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Sometimes you don’t realize how important owning a good vacuum can be until you’ve used a bad one. The frustration of rolling over the same spot 317 times and ending up not cleaning much of anything is infuriating and will usually lead you to rage-quit cleaning your home. 

Stop perpetuating the cycle and check out the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, which you can get on sale today.

This powerful Shark vacuum is now only $98 on Walmart, while it's usually $142. The opportunity to pick up one of these things for under $100 is almost unheard of, so jump on it while you can. According to Walmart, this deal should stay live through Feb. 19. Read more...

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Author: Dylan Haas

Warning: One absolutely unavoidable (and major) spoiler for Far Cry 5 is below, but chances are you've already heard about it.

Ah, the "standalone sequel." It's a tricky beast. Of course players want it to work. Heaven knows studios want it to work. Unfortunately, it rarely works. 

Far Cry: New Dawn is no exception – but that is far from a bad thing.

The latest Far Cry spinoff takes us back to Hope County, Montana, the setting for all of the events in its fifth main game. While we're dealing with a completely new story line, (almost) entirely different characters, and an elaborately re-skinned environment, newcomers shouldn't plan on enjoying this chapter sans Far Cry 5 knowledge. Note that I'm saying "shouldn't" and not "couldn't." Read more...

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Author: Alison Foreman

No matter how you feel about the current leader of the free world on this here Presidents Day, we can all agree on this: There's no better way to honor George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Barack Obama, and company than by taking advantage of some stellar holiday sales. (After all, what's more inherently American than some good old-fashioned consumerism?)

For a limited time, you can take an extra 15% off the following already-discounted household items in the Mashable Shop when you enter the coupon code PREZDAY15 at checkout:

1. Aquasonic PRO Toothbrush (with accessories)

Plaque and odor-producing germs don't stand a chance against the Aquasonic PRO whitening toothbrush, which runs at 40,000 vibrations per minute and features four different working modes: clean, soft, whiten, and massage. Each ultrasonic toothbrush comes with six adaptive brush heads, a wireless charging glass (which doubles as a rinsing glass), and a convenient travel case. It's their most advanced toothbrush yet. Read more...

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Author: Dylan Haas

Put down the latte and listen up: If you're like the millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, saving money needs to be on the top of your to-do list. Like, stat. 

Understanding personal finance can be intimidating. You know how much money you make and you’re trying to save a little bit here and there, but the reality of mounting student loan bills and other living expenses can weigh heavily on millennials — which is why it’s difficult to think of the bigger picture.

Listen: a personal finance app (or two or three) can be your best friend in terms of getting smarter about how you save — and spend — your money. (We recommending starting with YNAB, but more on that later.) Read more...

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Author: Rudie Obias

As we celebrate Presidents Day, we have a fun little trivia for you: did you know that George Washington grew hemp?

We know what you're thinking, and nope, it's not that kind. The American Cincinnatus grew the type of hemp that turns into a rope, not the type you smoke.

But now that we have your attention, allow us to direct you to something that is also (technically) made from hemp: CBD-infused gummies.

In case you haven't noticed, CBD (cannabidiol) is all the rage right now. Unlike its trippy cousin THC, CBD is believed to promote a sense of calm and overall wellness, and it's now found in a laundry list of items of varying levels of weirdness — from topical oil to sparkling water to scented candles to even mascara. Read more...

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Author: Miller Kern

Look at the back of your car or the next car passing by. Unless it's an ultraluxury Lamborghini or something similar, you likely just saw which car company made the car (maybe a Honda) as well as which model it is (probably a Civic). 

Now look at the backside of a Tesla Model 3, the electric car company's newest sedan.

It's almost entirely bare, save for the Tesla logo above the license plate. (The dual motor version is badged and says "Dual Motor," so there are exceptions.) Its predecessors, Models X and S, out in 2015 and 2012, respectively, didn't get this same treatment — their names were prominently displayed on the backs of the car. But when the new Model 3s first started appearing out of factories and on roads in 2017 the only clue a car was the Model 3 was a Model 3 license plate frame from the dealership. Now that the cars are more abundant, the frames are coming off, and there's little to indicate which car it is. Read more...

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Author: Sasha Lekach

Just days after unveiling a plan to hand out certain Oscars during commercial breaks, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided it will air every Oscars category live after all. 

