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9 Effective actions for executing event promotion on Social Networks

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

 event promotion on Social Media

When deciding to hold an event for your business, whether it be an online conference or a grand-openingyour success heavily depends on how effective your media campaign is. That’s why today I’ll show you 9 effective ways to execute event promotion on Social Networks.

As you know, events accomplish their goal after they have managed to reach the audience they are targeting, and said public is found on Social Networks. In this regard, these are the best methods for promoting events on Social Media:

9  Effective techniques to carry out event promotion on Social Networks

9 techniques for event promotion on social network

1- Spread the information about your event on all your Social Channels

The goal is for people to become aware of your events by only entering your profile on whatever Social Network. To do this, I suggest first creating an event on Facebook and including in it all the information regarding schedules, links for registering and details linked to your conference, grand-opening, etc.

Likewise, I recommend adding links to your event in the “About” or “Bio” section of all your social profiles in order to multiply its exposition to possible visitors and followers. As for Twitter, you can also place a tweet in the top part of your profile with information and links to your event.

Similarly, I recommend promoting events through tweets by mentioning different users each time. For this you should try to be cautious, since you could be taken for a spammer. This specifically focuses on inviting your followers to attend your event in a friendly, attractive and noninvasive way. For example:

event promotion on Twitter

2- Generate content about your Event in order to Share it on Social Media

Another very effective way of spreading the word about your event is to generate promotional and attractive content so that users will share it on Social Networks. The viralization of your event will be favored when doing this by giving material to your followers for them to share with their contacts.

Therefore, I recommend publishing an article on your blog which presents the event and then share it on all your profiles two or three time before the event. This way people will be able to share your content from Social Networks and also through the social buttons on your blog.

You can also create info graphics, videos, graphics, podcasts and any other type of content about your event that will be easily “shared” on Social Networks.

3- Take advantage of Personalized Advertisements on Facebook in order to find your public

To ensure that your target public knows about the existence of your event you can use the very effective personalized advertisements on Facebook. The advantage of this type of advertising is that is allows you to boost event promotion and show your announcements to a specific list of people.

For example, you can use a list of your client’s e-mails or mobile phone numbers,  so that when said people connect to their Facebook accounts they’ll see your event’s advertisement on the sides of the Newsfeed.

Facebook Custom Audiences offer you better segmentation, which enables you to control the direction of your advertising investment with better efficiency and effectiveness in order to display your advertisements and promote events to a determined audience.

4-  Define a Hashtag for your Event on every Social Network

This point is about people being able to find real-time information about your event simply by entering a “hashtag” that you’ve determined ahead of time. So for example, if we organize a webinar on, our hashtag to define it would be: “#STwebinar”.

You can promote the utilization of your event’s hashtag on all social platforms (especially Twitter and Instagram) to both simplify the locating of information, photos, etc. and the identification of publications by users interested in your event that have included the hashtag in their post.

Below you can see an example of the use of hashtags linked to event promotion:

event promotion write a new tweet

5- Give your Facebook Fans benefits related to your Event

Thanks to its size and amplitude, Facebook is the ideal place to find your audience. And one of the most effective ways of promoting events on said Social Network is to offer an extra benefit which serves as backing or a “magnet” to attract your target public.

Therefore, if you event is a paid event, I advise offering a 2 for 1 discount coupon through your Fan Page. To be able to use it, people must enter their personal information. This allows you to obtain a data base of users interested in your proposal, that you can use later in your  email marketing campaigns.

Another option is to invite your fans to participate in a Raffle,  in which they must answer questions about your event to earn points and eventually win. The prize that you offer should be a year’s discount on your products.

6- Always Keep your Facebook Event Up to Date

After creating your event on Facebook, one of the keys to people not forgetting about its existence is to keep it “alive” by publishing regularly. In this regard, every time that you share a post all the participants will receive a notification, but don’t overdo it.

Well now, what can you publish in order to keep it current? A good option is revealing developing details about the event in order to generate a little expectation in the guests. For example, you can mention some of the speakers and the topics to be discussed.

You can also encourage guests to publish in the event questions they’d like to ask the speakers to be subsequently read at the end of the conference. For greater convenience, you can schedule posts to automatically be shared on your event during the times you establish.

event promotion postcron posts directly on facebook groups

7- Invite Influencers to your Event in Exchange for a benefit

An excellent way of promoting events among your industry’s audience is to take advantage of Influencers or Influential Users. Said users are characterized by having a huge quantity of followers before whom they can effectively promote products or services.

So, the idea is to identify the influential users of your sector and invite them to attend your event in order to promote it among their followers in exchange for a set benefit (like for example, partial or total discounts on your products).

I recommend utilizing tools like LittleBird to help you with this task of finding influencers on Twitter, and InstaBrand in order to identify them on Instagram. Once you connect with them, you can agree that they promote your event among their followers to get the largest number of attendees possible.

8- Create a group on LinkedIn dedicated to your event

Linked in is the largest Social Network of professionals in the world, that’s why it’s very favorable to promote events here. Doing so helps you spread your proposal to potentially interested people and increase your visibility and prestige in the local and world-wide labor realm.

Thus, to promote your event I advise creating a group on LinkedIn and providing on it all kinds of information about your conference, grand-opening, etc. To do this you simply go to the “Interests” tab in your LinkedIn account, then you must click on “Groups” and lastly click on “Create Group”.

event promotion on linkedin

I suggest including attractive and explanatory images in your LinkedIn group, such as a representative and professional photo (for example the logo of your business with the subtitle “events”, or even an image of your hashtag in order to promote it). Additionally, you should add links to the event’s registration page.

In so much as what to publish on your LinkedIn group, I recommend sharing all the content related to your event, from articles to images, videos and info graphics. You can also initiate conversations and debates related to your event’s main topic.

9- Make small videos to promote your Event on all your Social Channels

As you already know, videos are among the most shared content on Social Networks , and they make up a key element for spreading your proposals. This also applies to events! Therefore, I suggest creating videos with information about the content and speakers that you are promoting.

For example, you can record little interviews with your speakers in order to share them on Social Networks next to your event’s hashtag. In this regard, I advise that they be of short duration (for example one or two minutes) so that they can easily be seen on Social Media and from mobile devices.

Once you have created some videos to promote your event, a good option is publishing them on your YouTube Channel and sharing them on the rest of your Social Networks through here. This way, you’ll promote your event and your YouTube account as well on the rest of the platforms.

Finally, keep in mind that every post you make to promote your events should include:

  • An attractive phrase referring to your event’s content (for example “Join our Content Marketing Conference”).
  • The hashtag you’ve chosen for your event (for example, “#STwebinar”).
  • A registration link so that users can subscribe in order to participate.
  • An image or video that highlights your publication in users’ newsfeeds.

That’s all for today! Put these 9 Tips to promote your events on Social Networks into practice and maximize the diffusion of your proposals.

To learn more on these themes, I recommend reviewing our article How to create the Perfect Social Media Mix .

Was this post useful? Would you add any other suggestion to the list? Leave us your opinion! And please, remember to share this publication with your contacts. Until next time!