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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

What Type of Social Network Administrator are you


The Social Media Manager (SMM) or manager of social media is a key element of any digital marketing plan.

You know this and so do we. It´s not just about managing social media, it´s about designing the presence of the brands or businesses on social media. It means creating, launching and leading a global strategy around social media. There isn´t only one-way to do this. Every Social Media Manager, be it a woman or a man, has their own style.

You still don´t know which is yours? Do you need to hire a manager in line with your business objectives? For any of these options, it’s essential that you know about the different social media managers out there.

You are going to find seven different types of diagrams inspired in the publication Social Media Today. You can have any of these named traits or maybe several of them (even though they originate in different examples of social media managers). The truth is that all these “models” have advantages and disadvantages. Knowing about it can help you identify them and without a doubt be of great help so you can work on your weaknesses or hire a Social Media Manager according to your expectations. Let´s get to work!

1.- Social Media Manager Focused on SEO

In Social Media, analytical data is extremely important to know if the efforts are being directed in the indicated areas. For this reason, many companies look for a social media manager with SEO experience.

Even once in the position, a person with this profile ends up working with the SEO team and the optimization search engine strategies. The Social Media manager and the SEO are like mother and son. One is linked to the other quite closely. The work done by one impacts the other at some point in time.

Observe carefully this diagram we made for you. Do you think you can be a social media manager with this focus?

This type of SMM doesn´t use social media on its own but as a global strategy. Usually most of the social media manager’s activities look for clear objectives as far as search positioning is concerned. 

Even if this is something positive, it can be considered a bit novice as far as the creation of too many keyword contents. And if these managers are always focusing on analytical data, they neglect genuine long-term relationships built on social media (these managers don´t usually spend too much time interacting or participating on the networks if they doesn´t see an immediate return).

Social Media manager with seo focus


2.- Social Media Manager Publicist

Let´s begin with the most important factor:

Creativity is what stands out when dealing with this type of manager (“or Social Media creative publicist”). But if these people are not careful, they can end up ruining the Social Media strategy.

 Their defect or virtue is to always think of the creation and implementation through social media campaigns. Many times these managers forget that the media serves to stay in contact with potential clients, create relationships and achieve the much-wanted “engagement” (Compromise) through the contents shared with them.

Social Media Manager and Publicist

How to identify this type of individuals?

  • When everything they do on social media is part of a specific campaign.
  • They have a devouring drive to promote on social networks.
  • They are always thinking about creative ways to use Social Media.

ADVANTAGES: Michael Haenleinprofessor of marketing at the business school ESCP Europa, says:

“Let´s be realistic: no one is interested in talking about a boring person. So, if you want your clients to commit to your brand or business, you need to give them a good reason to do it far beyond telling them that you are the best airline in the city or you are the most powerful manufacturer of kitchen blenders”

 We already explained this at the beginning. These social media managers have a great advantage: creativity. And they have a strategic focus and are not afraid of using social networks to generate potential clients.

But… they have some disadvantages: these managers concentrate on large campaigns and neglect the normal activity of social networks. This prevents them to focus organically on Social Media. Something positive is that these types of managers concentrate too much on sales.

3.- Social Media Manager as a “Social Butterfly”

In general these types of youngsters belong to the Millennial generation and have been brought up with social networks as a way of life.

It´s quite possible that they don´t have experience or specific knowledge in Marketing. They only benefit from the good use of these networks to get a job. They are passionate about the Social aspect of the media and usually have a fresh and innovative perspective of themselves since they are huge consumers.

Source: markitgroupmedia

Source: markitgroupmedia

How do you know if you are this type of social media manager?

You have a great number of followers in your own social media accounts.

  • You are the first to experiment with new networks.
  • You understand clearly the difference between each social network.

The advantages of these social media managers are their passion for Social Media. These managers enjoy planning and managing. Due to their profile as consumers, these managers can walk in the client’s shoes and work on empathy.

