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8 Effective Actions to Foster Customer Loyalty on Facebook

Por Andrés Bergero |

Foster Customer Loyalty: 8-Ways-to-Retain-Customers-on-Facebook

In the world of digital marketing, Facebook is not only important because it has more than one million active users every day. Or the fact that you are guaranteed to find your target audience, but also because it’s the ideal platform for communicating with your audience. Facebook allows you to generate an enduring bond of loyalty between your community and your business. Want to find out how? That’s what we’re going to talk about today!


In this post you will learn 8 effective actions to foster customer loyalty on Facebook, so that each day more and more people decide to stay with your brand.





Logically, in order to satisfy your target audience, you must first get to know them- and get to know them well. In other words, if you want to establish an effective and quality connection, it’s essential to know who you’re addressing your campaign towards.


Being familiar with the characteristics of your audience will help you target your content strategy for Social Networks and allow you to provide your users with what they need and want. This is essential if you want to foster customer loyalty.


So, how can you get to know your target audience on Facebook? There are several ways to answer this question. You Can:


  • Consult your market research.
  • Check your Fan Page’s stats (Facebook Insights).
  • Analyze who your products or services are directed to.

In order to help you in the task of figuring out the main characteristics of your target audience on Facebook, answer the 8 questions we list for you in the image below.





Now that you know your target audience, you are ready to get down to the task of designing your Facebook page more professionally and as streamlined as possible. The idea is that you present it to your audience correctly and creatively.


If you take advantage of all the channels that Facebook offers you to demonstrate your brand, your vision, mission,  values, goals, strategies and products, you will be able to foster customer loyalty quicker.


To create an effective profile you should address the following points:


  • Use the correct image sizes for profile pictures and cover photos, as recommended by Facebook. Note that the cover image is the most prominent part of your profile, so it should be attractive, while representative of your brand at the same time. In regards to your profile picture, it is a great space to exhibit your company’s logo.



  • Fill all available spaces with information about your brand. Many companies skip this step or they only do it half-way. However, it is essential to complete, because providing such information is what is going to allow people to identify with your proposal and start to follow you. Above all, be sure to write an introduction of your brand or business and include links to your website.



  • In your Videos section, Be sure to take advantage of the ‘Featured Videos’ function to show your audience an audiovisual presentation of your proposal or your most important promotional messages. To enable this feature, simply go to the Videos tab on your Fan Page (where you should have at least one video uploaded) and press “Add Featured Video. Then you can choose to upload a new video or select one that you’ve already uploaded to be highlighted.





Use the power of Landing Pages within your Facebook page! Facebook Tabs let you bring direct traffic from your Fan Page to your Landing Page, where visitors will become leads.


Thanks to them you can promote contests, display products, offer free materials or collect email addresses of users who sign up to receive your newsletter. You will obtain the leads that you’ve been looking for and grow your database. That way you’ll be able to use them for Email Marketing (a strategy that we will develop in #8 of this article, which I highly recommend using if your goal is to foster customer loyalty).


To manage your Facebook Tabs, you simply go to your Fan Page and click on the “More” dropdown menu, as shown in the image below. Then select the “Manage Tabs” option and you’ll be ready to rearrange your sections.



Additionally, you can create Personalized Tabs on Facebook to “customize” the experience of your followers on your Fan Page. For example, you can add a tab that leads to your website, an image, video, or whatever it is you want to promote on your page. To implement this option, just go to SocialTools list of apps, scroll down and choose the “Personalized Tab” option. Then you will be guided step by step through the process of generating your custom tabs in a simple and intuitive way. Voilà!




In order to foster customer loyalty using your Facebook Page, it is essential to offer people an added value, that is, a reason to stay with you. To this end, I suggest including relevant content in your posts, ie something that adds value to whoever reads it’s life:


  • Useful information: either about how to use your products, how to take advantage of your promotions or optimize a process linked to your commercial offer (for example, if you sell computer supplies, you could explain how to use them using tutorials).
  • Entertainment: we all like to laugh and have a good time reading a cute story with photos or watch entertaining GIFs and videos, so don’t hesitate to include them in your posts!
  • Specialized information about your industry: people who choose to follow your brand on Facebook do so because they feel that you can provide them with specialized info. For example, concerning the latest trends in the industry, innovative projects, “what’s next”, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you include this type of news in your publications.


In addition, I advise keeping your “promotional posts “in check” as sharing them too much can be overwhelming or annoying for your audience. To guide yourself as to what is the best frequency for sharing strictly commercial posts, use the 80-20 Content Rule shown in the image below:




So, while the idea is to promote your service, you should try to add value to your fans’ lives by providing useful data. This will increase your chances of retaining your customers. A great way to do so is to share content through the use of infographics, eBooks, blog posts or tutorials.


SocialTip: Make sure that each post includes a clear Call to Action that invites them to perform the action!




It’s time to take advantage of the potential of games to generate the sought after engagement on Social Media. Why? Simply because we all enjoy entertainment, especially when there’s a challenge, a competition and/or prizes up for grabs. And if users are having fun, it will be easier to obtain their contact information, especially if it’s a requirement for participation!


SocialTip: Don’t forget! It’s key that any activity you choose to implement be linked to your product and be fun for your community.