"The Academy has heard the feedback from its membership regarding the Oscar presentation of four awards – Cinematography, Film Editing, Live Action Short, and Makeup and Hairstyling," said the organization in a statement. "All Academy Awards will be presented without edits, in our traditional format."

This news comes after a meeting between Academy leadership, including president John Bailey, and "top cinematographers," reports Variety. Read more...

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Author: Angie Han

Lies, paranoia, billions in alleged fraud, and potential jail time all hidden behind a Steve Jobs-style black turtleneck. You'd be forgiven for thinking the latest documentary from HBO, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, was more fiction that fact. 

But the film, which promises to chronicle the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her failed blood-testing company Theranos, is very much the latter. 

The documentary premieres March 18 on HBO, and, if the intense trailer that dropped is any indication, is going to pack quite the punch. Get your popcorn ready.  Read more...

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Author: Jack Morse

Google and Apple are under pressure from human rights groups and a U.S. senator to remove from their stores an app called Absher. The app was created by the Saudi government and includes a feature that helps men monitor and control women who are under their guardianship, including wives and unmarried daughters.

Saudi men have this right thanks to the country's oppressive guardianship laws, which mandate every woman has a male guardian to make critical life decisions on her behalf. That guardian can be a father, brother, husband, or son, according to Human Rights Watch. So men get the power to approve things like whether a woman applies for a passport, studies abroad, travels outside the country, or gets married. That system was already well in place before Absher'’s debut, but the app makes controlling women much more efficient.  Read more...

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Author: Victoria Rodriguez

A lonely guy pretended to get stood up on a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Outback, wasted hours of a well-meaning but clueless server's night, and went home with a free meal. Outback even offered him another free meal — provided he bring a real date. 

27-year-old Stephen Bosner spent Feb. 14 on a mission: To bring home a free steak. He made a reservation for two at America's favorite Australian-ish fast casual steakhouse, donned a suit jacket, and packed some tissue paper into plastic bag as a makeshift "gift." He walked in, dateless, and told the host that the 10-minute wait was fine because
"she said she was running a bit late anyway.” Read more...

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Author: Morgan Sung

The NBA fans of Reddit are a lighthearted bunch. Extremely internet meme-dom peppers the typical talk of games and trades and stats. But the r/NBA subreddit recently took the discussion in a surprising — and delightful — direction, concerning pop star, queer icon, and internet queen Carly Rae Jepsen.

On Jan. 30, Reddit user u/NAD_83 shared the news that Jepsen would be singing the Canadian National Anthem at the NBA All Star game, which takes place this weekend, on Feb. 17. The news itself is not that surprising: Jepsen, who is Canadian, rose to fame after placing third on Canadian Idol in 2007. Read more...

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Author: Rachel Kraus

The release of Star Wars: Episode IX on Dec. 20 is still far, far away, but director J.J. Abrams is reassuring everyone that the last chapter in the Skywalker saga is well on its way towards theaters.

In a tweet Friday morning, Abrams posted a photo of stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac in character, seemingly hugging it out. After months of filming, the image's caption announced the official end of photography for the project. 

"It feels impossible, but today wrapped photography on Episode IX," reads the post. "There is no adequate way to thank this truly magical crew and cast. I'm forever indebted to you all."  Read more...

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Author: Alison Foreman

Donald Trump is back at it again with the extremely un-presidential tweets.

On Friday afternoon, hours after he held a press conference outside the White House to announce he was declaring a national emergency (even though he didn't need to) the president tweeted a parody State of the Union video in an effort to mock Democrats.

The video, originally created by @carpedonktum, shows clips of Democratic members of Congress at Trump's State of the Union address set to that super emo R.E.M. song, "Everybody Hurts."

The 2:20 video was posted to YouTube earlier this month and received more than 50,000 views, but it seems Trump just noticed — and it must have really spoken to him. Read more...

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Author: Nicole Gallucci

Mars' surface is a lifeless, unwelcoming desert. But beneath its red soil the planet still might be alive — geologically.

