, what is the beginning and ending dates, etc.) to your fans and participants in detail.
Don’t leave anything to a free interpretation by the participants since this could present misunderstandings, which you need to avoid in the bases and conditions.

Who can participate?

Determine what features are needed to participate in the contest (example: legal age, country, gender, etc., etc…).
If you want, you can suggest anyone participate without any restrictions. This all depends on «What the contest consists of» and «What the prizes are«.

What are the prizes?

Explain what the participation incentive is. What participants can win or what benefits can be obtained if they win or use your app.


Define the bases and conditions of your apps in the «Advanced Options» step.
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And in the «Legal information and link» tab you can begin to write it.

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