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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Facebook Videos

Por Euge Skaf | Content creator

Facebook Videos: 4 Ways to Take Advantage of them


As you might have noticed, in the last few months, Facebook has given increasing priority to videos. As a result, the Social Network has become one of the spaces in which more videos are shared every day (more than 3 billion are published daily.) Much of this success is because people are very attracted to this type of content. Therefore, in this blog post I will share with you 4 ways to get the most out of your Facebook Videos. That way, you can get your messages to reach as many people as possible. Here we go!


4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Videos




1- Create videos that people want to share


When thinking what kind of Facebook Videos you’re going to publish on your Fan Page, you have to ask yourself: what do people want to share on Facebook? Thinking about it this way is the most effective way to get your videos to go viral. To answer this question, just take a look at the most shared audiovisual content on the Social Network. For this task, the tool BuzzSumo can help you a lot. It lets you know what the most popular and trending posts on Social Media are.


Beyond the topics of the moment, they also identify some general topics which are attractive to users. These are: pets (especially cats and dogs) and food (yes food!). Also keep in mind that people need to relate to the content you post if they are going to share them with their friends. That is, if you just talk about your brand, you’re not going to get very great results. Instead, try to positively answer the following questions before you upload any Facebook Videos: Can your audience connect with this content? Are they going to be emotionally moved by it?




2- Take Advantage of Featured Video function


As we told you in our post on Facebook news for companies, they have recently implemented a Featured Video function, which lets you pin a particular video from your Videos tab to your Fan Page. This option is an excellent opportunity to promote your most important messages. For example, you can create a video to present your brand, to show your latest products, or to announce the winners of your latest Facebook contest. It is essential that you capitalize on this tool in order to spread your message.


Facebook Videos


3- Include a Call to Action


People often respond very favorably if you suggest that they do something at the end, that’s why it’s important that you include a Call To Action in your videos. For example, you can set up options at the end of the video that say: “Play Again“, “View more videos” and other similar alternatives. To configure this option, go to the menu “Edit Video” and look under the “Call to Action” part. You will find several alternatives to incorporate into your content.


4- Convince people to keep watching your video in the first few seconds


Fortunately, now Facebook Videos are played automatically when displayed on the user’s screen, even in the Newsfeed. However, this does not guarantee that people will be looking at your content, so it’s crucial that you use those first few seconds to grab their attention and convince them to view the rest of your clip. So, whether you create your own Facebook Videos or get them from other sources, make sure that they are “eye-catching” from the beginning. Below you can see an example of content that is able to grab the attention of the audience during the first few seconds.



If you apply these 4 tips to make the most of your Facebook Videos, surely you will see positive results. To complement this article, I suggest taking a look at another one of our articles on how to increase your Likes on Facebook, where you will find more marketing tips for managing your Fan Page.
Did you like this blog post? Would you add another tip to the list? We want to hear your opinion! And please remember to share this article with your contacts. See you soon! 😉