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Por María Eugenia Guidara |

Checklist to “clean” your social marketing plan

Do you get the feeling that your clients have lost the connection they had with your business or brand? Is it hard to control different active profiles on social networks? Is it hard to concentrate often when you are about to create a social marketing action and you don´t know where to start? How many questions like these can you think about right now? Stay calm, we are here to help you.

In fact, we offer a solution: you need to “clean” your Social Marketing plan. This means that you need to revise the focus of your strategy: update or change weak links and increase your strengths. Lets dive into why you need to “clean” and how to go about it. To finish, we provide you with a useful checklist to have handy!


Essential Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Begin

Why is it essential to “clean” your social marketing plan? You have the answer each time you are puzzled when you are faced with your social marketing plan. Yes, you have discovered that you were working in a disorganized manner. No one can live this way.

Your focus must be clear. Strategies on social media must be previously defined. Otherwise, you can lose control of your content and you won´t be able to strengthen the connection with your audience.

To find out if you are in this state, it´s necessary that you answer some of these essential questions:

  • Do you have a word that serves as a guide so you can apply a criteria in each of the decisions you make for Social Media? 

  • Do you know why your business exists and what is its purpose? 

  • What are the objectives/goals of your business or brand? 

  • What notable errors exist on your social networks? 

  • Are you using creativity to stand out from the competition? 

  • What is your target audience and who is your ideal client? 

  • Is your business located where your ideal client is or are you positioned in the wrong place? 

  • Do you know clearly what benefits you offer your clients with your services or products? 

  • Are you suing the right metrics to increase the effectiveness of your social networks? 

  • What social networks are you prioritizing? 

  • Are the published contents aligned with your business or brand objectives?

  • Are you using copywriting techniques to connect with your audience? 

This is the first question checklist that you need to answer to find out if your social marketing plan is on schedule. If the answers don´t flow, you have a problem. You need to clean! Revise, throw away, update and use other actions that allow you to work comfortably and reach a successful Social Media focus. 

Now we can take a look at the Checklist to “Clean” and “Renew” your Social Marketing plan

As you can see, these two pages can be downloaded so you always have them at hand. There are two pages for a reason, because two different moments exist when you need to “clean” your social marketing plan.

When you clean your house, do you simply clean or do you also organize it? In general, when you clean, this leads to order. The same thing happens with Social Media. If your focus is on being disorganized, you must start with revising each and every integral element in order to update what is strictly necessary.



  •  Social Marketing Plan Objectives and Goals

When we ask you if you have a word that can guide your social media strategies, we are referring to the general objective focus. Growth? Visibility? You can choose the word that suits you best.

It´s important that the word/objective is aligned with current business/company/brand goals.

Have these goals changed? Then you need to adapt your presence on social networks with these new objectives. How do you do this? You must establish a social media Audit. This is what we mean by revision and updating.

  • Create a list of your social networks (active, inactive and absent)

What are you going to find out from this list? Without a doubt, you create a balance of your social Web presence.

But in addition you can discover if your team (or just you) have created channels that cannot be sustained later, identify inactive accounts and those that are not relevant, as well as work on the profile consistency.

Previous step: decide which networks have worked better and find out if they are necessary based on your business objectives. Your time is money. So you must channel your efforts toward concrete results. Publishing on Facebook is worthless if your clients are on Twitter.

  • Analyze your Social Marketing plan metrics: Do they meet expectations or are they out of focus?

You must analyze which metrics work correctly (meaning, what metrics are being followed by correct analytical data and which are not) as they offer you information about performance, commitment, growth, etc.

Once again, you must get rid of calculations that are not interesting and if your objectives changed, renew the metrics.

For example, if you review your social platforms and discover that some of them are not working, you must take a look at the Analytical numbers to determine if the social network is compatible to your objectives. This is all tied together.

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: are these the best metrics to track your efforts? Are they aligned with the business objectives? What other metrics can add more value?

  •  Revise the account permits, applications and the configuration of all social networks

This doesn´t seem important, however, when you “clean” your accounts and adjust the configuration of your social networks, it is essential.

For example, you could have a different administrator for your Facebook page. Maybe this administrator is no longer working with you. Then this person no longer has access to your business profile.