Big space news broke in 2018: Using a ground-penetrating radar aboard a Mars satellite, a group of scientists detected a thin 12-mile lake thousands of feet beneath the Martian south pole. Now, researchers have put forward a paper arguing that if there is indeed a sizable briny-lake underneath this ice cap, hot molten rock (magma) must have oozed up near the surface and melted the ice. 

Such underground volcanism would have happened in geologically recent time, perhaps a few hundred thousand years ago, or less.  Read more...

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Author: Mark Kaufman

More than two years ago, 20th Century Fox invited the press to the set of Alita: Battle Angel, which had just started production. It was all very hush-hush, and we agreed not to report on what we'd seen, heard, and done on the backlot until the film's launch in February 2019.

In November 2016, I awoke early in Austin, Texas, and was driven to a site that was previously the city's main airport. It's now home to Troublemaker Studios, founded in 1999 by the film's director, Robert Rodriguez, and producer Elizabeth Avellán.

Carved out of two massive airplane hangars, Stage 1 (9,460 square feet) and Stage 2 (14,000 square feet) loomed large over background artists dressed in futuristic dystopian garb, who milled around grabbing breakfast from craft services. We were whisked through office hallways, the art department, wardrobe, and the Mill Space (fiberglassing, blow torches, vast sets, and lots of shouted commands to "Mind that cable!") before arriving in a dark screening room. Read more...

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Author: Alex Hazlett

Amazon is on a spending spree.

Last week the online retailer invested in self-driving vehicle startup Aurora. On Friday, it announced it was the main investor in an upcoming all-electric truck and SUV company, Rivian.

Amazon leads a group investing $700 million in the company, which debuted its R1T pickup and R1S SUV at the LA Auto Show in November.

Amazon wants better delivery and logistics, making the electric technology that gives Rivian vehicles more than 400 miles of range very appealing. In a statement, Jeff Wilke, Amazon CEO of Worldwide Consumer, said, "We’re inspired by Rivian’s vision for the future of electric transportation." Read more...

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Author: Sasha Lekach

Scientist Ahmed Elgammal went from doing artificial intelligence research to attending his first art exhibit in Chelsea. How? With the help of his creative partner AICAN, an nearly autonomous AI artist. Together they made stunning art that is molding the field of AI art and the art scene in general. We stopped by the Chelsea gallery to talk to Elgammal about how AICAN works, and of course, see the art. Read more...

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Author: Kevin Urgiles

Net Neutrality has been a corpse for nearly a year now, but we've gotten lucky: The shit storm we expected with internet providers slowing our speed or screwing with torrenting hasn't really hit us.

Though there's a slight glimmer of hope, we aren't in the clear yet. And with the volatility of the current political climate, having a VPN to back you up is still a really good idea.

Protect yourself on the cheap: TorGuard VPN is offering 50% off all of their subscriptions with code techbargains, dropping prices to as low as $4.99 per month or $29.99 for the year. Considering TorGuard gets some hate for being too expensive, so a half-off deal is super sweet. [Editor's note: Techbargains and Mashable are both owned by Ziff Davis.] Read more...

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Author: Leah Stodart

The seven-year-old beat out over 2,800 other canines to win Westminster's 143rd competition. Read more...

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Author: Lacey Smith

This reclassification is a result of BPI’s improved method of creating the meat paste, a process they refuse to share with the public. Read more...

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Author: Lacey Smith

If you're looking to get "more bang for your buck," then look no further than the VIZIO 55-inch Class 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (D55x-G1). This is a no fuss, no muss 4K TV for anyone on a budget and it's on sale for just $379, or $99 off its retail price at Walmart.

Normally retailing for $478, this 4K TV from VIZIO features a glorious 55-inch backlit 4K LED display with high dynamic range for crisp and vivid images and clarity. While other budget UHD TVs simply upscale HD images to 4K, this model is the real deal at a great value. The VIZIO also features a virtual surround sound system with DTS Studio Sound II Advanced for an immersive watching experience.  Read more...

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Author: Rudie Obias

"It's Pretty Woman, but she's Richard Gere and you're Julia Roberts." 

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but the rom-com is alive and well. Its next stars? Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in Long Shot, a Cinderella story following the blossoming romance between U.S. Secretary of State turned presidential candidate Charlotte Field (Theron) and political reporter Fred Flarsky (Rogen). 

