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For the second day in a row, Republican and Democratic lawmakers slammed Facebook over its digital currency, Libra

Members of the House Committee on Financial Services backed the message of their Senate colleagues from yesterday: they don’t trust Facebook.

Rep. Maxine Waters opened the hearing by blasting Facebook’s “pattern of failing to keep consumer data private on a scale similar to Equifax" and said that if Libra launches, "the company and its partners will yield immense economic power that could destabilize currencies.”

Libra is a blockchain-based digital currency, or cryptocurrency, which Facebook formally announced last month. It's overseen by a non-profit headquartered in Switzerland, the Libra Association, of which Facebook is a member. The social media giant also created a subsidiary group, Calibra, for its own Libra-related products. Read more...

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There's a whole lot of talk about aliens on the internet right now, and it's even driving people to go hunting for extraterrestrials on the web's biggest adult video website, Pornhub.

In wake of the viral Facebook event about storming Area 51 began making the rounds earlier in July, searches for both Area 51 and aliens have spiked on Pornhub, according to the site's internal analytics team.

Since July 12, searches for Area 51 have taken off like a rocket to Mars. Between July 12 and July 16, there have been more than 160,000 total searches with nearly 59,000 searches logged on Tuesday, July 16. Read more...

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Designed by Emiel Noorlander, the "Automatic Opening Umbrella" was designed so you wouldn't have to hold an umbrella. Read more...

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The New Lab is an 85,000 sq ft building covering four different floors and over 600 entrepreneurs. It is located in the iconic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Read more...

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TL;DR: This high-end hardside suitcase makes a great carry-on, and you can get it from Amazon today for just $469 — 31% off its suggested retail price.

With Prime Day officially over, Amazon wants to send you off in style.

The retail giant is currently featuring a post-"parade of deals" discount on a carry-on suitcase made by the the luxury travel brand Tumi, marking it down by more than 30% to save you a casual $206. (If you're planning on putting your Prime Day savings towards a last-minute summer getaway, this is a deal that you maybe, probably shouldn't miss.)

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The Google Maps app is packed with information about restaurants, bus schedules, and now bike-shares.

Starting Wednesday, the app will show information about bicycle availability at stations in real-time in 24 cities. It will also show how many empty slots there are to drop off a bicycle. New York City CitiBike users have had this feature for the past year. 

Bike-sharing info is now in the Google Maps app.

Bike-sharing info is now in the Google Maps app.

Image: google 

Last year, Google Maps started listing Lime availability, and later expanded to include more of the company's scooter listings. 

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West Antarctica is an ominous place. 

In this exceptionally remote region, ice is breaking off into the sea faster than it's naturally replenished by snowfall. Massive icebergs — recently one five times the size of Manhattan — have broken off into the ocean more frequently since 2001. This is bad. As West Antartica's ice shelves — the ends of great glaciers that float over the ocean — continue snapping off, eventually they'll lose the critical point at which they're grounded to the ocean floor, resulting in their collapse. Critically, these grounded ice shelves act like plugs, holding back West Antarctic ice sheets from flowing unhindered into the ocean. Read more...

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Pull on your primary colored stockings, grab your Fendi bag, and slap your headbands on, Upper East Siders — Gossip Girl is coming back to television.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the original Gossip Girl creators team of Joshua Safran, Stephanie Savage, and Josh Schwartz are re-joining forces to write an "update" series on HBO Max that picks up with a new generation of privileged New York City teens, and a (probably) new Gossip Girl. 

While there's no information on the plot of the series or if any OG characters will make an appearance on the show, the logline published in THR confirms that the new series will take place years after Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, and Nate have moved on from high school:  Read more...

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The blue boxes bear only a graphic of a white anchor. If you found one on the street, it might look like packaging from a store with a nautical theme. But upon lifting upon the lid, you'll see a message: "This is for you. This is my gift to you. If any of these words describe how you're feeling, then this box is for you. Lost. Hopeless. Suicidal."

Ali Borowsky, founder of the small, grassroots nonprofit organization Find Your Anchor, has placed inside the box, among other items, a list of suicide prevention resources, posters with hopeful messages, a deck of cards titled "52+ Reasons to Live," and a letter.  Read more...

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These threads are covered in electrodes and inserted into the brain next to neurons and synapses. The results could allow humans to "merge" with artificial intelligence.

Read more here.

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The emoji, displayed and created by Ford, was proposed for the 2020 additions to the emoji keyboard.

Read more here.

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The cryptocurrency reached a low of $9,214. With Libra, a Facebook-owned cryptocurrency, entering the ring, many are pointing to the criticism Facebook and cryptocurrencies in general are facing as a potential reason behind the decline.

Read more here.

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This was a step away from another exec’s December 2018 statements that Google didn’t have plans to launch a search product in China “right now.” Dragonfly was criticized for the privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns it may have caused.

Read more here.

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Jadakiss is a man ahead of the times, and his go-to pizza order proves it.

