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Boost your Fashion Fanpage

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The fashion world has been revolutionized with the digital world. Brands and fashion experts have decided to change channels and bet more on the online content than on the fisical. If you have a fashion fanpage, you should keep on reading and get all the insights on how to boost your sales online.


Boost your Fashion Fanpage SocialTools

Online clothing showroom´s influence




With Social Media, came along instagram influencers among other types of bloggers. Do you recall buying a fashion magazine to keep up with what was trendy in that moment? If you did it, at least once, you will agree that the experience even though not bad, could be categorized as a sort of impersonal.

People, mostly women, spend most of their income in clothing and fashion to look and feel good. Therefore, we must learn to see what their needs are. The digital era has come to change how brands are engaging with their possible buyers. How? Making their interaction much more personal. Their approach to people is closer, and brands are getting as a consequence a more faithful audience and a feeling of belonging.

Who does not like an expert friend showing them how to put together cool outfits with what they already have on their wardrobe to get the most out of them? Everyone does! This is why the actual fashion women’s world is betting on online content. According to Google, to this day, 92% of the user goes online to look for a product or service to hire.

Having a greater reach, online content is the best option to show off you clothing line, accessories, etc. Being an option that used well and with a strategy thought for your fashion fanpage will bring your sales up in a matter of time.

Do you have a fashion fanpage already?

If the answer is no, we kindly ask you to go to Facebook right now, before you keep on reading and create yours. Ready? Well done! You’ve taken the first step towards having the success you deserve on to building the best online store design more more sales.

Still doubting? Don’t worry, you will be able to read a little more ahead about the advantages that having a fanpage will bring to your business:

  • Bring traffic to your website:
    Creating a fashion fanpage you will allow your followers to share your content, tag third parties, etc. This will lead to a higher number of visitors to your website than before.
  • More friendly publicity:
    As mentioned before, social media allows you to get closer in a much more personal way with your buyers. Sharing live, you will get the chance to get feedback, comments and suggestions from those who matter the most: your followers. Plus, there’s always the chance to create a
    form to know for sure what your clients have to say about your products. Who better to let you know where your improvement area is than your consumers? 
  • Giveaways:
    Contests can be added to your fashion fanpage and are a great way to award your clients fidelity and get new customers. 
  • Integrate content from other social media to your fashion fanpage:
    Did you know you can
    add your YouTube channel or Twitter Timeline to your fashion fanpage? With help from SocialTools, you will be able to inlcude content from several social media all in one place. It’ll be great for your followers to get all the information you are uploading on your fashion fanpage. What are you waiting for to do it?

Youtube on you fashion fanpage

According to Google, 47% of the people surfing the internet have watched fashion and beauty video blogs on YouTube. Today’s fashion industry for women changes constantly and we all look for ways every day to keep up with it. Following YouTube channels, among other platforms, makes it easy to keep an eye on trends evolution and turns it into something easy to do.

Get inspired and create fun and quality content for your followers. It could be a DIY on how to make that old forgotten t-shirt a new fancy piece on your closet, how to integrate a vintage clothing with today’s trend, etc. This way you’ll get more display and people looking for tutorials will get the chance to discover your brand.

To make it easier for your fans to keep up to date with the videos you upload, remember that the best option is gathering all your channels in one: your Facebook fanpage. With SocialTools getting this done is a piece of cake!

Go online now and take a look at all the content you can include on your fashion fanpage, from a product gallery to show your existing products, to your Vimeo channel. Ready?