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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator


When planning an outreach strategy for your commercial proposals, questions arise such as: What Social Networks should you use to present your products? How can you maximize the potential of different platforms? The answer is: through the Perfect Social Media Mix.

So, what exactly is a Social Media Mix? And how can you ensure that it is “perfect”, meaning, that it helps you narrow in on your digital marketing objectives? This is what this post is about! Today I’ll show you what information you should take into account when selecting your best communication channels. Let’s get started!

What is a Social Media Mix?

As explained by specialists, in order to delivery your proposals to your audience, it’s not necessary that they be present on every Social Network. In fact, it’s about identifying the most appropriate channels to represent your brand, keeping in mind its characteristics and where your public is.

Thus, a perfect Social Media Mix is the result of identifying the best platforms to carry out your communication campaigns. After composing them, the next step is defining your publication strategy on Social Media.

This way your Social Media Mix will help you to connect and interact with your public, in order to get them interested in your proposals. So, in order to reach an online presence and make a real impact on your audience, digital marketing and Social Networks experts advise:

Social Media Mix

Now lets us enter a bit more into the selection and creation process of your Social Media Mix:

How to create a perfect Social Media Mix?

The idea is to evaluate what each Social Network has to offer you and determine which of them is more convenient in relation to your objectives. As the experts point out, when selecting the channels in which you’ll spread your proposals, you should answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this platform?
  • Does this objective correspond with the needs of my business?
  • What audience does this platform target?
  • How much time is necessary investing in this Social Network in order to obtain the best impact?

Answering these points will help you choose the Social Networks in which to carry out your communication campaigns. Continuing I’ll help you analyze the main platforms based on each of their specific qualities. Also I’ll include a success story for each Social Network to better illustrate its potential.

Essential information on the main Social Networks for composing your perfect Social Media Mix.

Here is the information that you must consider for determining which of the main social platform(s) you should include in your Social Media Mix.


Characteristics:  It’s the most well-known Social Network with users of all ages. Because of its breadth, any company can generate a relevant presence on Facebook. Additionally, it has the highest engagement rate, which implies that your audience will connect regularly and increase your chances of being seen.

Purpose:  Help brands build a good reputation and generate loyalty in users. Through publishing content will added value, it allows you to place your business in a place of authority.

Unique advantages:

  • It reaches a wide range of groups with a single publication.
  • It encourages dialogue and deepening on subjects relevant to your business.
  • Provides the opportunity of increasing web traffic through your site.
  • It is the perfect place to offer more detailed information about your proposals, products and brand’s identity.

Age of Users:  the average age is between 25 and 45 years old.

Genders:  60% are women and 40% are men.

Success Story:  The Fan Page of the brand Oreo has more than 42 million followers and reaches amazing interaction rates. Its secret lies in its original and fun content, among which were highlighted in a recent animated campaign with stories about their products and having a short length designed for Social Networks.



Characteristics:  The majority of Twitter users are around 20 years old and represent a broad spectrum of interests. Because of the incessant flow of tweets, you have to publish quite frequently to be seen. For this it is necessary to update your various accounts daily (you can help yourself program you tweets)

Purpose:  Display breaking news and quick updates. It promotes new content, promotions and products. Gathers reactions and returns from your audience instantly.

Unique advantages:

  • Offers the possibility of indexing your content through the use of hashtags (#).
  • Enables finding information instantly, such as real-time news linked to companies, events and businesses.
  • Invites people to “join the conversation” through generating dialogue with real and potential clients.
  • Through the Trending Topic or Tendencies, it enables knowing what is most talked about thing on Social Media in each city.

Age of Users: the average age is 18 to 29 years old.

Genders:  50% are women and 50% are men.

Success Story:  The Cooking Channel (@CookingChannel) managed to be strengthened on Twitter and spread its proposals through the useful delivery of information to users, in this case cooking recipes by consumer demand, which were requested through the dialogue. Today it has more than 369K followers.



Characteristics: It’s a Social Network oriented towards displaying attractive images, presented in a way that is very similar to a catalogue. The majority of its users are women thus making it perfect for promoting products or services oriented towards this sector of the population.

Purpose:  It functions as a pamphlet of online products, in which goods are displayed categorized in tabs that reflect the brands’ spirit.

Unique advantages:

  • Visually promotes and highlights products and services through high resolution images.
  • Generates leads and sends traffic towards other content or platforms (for example your blog or website).
  • Enables you to target your public, in detail, by implementing clearly defined categories.
  • Brings immediate or very close responses in relation to Calls to Actions.

Age of Users:  the average age range is 18 to 35 years old.

Genders: 80% are women and 20% are men.

Success Story: Nordstrom has amassed over 4.4 million followers on Pinterest with 67 boards an 518.3k pins focused on holidays, dress, fashion, gift ideas, love, fitness. They are also one of the most prolific-pinning brands, with over 25,000 pins



Characteristics:  It is a Social Network oriented towards the professional world, whose main demographic feature has to do with other users’ education. It is perfect for positioning products or services and connecting with clients through a B2B Marketing perspective.

Purpose:  LinkedIn enables brands to connect with a professional audience, with a relatively higher educational level and more mature, in terms of age, audience.

Unique advantages:

  • Increases your business’s exposure through Company Pages and Products.
  • Increases the credibility level and improves the perception of your company.
  • Enables the display of commercial brands in front of potential clients.
  • Offers a search with numerous filters, capable of enabling detailed targeting.

Age of Users:  The average age ranges of the main groups are between 50 to 64 years old and 18 to 29 years old (see source).

Genders:  Of the total amount of Internet users, 24% of them that use LinkedIn are men and 19% are women.

Success Story:  The brand Carrefour achieved unprecedented growth thanks to the application of 3 solutions: a page called “Career” dedicated to spreading its values; another called “Job Slots” oriented towards spreading jobs and a third called “Work With Us”, to attract users interested in becoming part of the firm.



Characteristics:  Instagram users tend to be under 30 years of age and have a fairly even gender distribution. This Social Network is oriented towards gathering the image of people with elevated education and income levels. Its success is based on being optimized for mobile phones, the most dominant source of web traffic.

Purpose:  It enables telling visual stories, which generate a larger quantity of interactions in comparison to other contents.

Unique advantages:

  • It is fully oriented towards visual content, which is ideal for displaying your products.
  • Enables the use of hashtags for indexing and amplifying your content’s exposure.
  • Has one of the highest interaction rates on the audience’s part.
  • Offers the possibility to directly and easily share content on other Social Networks.

Success Story:  The brand GoPro launched a campaign, which received resounding success, based on displaying an Australian cat capable of skating. Due to the content’s originality and the presence of an animal in a company very popular on Social Media, the content rapidly went viral.



That’s all for today! I hope that this article served you as a guide in order to select which Social Networks your Social Media Mix will be composed of, with the goal in mind of easily finding your audience and investing your efforts in the most effective way possible and also through the most convenient channels for your business.


Did you like this blog post? How did your process of selecting channels for a Social Media Mix go? Tell us your experience! And please, remember to share this blog post with your contacts. See ya soon! :)