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11 Mistakes you need to avoid in your email marketing strategy

Por Almendra Covarrubias | Redactora en

Email marketing is a two-faced thing: it can either boost your sales to success or create bad experiences for your customers. Therefore, we beg you to give your emailing strategy the attention it requires in order to avoid the next mistakes.


Email Marketing

1. Sending without planning




You must create a calendar. It is unacceptable to send massive emails without a defined digital strategy. This will only lead your customers to unsubscribe for filling their inbox with what they might even consider trash.

Create a calendar with the most important dates. Some examples are Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Looking forward to this Holidays you’ll be able to create quality content ahead of time. Consider the best days to do the massive emailing in order to have more success.


2. Not knowing what you expect

On the contrary of what most people think, you need to stay clear of sending generic content in you emailing campaigns. What exactly are we saying? As we state above, it is essential to create a calendar. Starting from it, you should think what you expect by sending each email.

When sending massive emails, think about what you want to accomplish with it, whether it is to boost your brand, get new customers with a special offer, announce an important date or new product release, etc. Having a clear goal, it will be a piece of cake planning how to get to it.

3. Lower the cost with generic platforms

If you are considering an email marketing campaign as part of your digital strategy, you should keep in mind which platform will you use to make it happen. This is a delicate matter because all platforms will charge you for this service, please don’t think that everything that shines is gold and do not go for the cheapest option.

Consult all the options you are offered online, their specific characteristics and make the decision based on what you set as your goal.

4. Generic lists




Having an email marketing campaign does not mean sending emails to as many contacts you can get. On the contrary, when sending this sort of email campaigns, it is fundamental not to buy a list of emails from another brand.

Find the way to get your own email list, from people that are actually interested in knowing more about your business. How? Don’t worry! Keep on reading and see it is easier than you think.

Creating contests online, you’ll get (besides rewarding your followers and getting new ones) a database from people with an actual interest in your brand. This way, when receiving emails from your company, they won’t mark them as spam.

5. Sending without segment

Like any other inbound marketing campaign, emailing is not the exception. A campaign that is not targeted to a specific audience is a waste. Sending emails to people from all over without specifying distance range, age, etc; will only make you lose the money you invested.

Take a look at your primary objective one more time to call the shot on what characteristics should the people getting your email have. This will only lead to more sales, you’ll see.

6. Sending to little or too much

Email marketing is all about sending massive emails with the information you consider might be of interest to the people getting it. Therefore, you should put in some extra effort to find a middle point between sending too little or too much. Find the balance.

The frequency should be often enough so they don’t forget about you, but not as often they feel overwhelmed by the quantity and end up unsubscribing from your mailing list.

7. Forget to write matter and sender

It is important to write the matter of the email, it is always better if it includes your brand or company’s name and the name of the person getting it. This will lead to trust and will avoid being seen as spam. Always remember to use a company’s email, in this particular case: for example.

8. Never ending emails

Keep in mind that people have minimum time to give away, so this one of the most important things to consider when planning your digital strategy. Create the content based on the most important information and with few lines. This way, the message will be delivered and if people are interested, they can be redirected to read more.

9. Not including your company´s information

For legal purposes, and to keep your customers trust, always include the information from the company sending the email in the footer of the email.

10. Not having a website to redirect your readers

Even though it may sound logical, there are plenty of people that keep on making this mistake. It is fundamental to your digital strategy’s success that your brand has a landing page. Besides, this will help make point 8 on this list easier to accomplish.

Redirect people’s attention to a website where they will find information regarding your product or service if they want to whenever they want to.

11. Not analyzing the results

As in all the efforts put into online publicity, the most important thing to look at are and always will be the results. With statistics on how it worked or did not work, you will be able to take actions and modify it until finding the right way to get to the people. With metrics, you will get valuable information that will make taking the next step easy.


Now that you are aware of the mistakes people make when including an emailing campaign in their strategy there is no valid excuse to do it wrong. Are you ready to create a successful email marketing strategy?