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The online world has opened a new world of positive possibilities, unfortunately, it has been used in a negative way as well. The Facebook scams are something we are learning about more each day. Have you been caught in an online scam of any kind?

You’ll find ahead a few examples of the most common online scams. Remember information will always be your best ally. Therefore, know the web scams to avoid being caught up in one.


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Facebook Scams

We have decided to talk mainly about scams done using Facebook because nowadays it is the Social Network with the most users. Being a million people community, it has become the favorite to get aways with frauds. We have all heard stories that have happened to a close person or the friend of your friend.


  • Friend in need:

The most common story that might be considered an urban myth, and people are still falling for it, is the “friend in need”. How many times have you heard that a friend in need, with money issues, has reached out to a “closed” person to ask for help? Well, you might think it would be totally crazy for someone to fall for something like this. It happens more often than you think.

Let’s not forget Facebook has allowed us to reconnect with people we’ve known along our life. Keep in touch with loved ones, and knowing what is going on in the life of people we care about on a daily basis. This makes the platform the perfect place for online scammers.It all starts with a simple friend request. You accept it because of course, you have more than a couple of friends in common. Therefore, you know him/her for sure but your bad memory is playing games with you.

A couple of days go by, the first approach comes as a private message. Your supposed friend wants to know how you’ve been. Because of the information displayed on your profile, he might even ask about your status on the X Company and how old are your children now. You assume, that you actually know each other well and there’s no need to worry about anything. Mistake number 1: keep in mind that people can tell a lot from what they get to see on your Facebook profile. People will get valuable information that they might use to win your trust.

After exchanging messages for days, everything seems ordinary, when all of a sudden your friend has suffered a misfortune. His wallet with all his cards and cash has been stolen during a trip. Poor friend of yours! He writes to you, his loyal friend to ask for help. You fall for it, and wire him some money so he can come back home safely.

Without even knowing it, you’ve fallen for a Facebook scam. That friend of yours will never get in touch with you again, he has already gotten what he was looking for: money.


The unexpected big fat price:




You’ve won an all included trip to the Caribbean for two people! Wonderful, isn’t it? By now, you are so overwhelmed with excitement you have forgotten you never even signed up to win that. Even though you find it hard to believe, there are people contacting Facebook users every day to let them know they have been the lucky ones to win a special price. In order to claim the “price”, you need to click on a link and fill out a form. If everything goes as planned, you just gave a stranger all your personal information. You are now one of the many online scam victims.


  • Love online:

Social Media has opened the gates to a new world of options to find true love. If you are the average person, you work most of your day to get out late and tired to finally go home. Where are you supposed to meet that special someone? This is the main reason why dating apps or Social Media have been so popular in the last decade. They allow you to “meet” a person with your same music taste, hobbies, etc. This will save you time and you can do it from the comfort of your couch. Even better, you don’t have to get all dressed up or pay for an expensive dinner without being sure the date will be a total success.

It all sounds wonderful until it doesn’t. The love scams online happen more often than you think. Remember, behind a mobile or computer there can be anyone playing to be a whole other person. It all starts with a match. You start chatting using the elected platform, it all seems to be going right. You exchange phone numbers to switch the chat to mobile and make it a little more personal.

Now it is part of your routine, and even though you’ve never actually met in person, it seems you’ve known each other forever from the calls and pictures you have been exchanging. Without even realizing it you are now part of an online relationship. The rush is such, you finally decide to meet in person, but the other person needs to travel to get to where you are.

The big scams don’t start overnight asking for big amounts of money, keep that in mind. That significant other will start asking for loans because it happens he/she just lost his job and needs to pay his card. As you are supposed to be in a “committed” relationship this doesn’t sound so crazy and you transfer the money without hesitating.  

The day has come, you are supposed to meet. But, all of a sudden your partner has missed his flight and needs money to buy a new one. Once again, you wire the money. It keeps going on for some time and without even realizing it you’ve given him 15,000 USD.

There are many different ways to pull up a scam thru Social Media, and probably there will be more every day. Don’t be alarmed, take some precautions to avoid being a victim. Keep in mind that Facebook helps you to keep your information and account safe sharing all the insights to avoid a scam with you.

Have you been a victim of fraud or a fake profile has contacted you? Report it! Facebook takes seriously the integrity of its platform. Therefore reporting a fake profile, a suspicious one, a contest or fan page there will be an investigation to be able to make a decision and give a solution to the problem.