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How do you Raffle the Winners of a Contest on SocialTools?

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

In general, there are 3 different ways to choose the winners of a contest: By lottery, Ranking or with judges. Here we look at each one in detail and offer arguments so you can plan your next campaign.

1- Selection of the winners by Ranking

For those promotions where participants add up points by answering questions or receive votes from friends, the winners can be defined by a Ranking.


Promotions that establish the winners through a Ranking:

How do you find out who the winner of a contest is with a ranking?  Watch tutorial

2- Selection of winners with Judges

For those contests where participants need to upload an image, a video or a story, the same administrators of a Fan Page can choose the winners. They must establish a previous chosen criterion for the selection (“the most creative story”, “the best image”, “the funniest video” or others). This way, the votes of the Fans don’t interfere with the selection of the winners.


Promotions that can determine the winners through judges:

IMPORTANT: When you create your application, in “Advanced Options” look for the “Select winners” tab and choose “Judges” to deselect the Fan votes option. Remember that once you publish this, you can’t return back to establish another Ranking!

How do you choose the winners of a judging contest? Watch tutorial


3- Selecting a winner by (Random) draw

This feature is used to choosing a winner for those promotions where you must choose one or several winners randomly.

With this option, the tools offered on the SocialTools platform lets you choose the winners by draw at random.


Promotions that define the winners of a Contest:

How do you select the winners of a contest?  Watch tutorial

REMEMBER to be clear in the contest Bases and Conditions in order to avoid misunderstandings when you select winners.