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It may seem like a joke, but there are still plenty of business, even Digital Marketing agencies that run their Social Media without a planned strategy. This can lead to managing your Social Media being a nightmare and not getting the results you were hoping for. Avoid having a bad experience simply by creating an annual Digital Marketing strategy ahead. You’re are still on time to do it!

Stop being part of the 95% of small business that posts their content without a plan and start separating yourself from your competition.




What does a Digital Marketing Annual Strategy stand for?

A Digital Marketing annual strategy is the document that will guide us on where to go with time on our Social Media Channels. This means it will be our guide to consult all the time to keep up on the right track to accomplish our goals.

In this document, there should be a review of the current situation that can back up the new path that will be taken. Besides, it is important to set clear goals in order to develop a plan on how they will be achieved.

Don’t let yourself panic! We will tell you how to create an annual plan without going completely insane in between.


Analyze the current situation.





Analyze the results from the past year up close. This will give you the opportunity to improve and have greater results.

To start, we suggest you start evaluating the inside situation in your business:

  • Website: do you have an updated website? Is it responsive?
  • SEO: how is your SEO? What words are getting more traffic? Are you considered a top business for Google?
  • Social Media: how often are you posting? What’s your engagement like? Which posts are the most successful and why do you think that is?
  • Email Marketing campaign: are you running one? How many subscribers do you have? How much is the bounce rate?
  • Metrics: how much was invested in Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads? How much of the invested money became leads?
  • Google Analytics: how many people are visiting your website? Which sections were the most visited ones? How long are people surfing thru your site?

This will help you see where you stand and which are the best steps towards a more successful digital presence.

Once you have the inside data, it is necessary to evaluate the outside. Notice how your target is and how it engages. Identify if your posts are talking to your wished target and create content that speaks to it. To do this right, creating a buyer persona will be helpful to understand interests, behavior, where your followers come from, etc.

At this point, it is essential to take a look at your competitors and see if they are having success how are they doing it. Create a digital marketing benchmarking and gather all the information needed to have a start point to get your own annual strategy done.

To finish this stage, we strongly advise you to do it the right way. Make a digital DAFO or FODA where you put down the previously gathered information.




To be able to create a good digital strategy, it is imperative to have clear goals. We recommend having short, medium and long-term goals to make it easier to see if what you are doing is really working out. Have in mind goals must be specific, measurable, relevant and temporary.

The goals will depend on today’s digital status and the resources you have when planning them. The effort, can be focused on getting people to know our products or service better, SEO, have a more solid database for an email marketing campaign, bring up your sales numbers or make the customers faithful to our brand.


What´s next?

Creating a digital strategy will allow you to accomplish your goals without losing track. For this, it is important to know how to develop a strategy and have clear goals.

Now that we have our goals listed (keep in mind it is recommended to have 4 at most), put beside each one what will be done to really get it done. For example: if within your goals you’ve written Social Media positioning for your brand, as part of your digital strategy you should consider investing in Facebook Ads; on the other hand if what you are looking for is a greater reach and going viral we strongly advise you to create fun contests on your Facebook fanpage.

Un plan de marketing digital te ayudará a definir la ruta de acciones que deberás llevar a cabo para lograr tus objetivos. Recordemos que un qué sin un cómo será difícil de lograr. Como redactar una estrategia: objetivos, medio/canal, quién, qué, dónde, cómo, cuándo, KPIs e inversión. Toda esta información será fundamental al momento de presentar la estrategia digital.




  • Love at first sight: remember it is easier to get your potential clients attention with an interesting graphic or a flashy picture. As a trend this year on Social Media, it is said that consumers will be more attracted to content that is creative and interesting to see, experts are strongly advising to include videos on your feed for this year.
  • Speak to your target: it is still trendy to post content specifically for your target and not generic. As a top priority element in your strategy remember this will make the difference in how close your users feel to your brand and their fidelity. How to accomplish this? Easy, ask them what the need from you! Create a quiz or poll with SocialTools app suite in less than 5 minutes and without needing the help of a developer or design expert.
  • Quality over quantity when choosing influencers: like you just read, it has been left in the past looking for influencers that have thousand ‘Ks’ followers. This year, we suggest you start looking at micro influencers, that even though they have a smaller community, the quality is better, more specific and for this, they will lead to more fidelity towards your brand.
  • Always think mobile: people are using more and more their mobile to go online and less their computers to check their Social Media. Therefore, this year you must make sure your design is mobile responsive, if not we are pretty sure you won’t be able to accomplish what you hoped for.
  • Making your brand more friendly: the more friendly and close your present your brand online, the more likely your followers are to feel the closeness with it. If you haven’t done it, we strongly advise you to reward their fidelity with something fun like a Facebook contest.

Let´s put everything to work!

I’m sure a couple of ideas on how you will be running your annual digital strategy popped into your head while you were reading this blogpost. Remember to write down the important dates in your area and the content you will be sharing. This means, take notice not only on the official dates, but the fun ones too like Icecream Day (if it fits your strategy, of course). This will give your content a fun dynamic personal touch.


Ready? This year you have the opportunity to accomplish all the goals you set yourself too! We wish you all the success in the world.