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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

How To advertise on Facebook and obtain real sales results


Facebook does an excellent job keeping people in place. Advertising is one of the areas it concentrates on, being one of the best platforms in the area of digital marketing.

Discover how to advertise on Facebook taking the maximum advantage of this potential and reach real sales objectives!

To do so, you must revise the topics we are going to discuss here:

  • Why advertise on Facebook?
  • How to place yourself before the perfect audience?
  • Have you tried Facebook´s remarketing?
  • Text images for Facebook Ads
  • Budget
  • Other essential issues

Data indicates why it´s important to advertise on Facebook

According to the data on Facebook, the monthly active users have reached a record 1.65 billion! However, a publication from The New York Times emphasizes a surprising data mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg during a presentation in Barcelona.

“A person spends an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms”.

50 minutes a day. Probably many of you are thinking that this number is not that impressive. But, let’s think for a minute about this number: each person spends almost one hour on Facebook. The day has 24 hours, of which 8.8 are spend sleeping. Conclusion: the time spent on Facebook is more than a sixteenth of their day as a user.

Here is other data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare and understand the dimension of 50 minutes.

  • Reading: 19 minutes a day
  • Sports or exercise: 17 minutes a day
  • Social events: 4 minutes a day
  • Eat and drink: 1.07 hours a day (almost as much time spent as in Facebook)
  • TV programs and movies: 2.8 hours (the only number that is higher than Facebook with a reasonable distance)

Without a doubt, 50 minutes is more than any other activity that a person spends during a day. With these numbers at hand, is it possible that a company or business doesn´t advertise on Facebook?

not possible

How to advertise on Facebook and place yourself in front of the ideal audience

The options of public segmentation on Facebook are powerful. You need to know how to use them in order to execute successful advertising campaigns on the most popular platform in the world. Amy Porterfield, specialist on Social Media and co-author of the book “Facebook Marketing All in One for Dummies”, in an interview by Social Media Examiner, recommends starting with commercials on Facebook in the following way:

  1. Suppose you have created a fanpage on Facebook and you have a considerable amount of fans. Start to segment these fans before you work with an unknown cold audience. In addition to helping you with this precision area when you segment, this strategy is less costly.
  1. The next step is to create an audience similar to those who like your page. This way, Facebook will focus on people who have similar interests, activities and behaviors as your fans do.
  1. Facebook also gives you the option to create a personalized audience. In this case, these are people who have or had a concrete reaction to your company or business: they are already clients, or they already interacted with the company on Facebook at a given time. Amy Porterfield suggests creating this audience from an email list of these types of people.


Create a personalized audience

How do you want to create this audience?

Reach people who have a relationship with your business, whether they are existing clients or people who have interacted with the company on Facebook or other platforms.

Client File

Use a client file to associate your clients with people on Facebook and create an audience from these associations. The data will be encrypted with hashtags before uploading.

Traffic toward the Webpage

Create a list of people who visit your web page or consult specific web pages.

Application Activity

Create a list of people who made a specific action in your application or game.

Facebook Interaction (NEW)

Create a list of people who have interacted with your Facebook content

This process is secure and your client data is confidential.

Tips: The list must have at least 100 email contacts. Try different ways to upload information: a client contact file, link to your MailChimp account or use your application information or your webpage.

How to segment your audience looking for fans on your competition webpages or complimentary products or services

When you are ready to enter the interests of your audience, we recommend you start searching for pages you consider to be your competition or pages of companies that can complement very well with yours. For example; if you sell women´s clothing, you could look for the name of your competitor´s most popular fanpages or magazines or fashion blogs from Facebook sites.

Unfortunately, you might not find many of the pages you are looking for. This has to do with the popularity of each fanpage (quantity of fans, commitment, trends and activity). Try to find five pages and focus on their fans.

How to advertise on Facebook by retargeting/remarketing

If you are looking to bring quality traffic toward your webpage or capture leads (potential leads), you must know how to advertise on Facebook by applying the remarketing or retargeting technique. It’s about showing an ad on Facebook to those who have already visited your web page.

Here is a fast tutorial about how to advertise on Facebook by retargeting so you can put this into practice in just a few minutes:

  • Enter the option “Create Ads” from your fanpage. Select “Create a personalized Audience” and “Traffic to your webpage”.

  • A box appears asking you to accept the terms of use to install the personalized public pixel on your webpage.

  • Lastly, you will see the code or pixel that is linked to your advertising account. Facebook gives you the option to send it by email to the webmaster of your site (if you don´t manage it yourself). This code is added to the site in a specific location.

create remarketing pixel



Soon we will provide a complete post on retargeting on Facebook, since there is more to explain. What you need to know from the beginning is that once you have the pixel installed on the website, you can be very specific on the focus of your audience. For example, you can include those who have registered on your site, or include people who have visited specific web pages among other options.

How to advertise on Facebook through images and text

You have probably seen many ads on Facebook where a photograph of a person is shown offering services. These are personal brands. The question has to do with the popularity of the person. If only a few know you, is it worthwhile to include an image of yourself? Now, whether it´s a service or a product, if your brand is new it is best that you focus on your content. In a chart ad, you can only have 20% of text.

When the proportion of text in relation to an image is very high, your ad could not reach too many people. Use the Facebook tool (Facebook grid tool) to try your images before you upload them!

checking the text of the image

As far as text is concerned, the best effective formula is to create a tittle inside the image and add a description of two or more phrases. Many specialists recommend this description with an obvious “yes” to a question.

An example would be: Want to increase your sales on social networks? And then you can add an advance of what they can find on your webpage: Leave frustration behind and start to apply our system of “write to sell”?

A question of this type attracts the attention of the readers and works to introduce them to what you want them to do. Don´t forget to include the link of your objective action (it can be that they enter the webpage, subscribe or access a discount, among other options) and some words of optimism such as: “click here”. Of course other effective ways exist for Facebook campaigns.

Fly in Argentina, wherever you want when you want! Buy your tickets with American Express in 12 payments Without Interest and we Refund 4! Last day! With American Express you enjoy 12 for the price of 8! Last day! Fly in Argentina, wherever you want when you want!

“Fly in Argentina, wherever you want when you want! Buy your tickets with American Express in 12 payments Without Interest and we Refund 4! Last day!
With American Express you enjoy 12 for the price of 8!”
Example of a Facebook Ad with a sales objective focus Last day! Fly in Argentina, wherever you want when you want!

How to advertise on Facebook considering the budget

Facebook offers you two possibilities to pay for your ads: For a daily budget or for a budget of several ads. The most recommended is to start with a daily budget (meaning the amount that you can pay each day on average for the amount of specific ads).

What is the Advertising structure on Facebook? First a campaign is created, then a group of ads and finally, the ad itself. You can have more than a group of active ads on your Facebook account. Each one has its own budget. The important thing here is that you establish a fixed amount for a certain period of considerable time in order to evaluate the results.

This is the structure: Campaign – Group of Ads - Ads.

This is the structure: Campaign – Group of Ads – Ads.

Don´t wait for results 24 hours after you have published your ad. You must wait at least 72 hours. Amy Porterfield (an expert source in this article) recommends establishing one week. Once you can measure the results, you can determine if you must adjust the budget.

Some essential questions about how to advertise on Facebook

Essential and final (at least for this post dedicated to a key section of marketing on Facebook). We list them here:

  1. What is better to use, the Ad Administrator or the Power Editor?
 Without a doubt, the Ad Creator is much easier to use than the Power Editor. However, the last is designed for the administration and massive creation of ads, which consequently has great potential. Once you are clear on how to use the simple administrator, you can start to use the special editor to extend the configuration of the ads.

  1. Is it better to promote a publication or create an ad from the start? It´s always better to create an ad from scratch. You have better flexibility and as far as the format options, you can go directly to the point. For example, creating from scratch, you can add a call to action button (CTA) or design the image however you like it. Promoting a publication only serves to inform about something quickly (you changed your physical store address, announce that you have a store on Facebook, that you no longer have an Instagram account, etcetera).

  1. What type of ad is best? The sidebar that appears as news on the Facebook wall or on the mobile phone? Everything depends on the objectives. If your budget is low and you cannot afford to use at least two types of ads (the ideal is for your mobile ad to be present always), we recommend that you pay for a news feed; the one that appears as other news on Facebook.

  1. What should you do if your ad doesn´t provide you with expected results? Don´t change everything all at once. Try changing the text first, the image later. Trial and error. Always. This way you can find the exact problem of your ad.


We have come to the end (only on this post ;). We hope that all this information was helpful to obtain real sales results.

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook is a task that requires time. If you have already experimented with this, please let us how it went. You can ad this here and everything you think can help other colleagues.

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