Pricing & Plans.

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per month billed annually
You Save $45/annually.
  • or $25 USD monthly.


per month billed annually
You Save $124/annually.
  • or $69 USD monthly.


per month billed annually
You Save $178/annually.
  • or $99 USD monthly.


per month billed annually
You Save $358/annually.
  • or $199 USD monthly.


per month billed annually
You Save $1258/annually.
  • or $699 USD monthly.

All plans come with:

  • The ability to create unlimited applications (choose from 19 applications).
  • Access to all of our analytics tools to measure response and improve over time
  • 100% compatibility with all search engines and device.
  • Customer service and technical support 24/7, 365 days.
  • Digital marketing support.

Become viral.

SocialTools allows you to promote your app when participants share their activity, which helps your contest or content go viral.


You can try any SocialTools app for free without providing details of your credit card. In addition, you can save the results of your free trial!

Cancel at any time.

You can unsubscribe from Social Tools at anytime. And as always, we’re available (and more than happy) to help you out with any concerns you have.

Frequent questions

Is SocialTools useful for agencies and people dedicated to digital marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, it is the perfect tool to have a competitive advantage, since it allows to create marketing campaigns on Facebook in a simple way. Usually, a subscription will be paid after the projects!

Why use SocialTools?

SocialTools is good for
· It allows you to manage all your fanpages from one site.
· It allows you to better know your audience.
· It is very easy to use. It is not necessary prior technical knowledge, design or programming.
· The cost of implementation is less than other online tools to take marketing actions.
· All our plans have unlimited access to all our apps.
· A user's Facebook information can only be obtained through an external app.

How does SocialTools work?

SocialTools allows you to create applications on your fanpage, publish them and delete them whenever you want, in addition to knowing your users. All this in one place.

How do I manage my applications?

As the creator or administrator of your fanpages, you can manage all your applications from the control panel or dashboard. From there, you can create new applications, edit existing ones and eliminate those that you will not need.

Can I use several applications simultaneously?

Of course! You can use any SocialTools app whenever you want and how much you want. The only limitation that you should take into account, is that Facebook will only allow you to have 3 tabs visible in a fanpage at the same time.

Is SocialTools in line with the Facebook Terms of Service?

Yes, SocialTools follows all policies and terms of service strictly.

What happens if my fanpage exceeds the limit of fans allowed by the plan I have hired?

If your fanpage exceeds the limit of fans established by the plan, your account will be updated automatically to the plan that follows in the following month.

How / when do I pay for my plan?

At the beginning of your subscription period and through one of our 100% secure payment methods. For example, if you have subscribed to a plan on January 10, you can use this plan until February 10, on February 10, you will be charged for the next month.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time. We do not have a minimum subscription period required.
Entering >> session "My Account" >> you must click on "My Plans" >> select the plan you want to unsubscribe by clicking on the eye icon >> in the new window you will have to click in "Dar de Baja". Finally you will see a pop-up confirming the withdrawal.
Finally you will see a pop-up confirming the low .
If you want to unlink your Facebook account with Social Tools you must do it from your Facebook account, by entering Applications and then deleting Social Tools .

How do I contact customer service or technical support?

You can contact us using our contact form here.

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