Coming from the creators of the hilarious Neighbors franchise, this trailer seems a bit all over the place. But with Theron and Rogen at the helm, supported by the talents of O’Shea Jackson Jr., June Diane Raphael, Bob Odenkirk, and more, we're waiting to pass judgment. Read more...

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Author: Alison Foreman

How are you going to spend your holiday weekend?

Let's go into Presidents Day weekend with these deep discounts on 4K TVs, just the way our country's founders wanted — if 4K TVs were invented during the late 18th century. 

We gathered the best deals on 4K smart TVs from some of the best tech manufacturers, including Sony, LG, Samsung, VIZIO, and more. If you're thinking of upgrading your old TV for something more modern or picking up your very first 4K TV, we found very good deals on some of the best of various shapes and sizes at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and the PCMag Shop.

Here are just some of our favorites:

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Author: Rudie Obias

Jenner's followers dipped from 127 million to 124 million but rose back up to 126 million Thursday morning. Read more...

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Author: Lacey Smith

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can manipulate video of public figures to say whatever you like — or now, create images of people's faces that don't even exist.

You can see this in action on a website called It uses an algorithm to spit out a single image of a person's face, and for the most part, they look frighteningly real.

Hit refresh in your browser, and the algorithm will generate a new face. Again, these people do not exist.

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Author: Johnny Lieu

The MacBook Pro touch bar has fans and haters, but this feature is sure to bring both sides together: It can be used to skip non-skippable YouTube ads.

A post about this neat touch bar workaround is gaining traction on Reddit. User “BiggerBadgers" uploaded a video on Wednesday showing how the MacBook Pro touch bar can be used to skip ahead to the end of a YouTube ad that is otherwise non-skippable.

The touch bar trick only works on the Safari web browser and, as Business Insider points out, with the App Controls touch bar settings. This can be set within the “Keyboard” tab in System Preferences. Read more...

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The U.S. government tracks 500,000 chunks and bits of space junk as they hurtle around Earth. Some 20,000 of these objects are larger than a softball.

To clean up the growing mess, scientists at the University of Surrey have previously tested a net to catch chunks of debris. Now, they've successfully tested out a harpoon.

The video below, released Friday by the university's space center, shows a test of the experimental RemoveDEBRIS satellite as it unleashes a harpoon at a piece of solar panel, held out on a 1.5-meter boom.

The harpoon clearly impales its target. 

“This is RemoveDEBRIS’ most demanding experiment and the fact that it was a success is testament to all involved," Guglielmo Aglietti, director of the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey, said in a statement.  Read more...

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Author: Mark Kaufman

Thousands of school children in the UK are currently skipping class in favour of marching the streets in a call for world leaders to act on climate change. 

Inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, who organised her own month-long strike outside the Swedish parliament to raise awareness of climate change, kids are stepping out in 60 locations across the United Kingdom, according to organisers Youth Strike 4 Climate.

The mass walkout was condemned by some politicians and celebrated by others, but the kids sure seem to mean business. 

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Author: Laura Byager

You don't often get things for free in life, let alone a Samsung Galaxy S9 handset that retails for over £500. That's the deal though.

Anyone purchasing a Samsung QLED TV model including the Q9FN, Q8FN, Q8CN, and Q8DN, will receive a Samsung Galaxy S9 for absolutely nothing. This deal expires on March. 12, so you have a little time to mull it over, but you might not want to wait when you understand what a QLED TV can produce.

A QLED TV combines style with picture quality and smart technology. The new ambient mode fills your living room with decorative content, useful information, and your own photos. It also hides when you don't want to see it, by blending perfectly with your decor, and even playing a bit of light background music.  Read more...

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Author: Joseph Green

You may have noticed that we're obsessed with Calphalon's nonstick cookware — as we should be, because it's truly some of the most durable, lasting stuff out there.

But Calphalon makes more than pots and pans and it needs to be talked about more.

Meet Calphalon's 3-in-1 Digital Slow Cooker: It's one of the best-looking on the market, lives up to the brand name, and is $30 off on Amazon today.

Sure, paying over $100 for a slow cooker could seem steep. We get it. But when you consider Calphalon's attention to detail and focus on durability, plus the features it has in addition to slow cooking, it's kind of the last slow cooker you'll ever need.  Read more...

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Author: Leah Stodart