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How well do you know your audience? Are you speaking to them directly thru your posts?  Your effort will go to waste if your content is not made thinking strictly on your target. Don’t be alarmed if you hadn’t thought about this! There are Facebook tools for free that will help you to get to know your fans in order to have a wide brand strategy research to bring up your sales.



Knowing your fans and having a solid database is fundamental to achieve a successful social media campaign. Keep on reading to know a little more about how to get to know your public in a simple way and without spending a fortune.


The importance of a solid database for your sales.

Knowing the basics about the group of people engaging with your brand like gender, age, location, etc. will allow you to have better social media campaign ideas to sell more. The main reason to have a database is that your potential buyers get a message offering your service or products that really speaks to them delivered. Don’t forget it does not matter if you are a small business owner or the CEO of a huge corporate, with this, you will be able to focus your effort in people that would be interested in buying your product. Information will always be the most valuable tool!


Get to know your followers with free facebook tools.

Now that you are aware of the importance of having a database for your business, it is time you know how to get it. Facebook help has made it easy to get to know your segment. How? Easy! With Facebook Audience Insights you will be able to choose an audience to evaluate and know solid data. Information about their demographics, what pages are they following, where they live, and what language do they speak. This is one of the greatest social media tools, not only because it is free. But, also because it allows you to really get to know people using Facebook, how often are they logging in, which device are they doing it with, their shopping habits, etc.

Another advantage this tool has is you will be able to choose to look at the information only from a specific group. You can choose people on Facebook, people linked to your fanpage or an event, or segments previously created by you.

Compared to Facebook Page Insights, this new Facebook tool doesn’t focus on engagement on your fanpage or information regarding your followers. On the contrary, Audience Insights is a way to get to know the actual trends or potential buyers. To start, create a personalized audience and get the data from the wished group of people.

Conect with people like you.

Let’s not forget that Facebook started as as a tool to contact people with your same interests. You could choose people living in the same town, that had the same hobbies or cheered the same soccer team.

This is why Facebook has included as part of its search tools Graph Search. With this you will able to find people sharing your passions, pictures of a specific place or events. Great, isn’t it?

Facebook Tools SocialTools

SocialTools, your number one ally!

SocialTools will be your number one ally when it comes to gathering information about what your fans like. You will find multiple apps in our suite, for example:

  • Voting Sweepstakes: you will allow your fans to vote for one of the choices you put up, and doing it they will get the chance to win a prize. As a result, you get to know what your fans would rather choose between the options you offer.
  • Polled Sweepstakes: create a series of questions so your fans can participate when they respond. This will motivate them to share their optionion with you!
  • Questions and Answers: how about a fun way to get points? Get participation by making up questions and give your fans the chance to accumulate points by responding correctly.

Create contests and giveaways to know your fans. Once the active period is is over, you will be able to download the data base that will allow you to get to know your audience better. After this, you will not have a valid excuse not to create the most succesful digital strategy.


Don’t believe it? We introduce you one of the most succesful case studies: Cofler.

A chocolate brand that wanted to know how their fans shopped. A market study would have been a major expense not everyone has the way to pay for. Therefore, who better to get the inside on how they eat your chocolates and how often than your fans. Coffer took advantage of SocialTools to create a Sweepstakes and giveaway a great amount of chocolates in exchange for the answers to a couple of questions. The outcome: valuable information to mark the steps the bran would give to grow, keep their customers faithful and happy fans because of the chocolate prize.


Now that you know it is not an impossible task to know your digital audience, what are you waiting for to have content though for them? We invite you to create personalized posts and bring you sale numbers to the roof.