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The 5 Advantages of Social Networks You Must Teach your Employees about

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

advantages of social networks, what are they

We’re guessing that you know the benefits of Social Media Marketing (especially since you’re reading our blog!). Nonetheless, it’s not always easy to transmit to you Work Team the purpose behind them, that’s why today, I’m presenting you with the 5 Advantages of Social Networks You Must Teach your Employees about.

In this article you’ll find the main benefit of including social platforms into the rest of your business’s marketing strategies. Each of these benefits are backed by a success story; so you can share this post with your work team and make sure they understand each strategies’ potential.

Let’s get started!

5 Advantages of Social Networks You Must Teach Your Employees About to Orient Your Campaigns Towards Success

Advantages of Social Networks infographic

1- They are the perfect channel for transmitting emotions and generating identification

We’re going to start off by mentioning that Social Networks permit, unlike other means of diffusion (such as TV), the creation a much closer bond with people. While a publicity advertisement shows a unilateral message, Networks provide a swapping space which favors this feeling of closeness and belonging.

Thus, they are the ideal platform for spreading your brand’s proposals and  strategic content, in order to generate identification. Its the quality of everyday means of communication and the fact that millions of users are interconnected which makes it possible for your posts to go viral, taking your brand further than ever.

Marketing specialists from the Dove brand keep this fact in mind and in 2013 they launched a touching and original campaign titled Real Beauty Sketches. The short 3-minute video was share don Social Networks and was a complete hit on Facebook and YouTube.

The clip shows women describing themselves to a forensic artist, who can’t see them while he’s drawing. Then a person who doesn’t really know them and has only interacted with them briefly describes them to the forensic artist and a new drawing is created based on their point of view.  

Lastly, while comparing the two drawings of each woman its noted that women view themselves much uglier than everyone else does. This echoed among many women, and they didn’t hesitate in sharing the video. The number of shares surpassed 660 million on Facebook just 10 days after the campaign was launched.

Below you can see the video from the Dove YouTube channel, which has more than 1190000 plays:

2- They can be a profitable work space and a means of communication with the audience

In addition to being a communication and interaction channel, another one of the advantages of Social Networks is that they can become an effective and productive work space. That is to say, a place to develop specific goals related to your business which result in measurable and profitable outcomes.

So for example, you can use Social Networks to:

The latter possibility is capable of changing your company’s path for ever by turning it into  a hit. This is demonstrated by TaxiOviedo (on Twitter, @taxioviedo), a project by Rixar García, an entrepreneur the succeeded in using Twitter to make their business grow and setting themselves apart from the competition.

His taxi company, which has always been distinguished by going above and beyond and providing additional accommodations, took an unprecedented boost while offering clients the possibility to request the service through a private message on Twitter (DM). A geolocation service and the use of Foursquare were added to this.

The use of Social Networks demonstrated by TaxiOviedo guaranteed them being among the 15% y el 25% of Aeropuesto contracts through Twitter.

advantages of social networks taxioviedo twitter page

3- They are the ideal place for promoting your services, in a non-pushy way

Being as Social Networks are made up of millions of people, its fundamental to offer your followers reasons to stick with you. The best way of doing this with your brand is to appear near and demonstrate that you know your audience and you know exactly what they need.

Sounds ideal, right? But, how do you get your public to connect with what you’re offering them on your business’s page? Is it possible to mix attractive and relevant content in order to increase your sales? The answer is: yes, it’s possible!

This is confirmed by the G Michael hair salon, located in Indianapolis. His ingenious marketing team discovered that the business’s Facebook Page was the perfect place to socialize with the audience and attract them to the hair salon.

A large part of his success is due to the promotional content of his posts, where his services were exhibited with empathy and entertainment. They published before and after photos to show their stylists high level of training, which brought them an enormous increase in sales.

advantages of social networks g michael salon facebook post

4- They offer the possibility to attract your public and gain their loyalty

Imagine Social Networks as a bridge between you and your audience: thanks to social networks you’re able to get to know the people interested in your proposals and be present in their daily lives. Being said, each one of your social channels is a tool for attracting and gain your public’s loyalty.

That’s Social Media Marketing! And it’s very effective if you can understand what it is that amuses, informs and attracts your target public.  FC Barcelona demonstrates this by an awesome management of their Instagram account (which is new) that receives more than 100 million Likes in real time.

How did they do it? Simple! They gave the audience a fun contest, through which a small number of winners would be selected who would be able to transmit a live FC Barcelona-Osasuna game via Instagram. By doing this they generated engagement and gained thousands of new fans.

After the contest the FC Barcelona Instagram account experienced steady growth, even to this day. They current possess more than 34 million followers.

advantages of social networks FCBarcelona twitter account

5- They are the best ally when it comes to involving your audience in events and openings

To finish up the list of the advantages of Social Networks, it’s worth noting that they are very effective in sparking your audiences’ interest for Events, Opening and other special occasions for your business. Why? Because they offer you a means of communication to generate expectation.

That being said, there are different ways to catch your public’s attention and make them interested in your even or opening. First off, you have to be sure to select the appropriate social networks in order to find your audience. Then you can start to work on your ideas for promoting events.

In all instances, a very effective technique for creating excitement around your event or opening is to have your users participate in the project’s development. So for example, you can share some of the info with users such as what the topic for your conference will be (and consult them in passing, to favor engagement).

A similar strategy was used by Glossier, the cosmetic Brand who’s successful launch is due to its excellent use of Instagram. On there the Marketing team, after making sure that their audience between the ages of 20 and 35 could find the content on this Social Network, launched a campaign to create excitement and engagement.

Said campaign included questions for the audience about what their preferred products were, witty criticism of other cosmetic companies and the publication of the project’s development with questions on design and packaging. This allowed them to increase from 15 million users 10 18 million users in less than 7 days. Not bad! Right?

advantages of social networks glossier instagram post

That’s all for today! I hope you found this article useful and that it helped you to understand and transmit the advantages of Social Networks to your team. This way they’ll be able to put more effort into achieving goals, in terms of Marketing and Online Diffusion.

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