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e-Commerce: What you need to know to boost you business.

Por Almendra Covarrubias | Redactora en


I’m sure you have heard how day by day shops are disappearing and the retail is taking a new direction. What way is the most convenient one to sell your products nowadays? You thought it well: thru an e-commerce.

If you have not created your online store, we strongly advise you to write it down on your to-do list on a short term.  




Are you having a hard time believing this is the future for retail? Just take a look at how Target, one of the biggest retail stores in the USA has joined the movement. With Amazon’s appearance and whole lot other online stores in which you can get whatever you want or need from your couch, malls are less and less crowded.

Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, explains on a ShopTalk edition what the next move on the brand’s strategy to jump on board on the online sales without compromising their physical presence. As the CEO said: “instead of being against change, we choose to embrace ir; let us create the best digital experience”.




If you still have little doubts about jumping on board and opening your own e-commerce, it is time to let them all go. Do you still need a reason? Let’s look at the clothing brand Mango that has in the last couple of years closed more than a couple of stores to bet fully on online shopping.




Up to this day, reports say sales have gone up. Even though they haven’t completely disappeared their physical stores, they limit to send only unique clothing. In case you, as a customer, wish to look at the whole season collection, you’ll need to go online.

Once we have provided you with more than enough arguments to convince you to become a part of the e-commerce world, the time has come to tell you how to do it to be successful.


Encourage your customer through your e-commerce

On a regular store, a big part of what will influence the customer’s decision to buy your product depends on the person in working there. Don’t deny it, you are most likely to buy something if you are treated great. In the online shopping world, this does not exist at all. Therefore you will need to encourage the sale with other tools.

The home page should be as attractive as possible to invite your new customers to keep on navigating on your website. Make sure to include amazing pictures of what you offer and its benefits.

The home page will also be the perfect spot to offer a special promotion for a limited amount of time. This kind of strategies will make the people feel excited to have a special treatment if the close their sale in this amount of time.




On the other hand, it is important for every product to have detailed information about it. Include quality images of it from different perspectives. Find it easy for your customers to find measurements, material, et, of the product they will buy.

Invite your customers to return after getting their package. How? Offer an attractive reward: they return to your site and rate what they got, you give them points to get off some percentage on their next shopping spree. Interesting, or not?

There is a huge difference between people buying your product and you selling it. Which? Easy, if you are among the ones that sit back, relax, and wait for people to buy your product, you better sell a one of a kind product. (NOTICE: nobody is willing to spend hours looking for a product, everyone is hoping to buy something with the least steps possible)

However, if you are the kind of person that sells, you focus your effort on making people to know your product, the new season special offer, and captivating them until it turns into a successful sale.


Lean on Social Media.

You have already uploaded your website and looks great. Now, how are you getting people to notice it? Open a profile for your brand on the right Social Media. Example: create a Facebook fan page in which you will post content on what people might find when going online to your site. Include the link to your website every time!

The content you post must be attractive. If you have season discounts, let people know! If you have hot sales every now and then your clients will want to know when. Create a form on your fanpage in which your prospects will be able to leave their email to get this information.

SocialTools will be the best ally you can have creating fun contests, a product gallery to show on your fanpage, forms to get information from your possible buyers, etc.

It is time to get in touch with your chosen developer to create your e-commerce if you haven’t done it yet. If you have it up and running, it is time to put all your effort to boost it!