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Por Rosángela Mansutti | Content Manager


Do you want to have new clients and increase your sales? What better way to meet this goal then presenting them a proposal they can’t resist! Discover the best ideas to include in your Email Marketing strategy and improve your billing and client base.

With the help of Promotional Emails you will be able to generate more sales, registrations, click, downloads or whatever you’re aiming for. Below we’ll provide you with 7 tips so your results will be positive. Surprise your contacts and make them your clients!

1.  Create a sense of urgencies in your emails

Create limited offers in which you generate a necessity; this is where you give your users a specific period of time to take advantage of the promotion and the transaction is carried out during this determined time.

This technique has the advantage of giving a sense of hurry to purchase the product; thereby you give your clients a final push so they buy the offered product and make their purchase quicker. It’s one of the most effective forms for generating conversions!


2.  Let them know that they are the first to find out

When you’re going to have a launch, send your contacts an Email Campaign with the items and let them know that got the inside scoop on the new product in their inbox, this exclusivity will make them feel special.

Most likely this will generate their desire to be the first to have it. Which is great for both of you! Additionally, you can give them an extra beneficial tip on the new item or demonstrate step by step how it works.

Later on you can make a survey on the item through social media and ask your contacts to help you improve the product or focus directly on user experience. Flatter those who participate by gifting them prizes!


3.  Integrate Email Marketing into your Social Network campaigns

There are different ways of making your Email Marketing Campaign go viral, among them are Push strategies which look to stimulate content viralization. On the other hand, they are called Pull whose goal is to make your subscribers list increase.


Push Strategies

  • Incorporate buttons to the principle social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. This way you encourage your subscribers to share your Email Campaign on Social Media.
  • Add a call to action to your networks emphasizing them and encouraging them to share your Email. Also you can have offers, contests or games on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and viralize them through your Email Marketing Campaigns. Invite them to participate, flatter those who acquire your offer or simply get to know your social networks this way. Don’t forget to make it clear that there are thousands of offers that they could lose if they don’t follow your profiles.
  • Maximize the scope of your mailing and make it so the members of your online community receive your Campaign on their favorite social ecosystem: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Share your Campaign automatically on your social profiles. Tools like Doppler allow you to do it easily. Create a free account and try it out yourself.

Pull Strategies

  • Share a Link to your Form and utilize social networks to make your subscribers list grow. You can send a tweet or publish an invitation for your followers and fans on your Facebook wall or Google+ timeline to subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t forget to include a link to the online form located on your website so they enter their info!
  • On Facebook it’s possible to develop a page and include a subscription form for your Email Marketing campaign on it, this is called Facebook Tab. Don’t pass up this opportunity to encourage your fans and make them subscribers!

By including the viral power of social networks in our Email Marketing strategy, we multiply your ROI and reach. Fabulous!

Social Networks and-email-marketing

However, to do this successfully, you should ask yourself some important and relevant questions about the content of your piece, objectives to complete and resources of which you wish to achieve.


  • Is your content valuable enough so that your online community decides to share it on their social networks? And beforehand, does it have a subject that motivates opening of the mail and Reading your content?
  • How will you integrate the different channels in order to avoid repeating and overwhelming your public?


  • Do you have human resources, techniques and the economics to respond to the demand it will generate?
  • Are the members of your team properly informed on the objectives of each piece?


  • What is it that you want to achieve in exchange for your Campaigns being shared by your audience on their networks?
  • Do you have the necessary tools the measure the viralization level of your Email on social networks?

In regards to this last point and when you need to measure the actions and y monitor the traffic obtained; you can use the reports from your Email Marketing tool. This way, you’ll learn what functioned best on your fan page and your users’ interaction. And so, ultimately you’ll know which content are more viral and which are to the liking and needs of your community.


4.  Plan special dates

Organize important days for your company and motivate your users to buy. Important dates such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hot Sales and Easter will help you increase your business’ sales.

A promotional Email or a special greeting to all your contacts will help to reach this goal, generate new consumers and sales opportunities. Planning all the important days is key so that none of them are missed.

5.  Analyze the most sold and viewed items

Make a list of the products with a larger sale and that are most attractive during the month for your clients. For this be sure to keep your business’ and social networks’ sales. The products which had more interaction, viralization and those which performed best with your public.

Take comments and suggestions from your fans and take advantage of these in order to improve your products and services. Social networks are key for segmenting your lists and ensuring that the selection of articles being sent to the public is correct.

The point of this is to generate traffic towards your websites and social networks to initiate purchasing of the products. Tempt them with the best offers and collections!

6.  Congratulate your contacts on their special day

What better than sending your subscribes an Email for their birthday? With Email Automation you’ll be able to systemize these special mailing so no date goes overlooked.

Send them a unique gift or exclusive discount to come and celebrate this day with you. Your clients will feel super unique, you’ll build their confidence in you and also they’ll buy your products. A perfect win-win!


7.  Annual subscription promotion

For the Subscribers that already fulfilled a year or more of joining your data base for the first time, surprise them! All reasons are ideal for taking care of them and celebrating this day is a good idea to reconnect and give them an extra benefit.

Send them special promotions, invite them to use eCommerce and social networks, gift them virtual money for their next purchase and offer free shipping. They’ll surely want to take advantage of the opportunity to by.


Put those hands to work

Now that you have the best ideas for increasing your earnings by using Email Marketing Campaigns and integrating them with social networks it’s time to put them into action. Put the tips we have given you into practice and analyze which actions function best within your community!

If you don’t already have a tool for Email Marketing deliveries, we recommend creating a account that is totally free and without delivery limits on Doppler. You’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your Email Campaigns and optimize your future Campaigns. Don’t wait any longer to take the big step and exponentially optimize your sales.