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Por Euge Skaf | Content creator


We, the people, who work in Content Marketing have felt on more than one occasion the feeling that our efforts do not bear any fruit. Has this happened to you? Well, to help you so that your campaigns achieve success, today I will show you 7 Errors of Social Media and how to avoid falling into them. Here we go!

7 Errors of Social Media and How to Avoid them

7 Errors of Social Media and How to Avoid them

1- Publishing without first defining your strategy

Error: You have created profiles of your business on Social Networks and are intuitively publishing on all of them without having drawn up a plan previously.

Solution: Planning goals and organizing your publishing schedule, registering your efforts undertaken on each Social Network. This way you can measure the impact of your communications through analytical programs and make necessary adjustments to your editorial timetable to obtain the best results.

The absence of a strategy and lack of organization are some of the most frequent errors of Social Media. I suggest that you read this article to learn to plan your objectives on Social Media. In it you will find simple explanations and executable tips to start fulfilling your goals as soon as possible.

Now, how can you arrange your publishing schedule for your Social Networks? To help you in this task, I’m sharing with you a Calendar Template for Social Networks that you can download by clicking on the image:


By downloading this you get an Excel file with a calendar design model for Social Media which you can personalize with your own content. There you should organize what you will share with your audience every day and every week. In turn, each tab of the document is equal to a month of the year so you can sort and view your posts easily.

2- Not Generating Databases from your Audience

Error: You interact with your followers in both your blog and your Social Networks and yet you don’t count on emails from your audience.

Solution: Providing your public the possibility of giving you their email through your blog and your Facebook page.

Generating databases from your audience is fundamental since it allows you to perform other essential actions from a digital marketing point of view. One of these is launching email marketing campaigns to bring up your proposals and announcing the developments of your blog via email.

The other highly effective action to reach your audience, which requires a list of emails, is personalized Facebook audiences. They allow you to show your proposals only to a specific group of people that have already shown you interest.
You may be wondering, how I can get the emails of my audience? Here is the answer:

In your blog: Use this free plugin for WordPress to create a subscribers box through which your readers can enter their emails to receive your newsletters and promotions. Below you can see a video, which explains how to use it:

On your Facebook page: create an Image Contest or a Facebook Sweepstakes with the SocialTools apps. To be able to participate users must enter their emails, if you require it, and give a Like to your Fan Page. This way you can entertain your audience and record their emails for your campaigns.

3- Foregoing Long Term Performance of Your Best Content

Error: You have published very successful posts which have gained numerous interactions and reviews thanks to your audience but have fallen behind times and you’ve forgotten them.

Solution: Utilize their long-term potential; republish them periodically on your Social Networks.

This is another one of the errors of Social Media that can easily be avoided.How? By resorting to the strategy of Re-Publishing in order to maximize the performance of your best content. So, the first thing you should do is identify your posts that have attracted favorable reactions from your public.

Then you have to establish a re-publishing calendar for each successful post on all your Social Networks. The idea is to harness the potential of each publication, based on the premise that the public is renewed and for that reason it is worth allowing the “newcomers” to enjoy your most popular posts.

To guide you on how often you should publish the same post in your various Social Networks, I’m sharing a Table of Re-Publishing created by our team. Here you can see the suggested republishing pace for each Social Network according to their particular profile.


4- Not automating your publications

Error: Every day of the week you spend many hours of your time updating your Social Networks, manually publishing in each channel and at different times.

Solution: Program publications on your social channels so that they share automatically on the days and times established by you beforehand.

Of the errors of Social Media included in this list, this is the one that connects more intimately with you since it’s about taking care of your own time. The idea is that with the help of a specialized tool you can program the publications of your day, week or month in just a few hours.

For this task I recommend Postcron our tool that lets you schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goolge + and Pinterest so they will be shared when you decide. And to bring practicality to the extreme, I suggest installing Postcron for Chrome an extension for your browser that lets you program the publication of any content you find without leaving your browsing.

5- Not prioritizing the quality of your visual pieces

Error: You publish images and videos without checking their visual quality beforehand.

Solution: Pay special attention to the visual elements of all your posts since they what attract the attention of users.

As pointed out by recent statistics, the content that includes color images are read 80% times more than those without them. Alongside this, the posts accompanied by relevant images are seen 94% times more than the publications that lack them.

In fact, images are the most effective tool at the moment of attaining the long-awaited Stopping Power, which means achieving the capability that the user stops to see your post in the incessant flow of publications of their newsfeed.

For this reason I advise you to take special care with the photos that you choose to accompany your publications and to customize your Social Networks. To ensure that you get the best results I suggest that you read the post Image Sizes for Social Media where you will find the recommended measurements for each Social Network.
How to use Canva

Also, I recommend using Canva to create images with texts, photos and collages in order to attractively spread your proposals on your Social Networks. This free tool (which includes premium content but they are not necessary) will help you create good designs without resorting to a professional.

6- Foregoing the Potential of Titles and Headers

Error: Writing titles, headers and status updates on your Social Networks without optimizing them to arouse the interest or curiosity of your audience.

Solution: Keep in mind writing the header texts of your posts with the goal of attracting readers.

After images, titles and headers are the second element capable of convincing users to enter a link to view your content or to stop by to read your post. Now, how do you optimize them in order to attract your audience? Below I share with you some simple and effective Social Media tips:

While writing your titles use:

  • question format ( “How many years does a whale live?”)
  • titles in list form ( “10 movies to watch with your nephews”),
  • high impact titles ( “The oldest man in the world”) and
  • titles that produce curiosity ( “Discover the great secret of Woody Allen”).


BuzzFeed Twitter


When you compose your headers: both on your blog and on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks try to use relevant and attractive images (related to the topic of your post) that combine their “Stopping Power” with the capability to “hook it” to your title. If you do this, good results will follow.

7- Not supporting your content with BuzzSumo and Keyword Planner

Error: Publishing content on your blog and Social Networks without knowing how interesting they are to your audience nor optimizing them from a SEO standpoint.

Solution: Use BuzzSumo to check the popularity of a topic on Social Media and define Keywords to help position your posts with Google Keyword Planner.

Finally the last of the errors of Social Media that I included in this list has two aspects. On the one hand it is to check the impact of topics that you will publish on your blog. In Fact, in order to make sure that it is interesting to your audience, it is important to check the impact of the topics you have chosen.

To do this I suggest using BuzzSumo, a free tool through which you can enter a topic or domain in order to know its performance on Social Media. There you can apply filters such as country, language or content type to know what the most popular themes are and make sure to discuss them on your Social Medias.

In the following example you can see that for the search “Travel to Mexico” the most shared content of the last year related to this topic is the first result. This is an article from the website, which has been shared on Facebook some 50K times, 98 on Twitter, etc.
Travel to Mexico Most Shared Content


To correct the second aspect of this error related to positioning your contents in search engines (SEO), I advise using Google Keyword Planner. All you have to do is enter a series of predefined keywords in order to know its search volume (in other words its “popularity”).

So when you discover the keyword or most searched word you will know that this is what you should use in your post. In our example below, “Palermo Restaurants” is the option that has more searches per month.
Keyword Planner – Google AdWords


I hope this article has helped you identify and eradicate these 7 errors of Social Media, as frequent as counterproductive. Then tell us!

Did you like this blog post? Have you ever found yourself in any of the listed situations? Tell us your experience! And please remember to share this article with your contacts. Until next time! :)