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1. Your information will never be given to third parties, or used for publicity, or anything else unrelated to this service and by those collecting the information

2. Your information will be incorporated into a file owned by Social Tools and used with the only purpose of carrying out the requested services and administrative work.

3. You authorize and grant your express consent to Social Tools, for the use of your personal information to the ends expressed. This information will be that which you give or which can be collected on the websites of Social Tools , through contact forms, through the contract process, installation or activation of products and apps of Social Tools , and/or through any other media.

4. At any time you may enact your right to access, rectify, cancel, or object to the treatment of the personal information in the power of Social Tools , via written request directed to indicating the issue "Protection of information" and providing proof of identity according to current laws.

5. Minors: Are prohibited from purchasing products, activating promotions, and using apps Social Tools under the age of 14 unless there is consensual agreement. Social Tools does not collect personal information of persons under the age of 14 without express consent provided in writing by a parent or legal guardian. In which case, said consent should be referred to for management, verification, and authorization.

6. If at any moment Social Tools becomes aware of having received personal information of a minor that does not meet the required standards, it will proceed to cancel and eliminate said information.

7. Navigation using Cookies: Our Website may use cookies, small data files that are generated in your computer to streamline the navigation and guarantee operation of some of our apps. You have the ability to eliminate and impede the generation of cookies by selecting the corresponding option in your web browser. Be aware that eliminating these elements may impede the functionality of the web in certain cases.

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