For those who aren't up-to-date with the latest pizza news, it was recently announced that Villa Italian Kitchen (the chain known for that gender reveal lasagna) will begin serving "Just the Crusts," aka a single slice pizza box filled with just crust, because I guess it's some people's favorite part of the pie. 

Sounds innovative, right? Well, not entirely.

According to Cuts & Slices, a pizza place in Brooklyn, rapper Jadakiss has been requesting a crust-only pizza for quite some time now. A year, actually! There's even photographic proof of the rapper's special request, though it's much different in execution. Read more...

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Sexting with emoji doesn't just make you thirsty. It can make you hungry too. 

Between the cherry emoji, the eggplant-alternative hot dog emoji, and the redesigned peach emoji, your choices for flirty texting with emoji are a virtual grocery basket of juicy options. And beyond just the food emoji, with a little imagination, nigh-on any emoji can be made sexy.

Here are 15 saucy emoji you can use for sexting:

1. Cherries 

The cherry emoji and 14 other emoji you can use to sext

Image: unicode

How have we ignored the cherry emoji for so long? They are so very versatile. The ruby red cherries resemble a particularly juicy derrière. And, if butts aren't your bag, you can even use the cherries as a euphemism for breasts and balls.  Read more...

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TL;DR: Walmart has slashed the prices of several Vizio D-Series TVs by as much as $250 as part of its ongoing Big Save sale. Get the one you see above for just $110, for example!

So, you've found yourself in a bit of a pickle. You desperately need to buy a new TV before you head off to college — Grey's Anatomy isn't going to watch itself, after all — but you're on a budget, and you missed out on Amazon's Prime Day discounts. (In your defense, some of those Lightning deals were scooped up before we could even click "Add to Cart.")

Don't go into panic mode just yet, because Walmart's got your back: The big box store's Big Save summer sales event is carrying on for a short while longer, and you can score one of Vizio's D-Series TVs for as low as $110. Read more...

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Life is a lot like Super Mario Maker 2 — a host of people creating endlessly frustrating situations for  you to navigate through, often times unsuccessfully. 

But sometimes, you jump through life's obstacles with ease and avoid potential catastrophe, however harrowing your anxiety might be. First of all, congrats! Second of all, Super Mario Maker 2 has the perfect level for you! 

If you're not usually a button masher, Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that lets you mess around with the 2D world of our favorite jumpsuit-clad plumber (and his less appreciated brother) and design levels that other users around the globe can take a stab at playingWe love it, we've played it, and you should too.  Read more...

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TL;DR: The portable Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 is on sale for $293.99, saving you $106 — plus, you can add a Fire TV Stick to your order for free.

Seeing ads for back to school shopping in July is never fun, but shopping for a new laptop for school can soften the blow a bit.

If you or someone you're gifting to needs something extra compact and extra portable, the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 is one of the best you'll find — and you can save over $100 on one during Dell's Cyber Monday in July sale. (Whatever that means.) Getting a convertible Dell laptop for less than $300? Say what?

Crowned the best compact laptop in Mashable's list of best laptops under $500 and one of the best laptops for students, the Inspiron 11 3000 has some really decent specs packed into such a portable, adorable little package. It's pretty no-frills, but it certainly doesn't feel cheap despite being folded every which way. Tent mode and a full HDMI port make streaming comfy and easy to set up, as long as you're not expecting stuff to be in 4K. Read more...

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TL;DR: The lightweight-yet-mighty Shark Ion robot vacuum system comes bundled with a helpful hand vacuum — and the whole thing is only $249 at Walmart ($200 off the original price).

Robot vacuums are all the rage these days — and why wouldn’t they be? Like, who enjoys vacuuming? It’s debatably the worst chore, with laundry folding and dusting following close behind. And while there’s no “smart home” way to do those things just yet (fingers crossed), you can at least check vacuuming off the to-do list by diving into the robo-vac world. 

And you won’t have to spend a fortune to do it, because this Shark Ion robot vacuum bundle is only $249 at Walmart (that’s going to save you $200). Read more...

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TL;DR: Grab the fun and useful Bug-A-Salt from Walmart for $29.95 — $12 off its usual price.

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather, it is also the perfect time to get eaten alive by insects and be annoyed by that constant ringing sound they make when flying past your ear. Sure, purchasing bug repellent is an option, but where’s the fun in that? 

The Bug-A-Salt is a toy gun-like contraption that uses table salt to easily and efficiently kill flies and other insects. Accurately shooting up to three feet, the Bug-A-Salt puts the power in your hands to rid your home or backyard of even the most annoying fly, with no batteries required. Read more...

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TL;DR: You can get a versatile Margaritaville Bahamas frozen concoction maker on sale for $149.99 at Walmart, a $50 savings on its usual price.

Jimmy Buffett is a name synonymous with unironic Hawaiian print shirts, a fandom of “Parrotheads," and of course Margaritaville — both the earworm anthem and the vacation hotspot with a kitschy menu. The founding father of every Floridian retiree’s subculture also created a line of Margaritaville frozen blenders so you can it can live out a motto of “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” in the comfort of your own home, proving not all heroes wear capes — and some don't even wear shoes on stage.  Read more...

