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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator


As you know, Facebook Insights shows you the impact achieved by your Fan Page. In this blog post I will share with you 4 ways to optimize your Facebook Metrics through experimentation so you can find your growth path based on the preferences of your audience. Okay let’s go!

Some information about Facebook Insights

Before jumping right into the tips on how to optimize your Facebook Insights, it’s advisable to briefly review what the metric services can offer you on Social Media. So we start by saying that in order to access this information you must go to the “View Insights” option as shown in the image below.


At the same time it is important to know what Facebook Insights are used for, meaning why is it important to consult them periodically. The response is: they help you to understand how users interact with your Fan Page and this in turn will help you guide your decisions while choosing the type of publications you will share and your schedules for posting.

Facebook Metrics provide you information about the performance of your page through data such as which of your posts are generating a larger quantity of interactions from your audience. It also allows you to know at what times you get the most dynamic reactions from the audience in a way that you can be sure to share content at these hours.

Having this type of data is fundamental for guiding your editorial strategy. For example, you can analyze your different publications and check which ones have obtained a larger quantity of Likes, Comments and times that they have been shared. This way you will have the possibility to create more similar posts to the ones that have gotten a large amount of favorable reactions from your audience.

Now we go a little bit further: what data does Facebook Metrics provides you for each one of your publications? To find out take a look at the image you will see next:

Information you can learn about your Publications with Facebook Insights

As you may have noticed, the data that you can obtain varies. The number of people that the publication has reached informs you about how many users have effectively seen your post. This gives you an idea on the effective range that your content has.

The number of people who clicked on your publication serves you by knowing the effectiveness of your calls to action. It also provides you an overview of the efficiency of your communication efforts on Facebook in terms of increasing web traffic to your site.

The number of people who gave a Like to your publication, that commented on it or that have shared it with their contacts is an indicator of the effectiveness of your content when generating engagement. In other words, it informs you on how many of your publications have succeeded in interesting your audience.

Lastly, Facebook Metrics offers you data about the impact of the videos you share on your Fan Page. For example, you can know how many times they have been viewed. Like we said before, all this information allows you to find out which content is best for you to share on your Page in order to awaken favorable reactions in your audience.

For more convenience, or to keep detailed records of the evolution of your account, you can export your Insights. You must take into account that your Facebook Insights will only be available when you have a minimum of 30 followers on your Fan Page.

4 Ways to optimize your Facebook Metrics through experimentation

Now that you know the importance of reviewing your Facebook Insights I will share with you four experimental techniques that can help you improve your Facebook Insights. The benefit of experimenting is that you will be able to set different variables until you find the method that brings you better benefits on your Fan Page. Let’s start!


1- Test different lengths on your Facebook Posts

This point answers the question of: “should I write short or long updates to obtain greater engagement? The truth is that both possibilities can be very effective according to your audience: for this reason I advise that you experiment to learn the user’s reactions. The maximum number of characters that you can use for each update is 60 thousand and surely pages exist that demonstrate great success sharing long statuses each day as shown in the example below.


At the same time it is important to consider what type of devices the majority of your users connect with since lengthy statuses are not very convenient for viewing through mobile devices. In fact, keeping in mind the people who access your Fan Page through mobile devices, it is best to keep a length of 160 characters. However your audience will have the last word so I suggest experimenting with distinct lengths for your posts and analyze on your Facebook Insights which ones work best with your audience.

2- Evaluate the impact of different types of updates through your Facebook Insights

This tests the various types of posts that you can share on Facebook in order to know which ones your audiences are most interested in. It’s generally recommended to maintain a variety regarding your Social Media contents but in these various possibilities exist and they’re worth trying. Furthermore, the most effective in terms of engagement are:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Questions
  • GIFS
  • Links

So for this I advise you to test each one of them and examine the results in your Facebook Metrics.

3- Find the best times to publish on Facebook

Another very important point while optimizing your Facebook Insights involves seeing the schedule for publishing on Facebook. It finds the times of the day that the majority of people who make up your audience are connected. With this you can analyze what day and time your shared status updates are most successful in terms of interactions (Likes, Comments and number of times that it was Shared) in order to use these schedule parameters in the future.

Like we said before, each audience has its own characteristics’. Meaning it’s not the same thing if your Fan Page represents a women’s clothing brand and you’re promoting food products for older people; the schedule habits of each audience will be very different. Nevertheless we can say based on different analytical investigations that the least popular days to share on Facebook are Saturdays and Sundays (even though we insist that it’s better for you to carry out your own experiments to get to know your audience).


4- Offer innovative proposals to your audience

In addition to what was mentioned above, to improve your Facebook Insights it is highly advisable to surprise your audience with inspirational and fun proposals. To do this I recommend that you try out the two SocialTools applications whose activation also enables you to generate a database of your followers, it will help you increase your Likes and set up your next Facebook advertising campaigns. The applications that I recommend for you are:

  • Creating a test on Facebook: in this case you are inviting your fans to respond to the questions of a questionnaire to learn, for example, personality traits or how much they know about a subject. In this regard I advise you to take advantage of the most important days of the year and the most popular topics of the moment to plan your test. For example you can propose to your followers to show “how much they know about Star Wars” or what character of the famous movie would they be based on their personality. This will greatly enhance the level of engagement which will be reflected in your Facebook Metrics.

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  • Surprise your fans with a Discount Coupon: in this case the proposal to improve your Facebook Insights is to offer your followers a discount coupon for a product or service from your business. Providing a benefit is the best way to promote your store and wake up users’ interest simultaneously. At the same time you get information about your audience and increase the sales of your business. Great!! Don’t you think?

I suggest that you experiment with these four points that I have shared with you and evaluate on your Facebook Insights which content, schedules and text quantities function best on your Fan Page. Then tell us!

Did you like this publication? Which of the points for optimizing your Facebook Metrics seemed most useful to you? Tell us your opinion! And remember to share this blog post with your contacts. Until next time!