Furthermore, these managers can give a unique voice to the brand and are capable of attracting the masses. As far as the disadvantages: these types of managers don´t have any digital marketing experience and have difficulty facing a crisis or public relations problem.

4.- “Public Relations” (Jerry Maguire) Social Media Manager

“Let me tell you that you don´t have ten million secured right now. You are a salary player; you play with your head, not with your heart. You use your heart in your personal life but when you are on the field you think you are finished and whom do you blame? Whoever made a bad play, whoever has a contract that you don´t have, whoever doesn´t love you. And you know what? That doesn´t inspire the crowd and that doesn´t inspire anyone. Shut your mouth! Play well. Play with your heart. And you know what? That is when I´ll show you the ‘kwan’” 

 Have you seen the movie Jerry Maguire? He is a sports agent who is fired from a company and begins to work on his own with a client who doesn´t have be best reputation out there: Rod Tidwell. Jerry´s job is to control the behavior of his client, improve his reputation and get back his commercial value. The previous quote is from a dialogue that could be adapted to the social media manager. Work with the heart.

The “public relations” managers are worried about the reputation of the social networks of a company or brand. Sometimes they come from communication or advertising professions.

jerry mac guire

Source: espnfrontnow

Do you prefer to solve problems before ignoring them? Are you extremely careful with everything you publish on social networks? Are you focused socially with Social Media? Then you can be considered a manager with a public relations profile.

Among the positive aspects the following are found: their excellent management skills during difficult situations that can damage the image of the brand or business, prioritize the coherence of the brands voice in all the channels and the controlled response to negative responses from followers or fans.


  • They don´t have experience in technical aspects of marketing.
  • Can exaggerate the qualities of a brand or business giving an unrealistic
  • Present difficulties in generating potential clients through an integrated plan.

5.- Social Media Manager who is a “content wizard”

We all know about the importance of Social Media contents. That is why many who work only on content marketing (or bloggers), now work as Social Media Managers.

Clearly, these individuals have a profound knowledge about how to match contents with what the audience is looking for. Their strategies focus on connecting emotionally with individuals. They know how to create it and what to do so this contents gets interaction and knows how to share it with the audience. One excellent coincidence: they not only publish their own content, other company’s content, brand or people. Observe the following diagram and try to find if you are a “content wizard”. 

Social Media Manager as a content wizard


6.- “Scientific” Social Media Manager

Metrics are everything for these types of managers. Data, trends and results are the base of any decision regarding Social Media. They create all the possible follow-ups.

Sometimes these managers can have a similar behavior than managers with an SEO focus, but the difference is in their rigorous statistical focus: they are a number´s people. These managers stay within a specific format because they know it works. They don´t assume any type of risk.

Are you a “scientific” manager? To find out, you must identify with the following traits:

  • You revise frequently Social Media reports
  • You love information represented in diagrams or charts
  • You are very good at finding behavior patterns or trends in statistical data.

Advantages: Have the ability to calculate ROI in social media, interpret data and uses it to make the most intelligent decisions, can explain in detail the process reached to make a decision.

Disadvantages: Don´t assume risks without a backed investigation and tend to neglect those social network components that are difficult to track.

7.- The “Pure Breed” Manager

Just like Olympic athletes, the “pure breed” managers were born for this. They are ready to occupy this position. They not only think of helping the companies or brands be present in social networks, they also work on building all types of businesses. There aren´t many people with this profile, but they are the type of managers companies are looking for in a Social Media Manager.

It´s important to explain that they have experience with similar positions in Social Media and they have digital marketing experience. They have always known they wanted to work in social media management. They know what content connects with individuals and they are usually successful in their strategies.  

pure breed social media manager


We are finished! Now it´s your turn: What type of SMM are you? What do you need to change in order to improve your performance? The ideal would be to focus on the “pure breed” profile combining it with the rest of the managers. We hope this article was useful. We say farewell with some interesting texts about Social Media: