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7 Effective ways of sharing valuable content with your audience from external sources

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

Content Marketing

The golden rule of Content Marketing is sharing quality publications with your public, meaning, providing them an added value, offering them publications that can inform them, entertain them, move them or educate them in some way.

Why is it important to do this? Because this is the best way of providing users a reason for choosing you and staying with you; as opposed to the other infinite proposals existing on Social Networks. This is the only way that you can build loyalty with your audience and attract new followers to be added to your proposal.

So as you know, the time and resources for generating your own articles on blogs and Social Networks is not always available. For this reason, is it possible to share quality content when you can’t create your own? Of course!

For that reason in this post we’ll show you 7 effective methods for sharing valuable content with your public from third-party sources. Take notes!

7 Effective ways of sharing valuable content with your audience from external sources

7 Effective ways of sharing valuable Content Marketing with your audience from external sources


1- Find the most shared publications on Social Networks

Sharing the most viewed content chosen by Social Network users with your audience is practically a guaranteed hit. So, if you are capable of finding information relevant to your industry’s public and sharing it on your channels, you’ll be able to retain the users already following you and gain new ones.

To find the most popular content of Social Media I advise using BuzzSumo. This online search allows you to enter keywords or Internet domains in order to learn what the related publications are that have caused the most impact on Social Networks.

So, suppose you have a pet product business, you can enter the key words “Pet Care” into BuzzSumo to learn the most important related content, with the end goal of sharing them on your Social Networks.

BuzzSumo Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers


2- Subscribe to the leading blogs in your industry

Another very effective way of boosting your Content Marketing strategy is to subscribe to your industry’s leading blogs. This way you’ll receive their newsletters in your email inbox each time new posts are published and you can share them directly with your audience.

The advantage of this method is that is allows you to save time browsing since you get the information you are searching for right in your inbox. Now, how can you tell what the leading blogs of your industry are? Very simple! With help from the Google search engine.

All you have to do is enter the key words that represent your industry and add the Word “blog”. So by following our previous example you can google “pet care blog” to see the main results. To check its currency, simply look at the date of the last post under each result.

pet care blog Google Search


3- Frequently review news related to your sector

Another effective technique in terms of Content Marketing has to do with taking advantage of news linked to your industry in order to share it with your audience. Why? Because this information benefits from a unique combination of novelty, legitimacy and relevancy; which usually works very well on Social Networks.

So, like in the previous case, you can go to Google to check the latest news related to your sector. To do this you must simply enter the key words linked to your industry (for example “Pet Care”) and filter the results by news.

Once you find a piece of news capable of contributing information, entertaining or moving your target audience you can share it immediately on your Social Networks. Another option is to program the publication so that it is shared on your channels on the day and time that you established ahead of time on tools like Postcron.

pet care Google Search


 4- Utilize Facebook to boost your Content Marketing

Due to its size and characteristics, Facebook is the most profitable social platform in terms of Content Marketing. Because of this, it’s essential that your brand has a Facebook Page for sharing publications relevant to you audience and increasing your data bases .

So, to optimize time and simplify the process of selecting content for Social Networks, you can personalize your Notifications section in order to see relevant content first and share them more easily.

To do this you have to identify the most popular Facebook pages linked to your industry and start following them (meaning giving them a Like). Then you should go to the Notifications Section or Newsfeed and click on the tab that appears after putting your mouse on the word NewsFeed as shown below:


Next a list of options will appear. There you can choose what Pages you want to prioritize in your Newsfeed, this way their publications will appear first when you logon to Facebook. You can also find important pages linked to your sector in order to share their most successful content:

Facebook preferences


5- Use Twitter to find qualified sources

Twitter is an excellent place for finding the best sources and publications to “nourish” your Content Marketing. How?; by utilizing its search. First off you should enter, once again, the keys words linked to your sector. Following our example, “Pet Care”:

Twitter seach

Next, the search results panel will appear on your screen, which you can explore to find relevant tweets, top users, photos and videos all related to your Keywords. As an example, exploring the tab “Accounts” helps you find the influencers of your sector whose tweet you can share with your audience.

Pet Care Twitter Search

Furthermore I advise reviewing the Tops tab, since it displays the most prominent publications and users. This way you can find Accounts with lots of followers and publications that have a lot of retweets to provide yourself good content sources and popular tweets to share, respectively.


6- Identify important sites with diverse content for Social Networks

Regardless of the source that it was generated by, sharing interesting content with your audience increases the possibility of users following you to obtain relevant information and to share your content with their own followers. For this it is very important to identify the best sites to “nourish” your social channels.

In this regard, this is a small selection of web pages with huge diffusion on Social Media and with numerous categories, starting with those in which you can find successful and relevant publications to share with your audience:

  • The Huffington Post:  It’s a newspaper originating from the United States whose English version publishes high-impact news on Social Networks. It includes section like Politics, Economy, International, Trends, Science, etc., so you can choose the ones whose content are most relevant to your audience.

Entertainment News Photos and Videos HuffPost Entertainment

  • BuzzFeed:  This site derived from the United States is noted for sharing entertainment articles that range from amusing test to entertainment world news and recipes for making homemade cookies and ice cream.
  • Forbes:  It is the Hispanic version of the most important business magazine of today. So for this reason, if your industry is linked to this domain then you have to add this source to your list.

7- Find “influencers” and propose benefits in exchange for content

Influencers or influential users are people with a huge presence on Social Networks, who are contacted by brands to represent products and generate content with the goal of utilizing the influencers’ popularity on Social Media to promote said brand’s proposals among followers.


In this point, the idea is that you yourself can find influencers of your sector in order to generate content related to your brand and to boost your presence on Social Networks in exchange for certain content (for example getting your products or services at no cost). But now, how to do it? Here is what you should do:

  1. Identify the influential users of your sector:  For example, if you sell cosmetic products you can perform a search on Google to find blogs or YouTube channels dedicated to providing makeup tips. When you find them be sure that the style of the influencer flows with your brand’s identity.
  2. Propose a relationship with mutual benefits:  You can offer them a free subscription to your services or periodically provide them your products at no cost in exchange for the influencer writing reviews or creating videos using your products; and they should share it with their audience.
  3. Build a long term relationship with your influencer:  This isn’t where the influencers only makes one review, and then everything will not have meant anything, but rather they progressively become a representative of your brand so that they periodically publish about your products.

To d this you must encourage them, not only by providing them beneficial material but by also offering them diffusion through your channels and giving them the opportunity to propose ideas or ask what types of exchanges you are interested in with your brand.


That’s all for today! Apply these 7 tips and you’ll be able to share valuable content with your audience in order to multiply your presence on Social Media.


Did you like this post? What is your Content Marketing strategy? Tell us your experience! And remember to share this publication with your contacts! See you next time! 😉