You can also create your own contests on Facebook and invite your fans to participate. For example, in order to sign up for an image contest, users should upload their best photos of themselves using your products in exchange for a prize. You can choose the winner or have whoever has the most votes from the public.




While your Fans are having fun with your contests, you can increase interactions with the brand, increase visibility, foster customer loyalty, generate traffic to your Fan Page and WebSite, increase your followers and generate leads. Again, you can collect data from participants and increase your database for your advertising campaigns on Facebook.




Facebook Ads allows you to promote your site, event or product, improve the positioning of your brand and foster customer loyalty, paying only according to the number of clicks obtained. This allows you to segment your advertising campaigns in an incredibly detailed way in order to target your ads only to the customers who you want to retain.


Thus, by pay-per-click advertising on Facebook, you’ll only pay for the clicks your ads receive, without speculation. In addition, the total cost you pay will not exceed the daily budget you’ve established, nor your budget for your set of ads.


If you would like to learn more in detail about how to start a Facebook Ad campaign, I suggest taking a look at this video tutorial, which clearly explains the steps on how to succeed with this tactic:




Knowing what is being talked about on social media is most convenient for establishing your communication strategies successfully. That way you will be a few steps ahead of your competition and can increase the engagement (commitment/relationship) with your community exponentially.


Monitoring conversations helps you find out which topics are of interest to your audience, identify potential conflicts for your brand, get to know your target audience more deeply, identify new markets and opportunities for your products.


Use the data you find to generate posts related to them, participate in conversations that involve you or are about your sector, answer questions, etc. The fact that your brand connects and socializes with people increases its presence. This is a very important strategy for reaching your goal of retaining customers and fostering loyalty within your community.


In order to monitor relevant conversations for your brand I suggest using SocialMention, a search engine that allows you to monitor the impact obtained by any search term (eg. your brand name) on more than 80 social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and many others. Later on, we’ll take a look at how to use SocialMention. In our example the search term used is “Soda Stereo”, in honor of the great Argentinian band.


The first thing to do is enter your search term, as shown in the following GIF. As you can see, you have the ability to filter results by blogs, images, videos, and more. In this case we will include all sources:



Then you’ll see all the places where your brand or search term has been mentioned appear. You’ll see in detail who is mentioning your brand (or hashtag), at what time and on which channels. In the next picture you can see how search results are presented, in this case the term “Soda Stereo”.




As you can see, the results are presented to you filtered by date, from the most current to the oldest. You can modify this and other filters on the menu located just above the list. In addition, SocialMention offers you four parameters developed exclusively for this tool, which are:

  1. Strength: shows the probability that your brand is being mentioned on Social Media.
  2. Sentiment: this is proportion of entries that are generally positive, against those that are generally negative.
  3. Passion: indicates the probability that individuals who talk about your brand repeatedly do so.
  4. Reach: shows the range of influence, from the number of individual authors referencing your brand, divided by the total number of mentions received.


In the screenshot above you can see that these parameters appear in a box at the top left of the screen. Using SocialMention to monitor relevant conversations will help you know on which sites your fans are most engaged with your brand, which is essential if your goal is to foster customer loyalty. That way you can identify your customers, contact them, and then recognize or reward their loyalty somehow.




Have you heard about the benefits of combining Social Media with Email Marketing? As I mentioned earlier, your campaigns on Facebook can help you create or expand your database of email addresses. It is the people who have already shown an interest in your product, that you should be directing your email marketing actions towards, in order to improve your positioning and increase their loyalty to your brand.


SocialTip: It’s important that you strategically draft every email that people on your database will receive. Do not forget that each part of the email (subject, return address, opening paragraph, body, final paragraph) has its importance and is crucial to achieve what you want from the reader.


In all cases, make sure you are providing valuable information for the recipient. This will make your emails more desirable and you’ll have an open door for reaching customers.


Establish a frequency of emails, for example:

  • Create an email that they’ll receive when they start participating in a competition or a game where you thank them for their participation and show them tips to win.
  • After a couple of days, send an email with useful information about the contest, game, etc.
  • If the person has not returned to your page or site, send an email with tips about your product.
  • If the person has entered your page repeatedly but does not complete the purchase, send an email with a discount or benefit.
  • Once a week, send a newsletter, with industry news and topics that may be found attractive and interesting.
  • Once every 15 days, send promotions and discounts that you’re offering.
  • etc.


A well-designed email marketing campaign will bring incredible benefits, as it will increase traffic to your website, promote your products, foster customer loyalty, and generate new leads.


If you start utilizing email marketing campaigns, I suggest using Doppler. This tool allows you to manage sending automatic emails from start to finish (from their creation to the detailed management of your subscribers). It also lets you include social buttons on your promotional emails, so that people can share them with their contacts on Social Networks, as shown in the image below:




So far we have covered 8 specific actions to increase leads and attract customers through Facebook. We hope that this article can help you foster customer loyalty and drive the growth you want for your business by improving the use of your Facebook Page.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you can apply the tips we’ve shared with you today.


Had you already started working on some of the strategies mentioned here? Tell us your experience! And please remember to share this article with all your contacts. See you soon! :)