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How do you Select the Winners of a Contest?

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

Many contests are chosen randomly, meaning, they choose a winner among all the participants. How do you choose one or several winners? With Social Tools it’s quite simple and we explain how below.


Promotions that can define the winners of a Contest:

Discover how to choose the winners of a contest step by step.

1 – Go to the Control Panel

Here you find the Panel with all the Apps created for your FanPages.

Imagen 1

Remember that you must be logged in as a Facebook user!

2 – Click on the Control Panel button

By entering the Administrator of the App that you want to edit, you access a list of those who have participated.

imagen 2

This list offers you the user data you requested when you created the App (name, gender, age and other).

3 – Choosing the Winners

Click on Draw Winners.

imagen 3

4 – Choose a number of Winners

Define a number of winners to choose from and click on Choose so they system can Randomly choose them.

imagen 4

Instantly a list appears with the winners in an Excel file.

Recommendation: When the Winner of the Contest is only one user, we recommend that you choose more than one winner so you have a list of substitutes and use them in case you can’t contact the winner.



Once you have chosen a winner, this is not published automatically on your FanPage. To communicate the winner, go to the Post-Participation Image option.

imagen 5

Go to «Edit the Application» and in the “Appearance and Colors” tab, choose “Post-participation Image” and upload an image of the winners


When you create an App that has the “Add chances” option active, you must take into account that the user name along with the chances, appears in the participant list. If you want to create a random drawing, those who have obtained the most chances multiply their chances to win.

This is valid only if the Chance option is activated.