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As if drones weren't frightening enough, now they can be equipped with fire-spitting flamethrowers? Oh gawd.

Throwflame's TF-19 WASP drone attachment is capable of shooting targets with flames from 25 feet away. Every gallon of fuel capacity will get you 100 seconds of firing time. 

According to Throwflame, the TF-19 WASP is made from carbon fiber and designed for drones with a five-pound payload capacity or more. In the video above, the flamethrower is shown mounted to a DJI S1000 drone.

"The WASP is built to withstand all sorts of conditions, both cold and hot," claims the company's product video. Read more...

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TL;DR: The Arboleaf Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is beloved by Amazon reviewers and it's $29.98 with a 25% off coupon, saving you $9.99.

Pro tip: If you're trying to get that summer bod, weight may not be the best indicator of whether you're healthy or not

It's time to ditch your old scale and opt for a smart one that measures body fat instead. The Arboleaf Bluetooth Body Fat scale is one of the highest-rated smart scales on Amazon, and it's less than $30 when you use its 25% off coupon.

Working out regularly, though it burns hella calories, could cause your weight to stay the same or even go up. This is because muscle actually weighs more than fat — so gaining muscle may make you heavier, but it doesn't mean you're not progressing. Read more...

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TL;DR: The simple-to-use Aroma 14-cup rice cooker is on sale for super cheap — just $12.99, down from $39.99.

Prime Day may be over, but there are still plenty of good deals floating around retailers’ sites. Perhaps you were in the market for a rice cooker but didn’t get around to actually purchasing one during the last two days.

No worries — Walmart’s “The Big Save” is still running, and we found an Aroma 14-cup rice cooker on sale for just $12.99, a savings of $27.

This cooker prepares four to 14 cups of rice, whatever your preferred variety is. It also has a tray for you to steam meats and vegetables above the rice while it cooks.  Read more...

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TL;DR: Grab the versatile Black & Decker two-in-one vacuum for $59.99 with code FLASH. It's normally $99.99, so you'll save $40.

Just because Prime Day has officially come to a close doesn’t mean that deals are over. Macy’s is currently having a flash sale offering huge savings on several must-have items, including this Black & Decker two-in-one vacuum

Unlike other bulky vacuum models that are heavy and often get entangled with wires, this Black & Decker vacuum is both cordless and lightweight to easily tackle even the biggest messes. This hand and stick vacuum is slim enough to reach behind and under furniture as well as other hard to reach spots. Read more...

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Nintendo revealed an improved model of the Nintendo Switch Wednesday that includes a decent bump in battery life, allowing for 4.5 - 9 hours of play compared to the original model's 2.5 - 6.5 hour range.

The improved Nintendo Switch model is identical to the current standard Switch model except for its insides, so it doesn't have a fancy new name or anything like that. If anything, the new models will quietly phase out the old models, and most people won't even notice when they roll out in mid-August.

If you're in the market for a Switch or have cash to burn on a console with a slightly better battery life, you have to pay attention to the serial numbers on the boxes and consoles if you want the one with the best battery life. According to Nintendo's Switch product page, the new models' serial numbers start with "XKW" while the old models start with "XAW." Read more...

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Tana Mongeau is the only YouTuber whose controversial reputation can rival Jake Paul's.

Which is why it's oddly fitting that they're engaged, after a whirlwind (read: extremely public) romance that started with an innocuous selfie on Snapchat and ended with a proposal during her 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas just two months later. 

Before last year, Mongeau was a brash vlogger known for doing whatever she wanted, and sharing every detail of her escapades in wild Storytime rants. When VidCon declined to give her a Featured Creator badge for its 2018 event, that tenacity led her to organizing TanaCon, an alternate convention that took place in the Marriott across the street from the building that housed VidCon. But when a 19, going on 20-year-old tries to singlehandedly plan a convention for 5,000 attendees in about 40 days, it's bound to fall apart. The disaster that was TanaCon has been compared to Fyre Fest, and it was the subject of YouTuber-turned-documentarian Shane Dawson's Read more...

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Amazon may have been misusing data from independent retailers trading through its platform, and the EU is going to look into it — and potentially impose hefty fines on the e-commerce giant. 

The European Commission launched a formal antitrust investigation into the matter Wednesday. 

The EC argues that Amazon has a dual role: It sells products on its own marketplace and it provides a platform for independent retailers to sell through Amazon, too. But the Commission's preliminary investigation found that Amazon uses "competitively sensitive information" about these independent retailers, possibly to their detriment.  Read more...

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Catching a glimpse of a celebrity who's aged naturally is something of a rarity in this day and age. 

But, if you were ever curious to know what the Jonas Brothers or Drake might one day look like, then you should probably keep reading. 

Drake, Terry Crews, Sam Smith, and the Jonas Brothers have joined the chorus of normals sharing selfies made using FaceApp's new ageing filter

Get a load of the senior citizen Jonas Brothers.

When you take a trip to the Year

— Jonas Brothers (@jonasbrothers) July 16, 2019

Drake also got in on the action. Aged like a fine wine, you might say.  Read more...

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