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How do you Find Out Who is the Winner of a Contest by Ranking?

Por Germán Merlo | COO & Founder

For those promotions where participants add points answering questions or getting votes from their friends, the winners can be defined by a Ranking of positions. How? We explain this below


Promotions that choose the winners through a Ranking:

Discover step by step how to choose the winners of a contest through a Ranking.

1 – Go to the Dashboard

Here you find a Panel with all the Apps created on your FanPages.

imagen 1

Remember that you must be logged in as a user on Facebook!

2 – Click on the Control Panel button

When you log in as the Administrator of the App you wish to edit, you access the user’s participation list.

imagen 2

This list provides the user data requested when you created the App (name, gender, age and other) and the Ranking.

3 – Identify the Winner

Here you have two options to access the complete list of participants.

  1. The list appears as a default in the lower part of the Administrator. Here you can click on each participant to see all the data.
    You also have the option of clicking on “Points” and arrange them in ascending or descending order depending on the points obtained by the contest. 
  2. Click on the Excel icon and you can download the list and save it to your files.

imagen 3

4 – Contact the Winner

When you get the list, you can contact the Winner of the Ranking.