What about the applications? You probably don´t use many of them and they continue to access your profile information. Then you must eliminate them and only keep those you use. In this case, we recommend that you always revise the “Help” section of these social networks so you can verify if updates exist that imply some type of change in the profile configuration.

  • User name, general information, biographies and URLs

Anything that speaks of you or your company needs to be perfect. On the contrary, how can you generate this much-needed confidence with your followers? We are not talking about “live” content (those you publish permanently on your posts) we are referring to the “about” and the biographies.

The first thing you need to control is if the information is exact or is it updated correctly. Did you change the fiscal address of your business? Do you have new business hours? Do you want your followers to learn about a new update? Make it clear in this section!

Furthermore, it´s essential that you revise biographies. How long has it been since you last updated them? It´s necessary to add data every now and then. Also analyze the links you have on your bios and make sure they are working and are relevant.

Be careful with the consistency of your username in the different profiles. And the same goes for personalized URLs. Are you using the same identifier on all of them? Check it out!


  • Did you update your profile images and front page pictures? Do you have calls to action and “share” buttons?

If one thing characterizes social networks, it’s their dynamism. So, it´s important that you revise your profile images and front page pictures from time to time with the objective of having a fresh appearance.

Maybe you have made a change to your company/brand logo and need to display this on your images. Especially, if you apply a drastic change to one of your networks or on all of them. Changes in strategy are also visual changes.

Share buttons and CTAs (Calls To Action) must be updated. This is essential to achieve the best performance for your networks. We have a social marketing plan and we want to connect with the audience. These resources bring us closer to this objective. At the end of this document we provide an excellent article about Social Tools regarding the actions you can implement on Facebook to increase your sales (it contains a section about “Calls to Action”).

  • Anchored publications and milestones/Followers and “followed”

Some social networks allow you to anchor a publication on the upper part of your feed. If you are using this technique, take a look at what is anchored and make sure it´s still current. If you are unsure of the strategy, start using it! It´s quite simple. For example, all you need to do is go to the post you wish to set on Facebook and select “set at the top”.

Facebook also allows you to create milestones. This is a special type of publication that allows you to point out important moments in the story of your business or brand. Companies use this resource to announce a product launch, achievements, awards, etc.

How to create a milestone on Facebook? In the publication section, you click on “Product, Offer+”, select “Milestone” and a screen appears so you can add data: place, date and details. You can also add images.


 milestone final-

Other important updates: followers and those who are followed. Are there any inactive followers? This task is available on Twitter or Instagram. Facebook pages don´t allow you to eliminate fans. You must also do the reverse: control who you are following. Can you eliminate inactive pages? Do you have followers that are not interesting? And, do you need to connect with potential partners or influential individuals?

  • SEO Strategies (Optimize search engines)

We say it again: change your objectives when the social marketing plan you have in place impacts each of the integrated elements. The question seems to be the following: Are you using SEO strategies on your social network profiles?

If you want to appear on a Google search, don´t loose sight of this resource (before we end this document we are going to share a useful article with you about this topic). Now, if you are optimizing profiles and you have changed the goals of your Social Media plan, these strategies must also be adapted to these changes.

  • Ideal client, target audience, content and copywriting

In fact, this subtitle needs a separate post because it’s important to think about these concepts when you face a social marketing plan. In this case, you need to take a look at your target audience, who is your ideal client and how you need to use content so it connects with this audience/client and the needed copywriting techniques you must use to connect with the target audience.

Maïder Tomasena, specialist in Copywriting, makes this quite clear “YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IS NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE”. The target audience “is a group of individuals who need what you are offering and they are receptive to buying”. Your ideal client is in that group of individuals and is the ideal person to make purchases. This is the easy client who values your work and who recommends you to others. Do you know who your ideal client is? Revise this concept in order to offer valuable content with clear objectives.

Copywriting is a persuasive writing technique that allows you to sell by using words. This lies within content marketing and stands out because it´s effective. Ultimately, every social marketing plan has a strong objective: to sell services or products. What you need to examine closer is how to do this with the business values and the connection these values have with your clients.

Have you seen what we have written for you here? We want to help you and we think this checklist can be just what you need to be successful. What did you think? Do you need to clean your social marketing plan? If you do this now, let us know how it went. Before we bid our farewell, here are the articles we promised: